‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Effie & Saxe Feel the Pressure

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On the recent episode of “Power Book II: Ghost,” Tariq informs Maclean of Saxe’s double life. Maclean is angry to find out that Saxe has been working with the feds as they are building a RICO case involving Tariq, Maclean, Monet and the others. Maclean’s first thought is to take out Saxe himself. However, Tariq reminds him that they have to play it smart. So the first thing they do is get Diana to direct Saxe back to Effie. 

Tariq sics Blanca on Effie with Diana’s help. The feds follow Effie but are outsmarted as they discover the drugs they discovered aren’t drugs but sugar. This puts Saxe’s life in danger. And Maclean’s decision to be honest with Theo about what Saxe has been up to costs Saxe his life. 

Jenny and Blanca aren’t willing to take the loss. So they arrest Effie in order to get her to flip on Tariq. And Effie and Cane are stunned when they see that Lauren isn’t dead at all. She’s very much alive and has been in the custody of the feds since Effie’s attempt on her life.

Here’s a recap for, “Sacrifice.”

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  1. Power ll was SMOKE & FIRE 🔥
    Sax & Effie got what they deserved.. KARMA is a MF lol 😂
    Tariq is a “ Beast along w / Maclean & Monet ! Tariq is “ Smart like his Dad , Ghost , James St. Patrick !

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