Martell Holt is Frustrated His Threat to File for Full Custody Made Melody Shari Move Forward

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Melody Shari and Martell Holt’s custody issues are playing out in court and LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Martell Holt‘s divorce was a hot topic on the show. It was a very controversial situation because Martell impregnated his longtime mistress, Arionne Curry. Melody confirmed the news during an Instagram Live session. And to no surprise, the drama played out on the show as the former couple clashed while co-parenting. It was clear that co-parenting could become even messier than the divorce itself. Martell complained about Melody’s work schedule. He accused her of having “20-something” different babysitters. Melody denied this. She also alleged that Martell has a problem with her brother watching the kids. And she suspected that Martell is being homophobic since her brother is a gay man.

Regardless, Martell didn’t think he was out of line with the request. He also went on to say that Melody should call him before she leaves town to give him first dibs at babysitting their children. Melody thought Martell’s requests were absurd. And she also concluded that this is all about him trying to maintain some type of control over her even though their marriage ended a couple of years ago.

After Melody made it clear that Martell’s requests would not be met, he told her he would file for full custody. They have been in court since.

Martell Holt may not be getting the results he wanted in court.

Interestingly enough, OWN posted a clip of an extended and exclusive scene on YouTube. It was apparently filmed during Martell’s conversation with his mother Miss Marlene.

He told her, “We went to court. And I asked for us to have a mediation.” Martell continued, “I just asked for 6 simple things like no men watching the kids. If you fly out of town, make sure you call me before you call any other babysitter. Give me first right. And I’m gonna do the same thing.”

Marlene responded, “At least you had called and you be willing to watch your kids. You got a lot of daddies out here who don’t care about the kids.”

Martell agreed, “If I was that type of father then she’d be trying to chase me down then if I was a dad that wasn’t here. Then she’d try to chase me down. But she just said basically no and she said she wants full custody.”

Marlene added, “She ain’t want full custody at first.”

He then clarified that he initiated the fight for full custody, “I know because I asked for full custody because I didn’t like some of the things that she was doing. That’s what prompted her to say now she wants full custody.”

Martell added, “So we have to go to trial.”

The legal battle has been expensive for Martell, “I tried to talk to her like let’s come to an agreement. She don’t even wanna do it. I’m like why not? Why do we need to go spend 40 – 50,000 dollars? My attorney sent me that 10,000 bill for 20-something days. I got mad at him. For 20-something days.”

In a green screen interview, Martell had more to say, “When we were in court, I said that I’d rather go to mediation. So we could go ahead and resolve this instead of going to trial and things of that nature. To me, it’s all unnecessary. Melody and her attorney objected to that. But the judge granted it to us or whatnot.”

He continued, “I paid for mediation. I sent over my requests to Melody and her attorney. They stayed on it for about 30 or 40 minutes to only send back a request of she just wants full custody. What?! So I see there was no compromise. And so I told my attorney, we’re not going back and forth. I left.”


  1. Martell’s lying, cheating behind started this mess. He cheated on Melody, back-stabed and talked poorly about his other child’s mother (called her a peasant on television). If he wasn’t so disrespectful, arrogant, narcissistic, and chauvinistic, he might not be going through all this chaos and confusion. Now he’s got Sheree (who is just a female Martell), so let’s see how this utter nonsense is going to turn out. Stay tuned!!

      1. Martel Holt is a PUNK! He left the 80% (Melody) for the 20% (The Side Chick) and the 20% (The Side Chick) tried to trap him by getting pregnant and now he wants to try and control the 80% (Melody).

        Martel you desire all the KARMA coming your way. Tuck your tail in, go sit down somewhere and fade out the picture wheeze tied of your whining and drama.

  2. I guess Martell forgot about attorney fees before filing for full custody. Martell is an idiot, period point blank. He’s trying to get full custody and gonna lose to Mel. I’m like Marlene just be co signing what Martell says, do she not know there’s two sides to every story. Now i’m seeing why he’s the way that he is. She coddled Martell too much.

