LAMH Recap: LaTisha & Melody Make Progress + Marsau Has a Breakthrough

LAMH Season 6 Episode 4 Marsau Scott
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Feelings are hashed out during LaTisha’s spa event.

The episode begins with Keke, Stormi, and Tiffany continuing their tense back and forth. Melody looks on as LaTisha walks over to Keke to calm her down. LaTisha does her best to shut down the conversation, but Keke and Stormi disregard LaTisha’s request.

Melody makes a reference to how spa days between the cast haven’t worked out. It’s at this point, Melody decides to leave this spa day early. But before she leaves, she tells them all that they need to move forward. Some things don’t need to be discussed anymore. However, Stormi refutes this because she’s glad they’re hashing things out.

Ultimately, the Spa date ends with not much resolved.

Martell says he isn’t sure if Sheree is the one.

Meanwhile, Martell’s using Louis’ training facility when Maurice and Marsau stop by to talk. Sheree calls and Martell ignores the call. Maurice critiques Martell “escorting” Melody out of Kimmi’s event. He makes a “double-minded” reference in an effort to explain he needs to focus more on Sheree.

After their workout, Martell tells the brothers he’s going to have an event to honor his Upscale Magazine cover and Sheree will be there. Martell feels that his favor is slowly returning after his divorce.

Oddly enough, Martell says Sheree would be down to having more kids. Maurice asks if Sheree is the one and Martell says “I don’t know.”

Geno gives Marsau business and marital advice.

The next day, Marsau’s business partner Geno arrives at the Scholt offices, using LaTisha’s desk. As they begin working, Marsau tells Geno that they will receive a salary and then split profits once their project is complete.

Marsau’s ears perk up when Geno suggests LaTisha approves their expense reports, in an effort to behave as much bigger companies behave. This leads Marsau to feel “torn” regarding the suggestion. He says he shields LaTisha from the bad things that occur because he doesn’t want LaTisha to worry about their finances.

Geno says LaTisha should still be informed to keep her calm. He then calls LaTisha a blessing and wishes he was more of a partner to his ex-wife, saying that the gender roles are now outdated.

Geno stands on the fact that not having LaTisha in their decision-making process is hurting Scholt long-term.

The ladies are ready to move forward.

Meanwhile, Kimmi hosts LaTisha at her office. LaTisha needs to use an office and Kimmi and Maurice’s office has space. While at the office, the ladies recap what occurred at LaTisha’s spa day. Oddly enough, Kimmi also invited Melody over. Melody arrives with snacks and cheerfully greets LaTisha. She’s hopeful all three of them can have a positive conversation, unlike what occurred at the reunion, where LaTisha said Melody had a dark soul.

Kimmi speaks to keeping the core-6 together as they are viewed as a positive pillar in the Huntsville community. To foster stronger and more respectful communication, Melody is hosting a tea for all of the ladies on the cast. Kimmi’s excited for the event and LaTisha’s hopeful it leads to them moving forward with their business expo.

The next morning, LaTisha and Marsau are at home and Marsau made breakfast. LaTisha’s preparing her presentation for the business expo they want to host with the rest of the cast. This leads to Marsau speaking to LaTisha about his conversation with Geno. Marsau explains his fault for not revealing all of the business information to LaTisha. He believes his outlook led him to not be a good teammate with LaTisha. LaTisha happy is happy to hear this.

LaTisha calls Geno, “the New Dr. Francis.”

After this talk, it’s time for their presentation to the rest of the comeback group. The former Comeback Group members start arriving. Before Melody arrives, Marsau moves a chair to the opposite side of the table as Martell and Melody are still in the middle of a tense custody battle.

LaTisha brings the comeback group together.

Eventually, LaTisha and Marsau arrive and LaTisha’s excited to present her idea for a Black Business Expo. As an aside, LaTisha says in her green screen that she heard Melody has a new man in her life.

Despite this not being a Comeback Group reunion, everyone seemed receptive to the presentation.

LaTisha says her goal is to have the group come together and host this event. Athennd if it’s successful in Huntsville, then take it to other cities. Melody asks if there’s a budget to pay each of them to speak. LaTisha says she isn’t looking to pay anyone to speak. Martell jokingly asks Marsau to ask Melody her cost to speak. Melody responds, saying not to ask her openly about her speaking fees.

Melody then says while they have good intentions, she isn’t going to do this event for free.

Then suddenly, Marsau cracks open a bottle of Blaque Champagne to celebrate their agreement which confuses everyone. Kimmi then asks what are they expecting all of them to do as she doesn’t know if this is exclusively a LaTisha and Marsau event.

LaTisha says this meeting didn’t go as well as she thought and she doesn’t feel Kimmi and Melody are all on the same page.


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  1. LaTisha needs to get a new hairdresser, her outfits & makeup are popping but her wigs are not laid 🤦🏾‍♀️.

    It’s interesting how Mel had a dark and evil soul a few months ago but is now the heart of the community. LaTisha tried it with the free event, the least she could have done is researched how the existing Black Expo is financed – yes, there is already a Black Expo.

  2. Kendall you are correct. People are always everything but the child of God until they need you. Also trying to act like this is a charitable event , but you and your husband was going to benefit from us hilarious. I’m glad that the people were asking hey those good questions that she and her husband was trying to pull a fast one on them. Also the same energy that she be trying to clap at melody, she needs to give to her trifling ungrateful husband that doesn’t respect her . He don’t respect her as a woman, his partner, nor the mother of his children.

  3. This was a GOOD episode I love how Mel and Tisha sat down and did their GROWN women thing…I also enjoyed Marsau having a WAKE THE H-LL UP moment on why his wife should know more about the day to day operations of the company…I know most don’t like Marsau but I realized Marsau does things just to get a reaction from people.

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