Jackie Christie Tells Brandi Maxiell She Offended Her with the ‘Coach’s Wife’ Comment

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Jennifer Williams and Jackie Christie’s fallout has fans very opinionated.

Basketball Wives” stars Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams are no longer on friendly terms. As we reported, the ladies have been having tension on the current season. Jennifer believes that the root of the issue comes down to a lack of respect. Frankly put, Jennifer doesn’t feel like Jackie actually respects her. So in Jennifer’s opinion, Jackie does passive-aggressive things to “son” her. In fact, Jennifer highly suspected that this is the reason why Jackie booked her a deluxe hotel room when the cast traveled to Sacramento. So this resulted in a major blowup. Jackie went all the way off on Jennifer. She concluded that Jennifer was making a trip about Doug Christie’s job all about herself (Doug is an assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings).

Things only escalated further after Jennifer was told that Jackie told the others she was a producer for Jennifer’s upcoming documentary. Jackie said that she never told anyone she was a producer for the project. But she alleged that Jennifer did seek advice since Jackie has experience producing other projects. Regardless, Jennifer thinks Jackie did say she’s a producer for the documentary. And Jennifer also denied receiving any advice from Jackie.

Jennifer and Jackie clashed over the documentary on the recent episode of “Basketball Wives.” Things got so heated that Brandi Maxiell felt the need to interject. She said Jackie crossed the line with some of the things she said to Jennifer. So she told Jackie, “You’re really doing too much and you call yourself a **** coach’s wife?!”

The comment had a lot of fans talking on social media. While some agreed with Brandi, others accused Brandi of being hypocritical and disrespectful. And they questioned why Brandi didn’t get on Jennifer for saying some disrespectful things to Jackie.

Brandi Maxiell apologized to Jackie Christie.

Well, Brandi and Jackie will discuss her comment on the upcoming episode. In the preview, Jackie makes it known that she didn’t like what Brandi said.

“But last night it was very disrespectful with the comments that you made.” She continues, “I will say it hurt my feelings a little bit.”

Brandi apologizes, “I’m very passionate about the way I feel about things. So my tone may come across as maybe aggressive. And I apologize.”

She says more in a green screen interview, “After last night’s argument, it’s just a lot of words being said attacking someone’s character. I want to apologize on my part because I don’t want any more lingering tension with me and Jackie. I don’t want another friendship going off the rails.”

Jackie just wants it to be fair, “It hurt my heart because it’s like okay I am and I’m sorry. But at the end of the day, what about when she called me a *****?”

And Brandi responds, “I’m not sitting here taking a side. I’m listening to the truth. But it’s just like in my opinion you don’t get to talk about her situation when you’re mad at her. That’s when it becomes disrespectful.”

As for Jennifer, she is quite certain her friendship with Jackie is over and cannot be revived.


  1. Jackie need to stop picking on Jennifer,,I’m not a fan of Jennifer but Jackie need to grow up,I can tell Jennifer really don’t want no beef with her,but Jackie is being Jackie ,every season she start with one of the ladies,

    1. No, Jennifer really wanted beef with Malaysia and picked on her so as far as I’m concerned, Jennifer is getting exactly what she deserves from Jackie.

  2. Jackie is old, tired, nasty and things she is all that. She is all that is trash, ignorant and absolutely ghetto. Her family should be embarrassed about her.

    1. Idk I think it’s more embarrassing that you’re trying to shame someone for cutting up on Basketball Wives. Basketball Wives has never been classy. Why would Jackie’s family be embarrassed? They have higher emotional intelligence than that. They understand it’s just a job and it’s not like NBA players and their wives are perfect people anyway.

  3. I am only watching for Jackie but my goodness this show needs a recast. Jennifer is not it! Jackie is doing all of the work as usual. Not fair!

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