    1. That’s for real he thought it would be easy but when his lawyer sent him that Bill it woke him up he know he didn’t have the money to pay his lawyer. He thought he get the children then he would have went after Melody for child support and pay his attorney fees. Talking about she have 20 different people looking after their children and don’t want no man which is her brother looking after his kids. What about all these different women in his life that will be around their children. No he thought he was going to strike gold. I don’t blame Melody take me court. You’ll wish you hadn’t.


    3. He is evil man don’t care for the kides just want to trouble and destroy Melody I pray she win full custody control of her kides none of have the kides intrest no weapon lies formed against her and her kides shall prosper

    4. Martells Mama is his problem. She never been married and she don’t know how to tell him he was wrong as h-ll how he treated his wife. You ain’t a good Dad if you put you children through what they are going through by disrespecting they Mother and messing around on her like he did for so long. It breaks my heart as good a Mom as Melody is that she has to not see her babies everyday.

    1. Yes so true. She should tell him some Truth. He going to struck without anyone. And no money. He just wants to stay in her life. It is over move on. When she decides to get herself a new man. He is going to die

  3. I wish this man and his mother would leave Melody the f-ck alone. They really act like Martell is some victim and it’s weird as f-ck. The man just sat here and told this lady he started the full custody fight but she is mad at Melody for fighting back. I’m starting to hate this show.

  4. Martell should have never filed for full custody if he wasn’t prepared to be responsible for the expenses. He wants to have control over Melody’s life when they aren’t married anymore. He needs to move on with his life and accept she’s a single woman with a life that he’s no longer entitled to. Joint custody was best.

  5. Some of the reactions older black women have towards Melody are disturbing. They really expect her to just sit and take the crap Martell puts her through. No Marlene. He started this and Melody has every right to fight back. You should have done a better job raising your son.

    1. Some of them still have that old school mindset. They expected Melody to stay and raise the side chick’s baby with no complaints because that’s what a lot of them did. But the good news is all of them aren’t like that. I appreciate the ones who see this for what it actually is. They have wisdom.

    2. They might be low key hating because they didn’t have or don’t have the courage to handle the situation like she does. No one but Mel knows how she feels and how she has to go home to her 4 kids alone without the man she thought she would spend her life with, who cheated on her for 5 or more years and is now trying to make her life hell cause she didn’t stick beside him with all his mess.

    3. That not true I’m 68 and Marlene is an enabler. I’m sure she had some issues with his father. She should tell her son or should have told her son he was and is 100%wrong I think she’s scared of himI think she’s scared of them.. I’m sure his father treated her like sh-t the same way her son is trying to do Mel she should’ve told her son Martel a long time ago when he was cheating early on to stop it ,but she didn’t. She supported his cheating but she didn’t. she upheld his nonsense, and there are consequences to his actions, shirts too tight. made a baby outside of his marriage and now he want to control what Mel does. I can’t stand Martel and his mother is the BS and still wants to uphold him it is nonsense. He just wants Mel’s money. That’s what he’s trying to do. and when is your Sherrae is finished with him she will bring him down some more notches cause he’s not even in Sheree’s league that’s a joke they are so opposite of each other the opposite of each other. It’s not even funny that storyline is comical after all Sheree was dealing with somebody that was locked up. She should have kept her husband Bob all the men she has been dealing with have the same thing in common they are cheaters narcissist, and they all seem to be a bunch of wimps That says a lot about her🤫

      1. Martell’s parents divorced when he was young his dad wasn’t around when he was growing up. They talked about it early on he was trying to bond with his dad. I guess that’s why he trying to be father of the yr. His career is not going well he thinks if he gets custody of their kids he can get child support or Mel will take him back. Sad the kids in the middle of his mess. I think 20+ babysitters are a huge exaggeration.

  6. Martell is stupid and his mother is stupid. Martell is a big punk. Melody is tired of his foolishness. He is jealous of Melody and what she has going on. He needs to find some clothes to fit his body. He is a carature of a bad cartoon.

