Erica Mena Calls out Safaree Samuels After His Romance with Amara La Negra is Revealed

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Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena’s divorce led to a messy co-parenting relationship.

Erica Mena and Safaree Samuels‘ problems played out on the recent season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” As we reported, Erica voiced her complaints on the show as well as on social media. She accused Safaree of being unfaithful. In fact, she took to social media to accuse him of cheating on her with Joe Budden’s ex, Kaylin Garcia. Kaylin denied that she and Safaree were messing around. However, Erica still didn’t believe Safaree was being faithful. And since they were already struggling to even communicate without drama, Erica decided it was time to just go ahead and pull the plug on the marriage.

Safaree didn’t want to officially end things. However, Erica said that her mind was made up. She really didn’t think there was a real chance of things improving in their marriage. Originally, Safaree refused to sign the divorce documents. And this irritated Erica because she said she didn’t want to be held hostage in a bad marriage. Safaree eventually did sign off on the paperwork. While Erica was happy to be free of the marriage, co-parenting only brought on more stress.

In fact, Erica took to social media a few times to call out Safaree. She accused him of not being the most involved father. She also alleged that Safaree wasn’t doing enough to help her out with their children financially. Erica also accused Safaree of putting the women he was entertaining above spending time with their children. This is something Safaree has denied. And he said that he’s a very involved father.

Erica Mena speaks out after Amara La Negra and Safaree Samuels’ romance is revealed.

Well, the co-parenting drama continues between Safaree and Erica. Hours ago, Safaree became a hot topic on the blogs because he attended the birthday party for Amara La Negra‘s twins. Apparently, Safaree is now dating the “Love And Hip Hop Miami” star. And he’s been filming scenes for the upcoming season, too. Not only did Safaree attend the party to be by Amara’s side the whole night, but he also bought Rolex watches for Amara’s daughters.

You can check out the video here.

Erica had something to say about Safaree’s latest moves.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Aww so cute. It’s just very interesting how my kids NEVER received gifts like this by this waste man. My daughter just turned 3. All she got was a birthday cake and a few balloons in his living room. And please don’t get me started on how he didn’t do anything for my son’s 1st birthday until two weeks after the fact.”

She continued, “And again, that was just balloons in his living room. But happy everyone enjoyed this circus theme birthday party with a deadbeat clown as the special guest. 🙌🏾”

Erica also accused Safaree of running to Miami to film because she wouldn’t take him back.

“Before I go someone @ him – He blocked me since I won’t take his crying begging *** back (hints why he’s now desperately shooting in Miami now 😂). Let him know he has medical bills that’s only 8k from last year he owes along with…never mind just tell him he got it. Pay it.”

Check out the screenshots here.


  1. I hate when men do this. They only do more for the girlfriend’s kids to upset the ex-wife who left them. And he’s probably happy to get this reaction because he knows his pettiness is effective.

      1. Of course you think a man being a crappy father isn’t as bad as a woman having a “mouth.” I’d be more surprised if you weren’t sexist and supportive of degenerate black men. Thanks for the consistency!

        1. GIRL, being a sh-tty father is WAY worst than a woman with a mouth. What is wrong with you?!

          He isn’t a great dad period! Whether she has a big mouth or not, that has nothing to do with the children.

      2. Y’all have so many excuses for why the majority of black men are terrible fathers. And it’s always a woman’s fault. You should be embarrassed to leave a reply like this but stats prove most of you weren’t raised right. So you have no idea how delusional you are and how embarrassed you should be.

      3. Nah. No real man is going to spite their children just to spite the ex wife. That’s some clown a-s sh-t and if Safaree is letting Erica’s mouth make him a b-tch, he’s a bigger clown than I thought. Be a man and stop blaming women for your failures.

  2. These people sure will jump from body to body if it means they can stay on these boring a-s shows. Then producers can’t understand why the ratings are so bad.

  3. I honestly couldn’t date a man who dogged out his wife or a man who is fickle as a father. It’s especially weird to see Amara with him knowing her own bd doesn’t support her either. But then again most women are pick me’s unfortunately.

  4. Yes Amara it’s revealed your children father than dumped you ,an seem like don’t want no part of your children, so why take up with another man whose neglecting his own children, sounds like Safaree need a check if he filming love an hip hop Miami

  5. This reminds me of Gabriel Union and Khloe Kardashian.
    I don’t know why some Women LOVE Deadbeat Dads.

  6. Looks like safree is going round from different females he needs to be giving his kids Rolex watch instead giving a other man kids something this is just to much

  7. The only thing i have to say on this subject is that. Sknew what she was getting into. She knew his background with women.He was always about women after women and more women whoever would be with him. She fell into his trap and got hook she took the bait y’all. Only thing he didn’t bring babies into those hook -ups. She’s the mother of his children not saying i go along with what he doing to his children I’m not he’s wrong for that. He was a hoe from thecstart and he’s still one and yes men can be hoes too especially when one women isn’t enough for him. But what he’s doing now is to get under Erica skin he’s doing a good job at that. She also went through a lot of men to and a couple of the ladies. Most of her men was friends of each other.She did the same thing that he’s doing. Ooh and where is her oldest son. Just saying you get what you put out everything is going around in a circle.She just can’t take what he’s doing. He’s doing him always has and always will.

  8. Do not blame or worry about Armada. She’s going through enough with her children’s father. Things happen for a reason. Quit wasting your energy on that man Safaree. Let God handle him. Let go and let God into your life and everything will fall into place. Your kids will feel and know the difference and will have to be strong because you made them strong. Look forward to a better life for you and your children. Let it go.

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