‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: Duffey & Brandi Make Progress + Jackie & Jennifer’s Spiral Continues

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Brandi and Jackie hash things out.

Jennifer and Jackie’s blowup continues. At this point, the gloves are off. Both women feel as if they are being lied on by the other. Jackie has had enough. She says she no longer wants to have anything to do with Jennifer. After Jackie storms off, Jennifer becomes emotional. And she says she doesn’t like that Jackie said she helped her with the documentary about her ex. It’s demeaning.

While Jackie and Brandi are hanging out alone, Jackie tells Brandi her comment about Jackie not acting like a coach’s wife was upsetting. Brandi apologizes for saying it. But she does still feel as if Jackie said some really mean things to Jennifer. And while Jackie receives this, she questions why Jennifer wasn’t called out for calling Jackie out of her name. 

Brandi says she wasn’t trying to pick sides. But it just seemed like Jackie went a bit too far.

Brandi and Duffey hash things out.

Duffey talks all the ladies into having a session with her therapist while they are still in Mexico. She was hoping it would help them mend a couple of the friendships. However, it’s clear that Jackie and Jennifer have no interest in trying to save their friendship. And Duffey worries that their fallout will hurt the group as a whole.

Brandi and Duffey have their one on one conversation about the loyalty comment. Duffey once again apologizes. She says that Brandi has been an important person in her life for years. And she didn’t mean what she said. She only spoke out of anger. Brandi understands that Duffey didn’t mean what she said. So Brandi can’t wait to be there for Duffey on her wedding day.

Brooke’s husband shows up in Mexico. 

Angel and RoccStar make it to Mexico. Duffey is relieved because Angel was able to bring her the dress she planned to wear when she re-proposes to Iman. 

Jackie takes a trip to the hotel’s bar and notices Brooke’s estranged husband doing the same. She calls Brandi to tell her about his pop-up. And the episode ends on a cliffhanger. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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    1. Bingo and Jennifer always has to hitch her wagon onto someone with a more interesting personality than her so she can be carried through the season. Now that Malaysia is gone she’s trying to make something out of nothing with Jackie! She’s so annoying!

      1. Hi Twirl, This is not intended to be a dig. What do you find interesting about Jackie’s Personality? Maybe I am missing something. I personally find her to be a bi-polarish, messy, needy, fake, hypocritical, delusional, sad sap that sucks the life out of the show. I do agree that Jenifer is taking this “producer” thing too far, but in her defense, I think it just a cumulation of all of Jackie’s digs at her. She is so passive-aggressive. She says how she feels in little bits and pieces. Lets it all build up and just explodes over small sh-t. When she should have chin checked Jackie’s petty, insecure and jealous behavior after she showed her a-s at that fashion show.

        1. Jennifer is the passive aggressive one. She’s also very nasty and mean spirited but she gets a pass because she can’t fight. Anyway, Jackie is hilarious and over dramatic which makes her great for reality television. She has iconic moments and you’d have no show without her. Hate her all you want. 🤷🏾‍♀️

          1. I agree that Jennifer is messy and nasty at times. Like I said, she is passive aggressive. She will go there….usually its one on one. She shuts down in a group setting. I don’t hate Jackie. I don’t find her hilarious. She dumbs down and clowns when her back is against the wall. I have to give her that, she is a performer. Thanks for your input. I still thing she is toxic. She is the 50 plus year old version of a school shooter.

    2. I wouldn’t even watch this flop season if Jackie wasn’t on the show. If Jackie leaves, I leave! No one else is even a basketball wife.

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