  7. Wow, when are black folk going to stop airing there dirty laundry over social media platforms and live TV, shame on them all. Think of the legacy you call yourself leaving for your children. Everyone on this show needs Jesus, it’s apparent He is not the center of their lives. I thought this show would be a good family show to watch our folk build up a business in Huntsville that we all could be proud of, not. Praying you all get your lives together, do it for all the children🙏🏾

  8. Poor Martell, not able to manipulate Melody anymore with his lies. Martell needs to grow up & be a man. I’m so sick of seeing so many black men from all over this Earth not being able to have accountability or responsibility for their errors. Just want to make mistakes & get mad at the person that they hurt with their errors, then treat that person that they have to accept the mess. Grow up, get your priorities in order & try to raise those kids showing them what a man does.

  9. 20 diff babysitters?
    Marsau having 20 diff side chicks?
    I wish the lotto had Pick 2 because I’d pick 2-0.
    There’s a significance behind that number with Marty.

    1. LOL! I noticed that too. He loves the number 20 for some reason but that’s how you know he’s lying about something.

  10. Melody crazy bc I would give him joint custody. She isn’t thinking that she will have full custody of four kids. She still needs a life of her own. She will bring four kids into her next relationship that’s not easy for any man. But as you see Martell has five kids and moved on with ease! Then he got someone with something to offer not a bum. He is free to come and go as he pleases go on dates etc all while the kids are with melody! Mel crazy as h-ll .

    1. Umm Martell filed for full custody first. Was Melody not supposed to file a response and lose her kids? This is just legal procedure. The judge will likely keep joint custody. And Sheree is a bum and that relationship is fake. Melody is fine man or not. Next.

  11. NO, NO she is not crazy as h-ll. She is a smart, and thinking AHEAD (in the future) And she loves her KIDS
    Melody is a QUEEN, not a gutter rat, which Martell seems to have an appetite for., I am sure that Mel is
    looking out for her CHILDRENS INTEREST, and what and who they could potentially be exposed to..
    Most mothers do not want the children exposed to any and everything. Martell has a problem. He cannot keep it zipped up, she is doing what any DECENT MOTHER WOULD DO.

  12. Don’t know how many males have posted. Some of these comments are based on emotions to the circumstances that got them to this point. Seems to me because Martell wants some boundaries for their children, he is a bad guy. Has nothing to do with Melody’s moving forward. Why not call him first for babysitting? He is the father. He should be called. He agreed to do the same. Stop with the narrative of “her kids”. She did not make them alone. I don’t really agree with alot of Martell ‘s actions……but he is the father of those children. He should have a say in the upbringing of his children.

    1. Hey. I’m a man. The issue is Martell has already said he doesn’t want Melody’s gay brother babysitting their children. But he has his own uncles watch them. That is homophobia and everything Martell does is about controlling Melody’s life. If you don’t see that, it’s not a you issue. Maybe you lack all the information that didn’t play out on the show. And that isn’t on you because the producers do a horrible job showing us everything. Melody isn’t overreacting. A lot of the horrible things Martell does aren’t discussed or shown on LAMH. I’m starting to wonder if that is intentional though. 🤔

      1. Well I think Carlos has a soft spot for Martell he was crying about him at the last reunion. It would not surprise me if Carlos and production kept some things off the show.

    2. Martell is out of line. When you step out of your marriage and start another family, you have committed a sin. Mel gave him an opportunity to change but he still kept seeing this woman. He needs to repent and ask God to forgive him. He was getting his time to spend with his children (joint custody). Wrong is just simply wrong. He ruined his own marriage. I’m not bashing him he did it all to himself. I agree with others that his Mother should say these things to him.

    3. When he cheated and divorced he gave up the right to control Mel’s life. She doesn’t have to let him know her every move. If she called him every time she goes out he would then ask where, with who, how long ?…No, Sir…His on his watch…Call every weekend and ask if you can keep them Martell…Also, they are growing up..Soon they ll be able to call him..If they truly like staying with him.

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