‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Effie & Saxe Feel the Pressure

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Tariq fills in Maclean about what Saxe has really been up to. 

Monet, Cane, and Dru are still in shock over Diana’s arrest. While she’s being interrogated by Blanca and Jenny, Monet says she worries Diana will turn on her to save herself. Meanwhile, Maclean is drunk because he’s upset that Theo has banished him from his life. So he’s not in good shape when Tariq comes to the office to update him about Saxe. 

As soon as Maclean is informed there’s a RICO case being built around all of them and Saxe is the CI, Maclean goes off. He grabs his gun from the safe. But Tariq reminds him they have be smart with every move they make. Now that they know Lauren isn’t really dead, they have to do something fast. The first step is for Maclean to rush to the precinct because Saxe is en route to represent Diana. So he’ll likely take whatever she tells him and take it back to the feds. 

Effie and Cane hook up.

Cane heads to Effie’s dorm to find out what could have led to Diana’s arrest. She tells him that Diana was dealing out of the campus candy store. And there is a camera on campus that may have caught her. 

Effie then asks Cane why he paid her tuition. He said she needed it and she’s really smart. So he just wanted to look out but he wants nothing from her. They end up sleeping together. 

Maclean is able to make it to the precinct before Saxe meets with Diana alone. In order to prevent Diana from saying too much in front of Saxe, Maclean purposely spills his coffee on Saxe. He slips a note to Diana that reads: Put Saxe on Effie. Trust me.

Cane hides while Tariq is over at Effie’s to tell her he needs her to return to the business. He wants her to sell product on campus while things cool down. So he’ll give her “one brick” to sell a week. 

The heat is on Effie.

Monet and Dru meet with the Castillo family. They are told that the product will have to be put on hold for a bit because of pressure from the feds. On the way out, Evelyn asks Dru if he’s seen Gordo. He has been seen in a couple of days. Dru lies and says he hasn’t heard from him. 

Cane makes it back to the house to get an earful from Monet. She wants him to stay away from Effie and Cane comes to the conclusion that Effie is being set up to take the fall for the RICO case. She also scolds him for investing Lorenzo’s life insurance money with Weston Holdings. 

Meanwhile at Weston Holdings, Tariq updates Brayden on the RICO case. Brayden then tells Tariq that Weston is a Ponzi scheme so Tariq’s trust fund money is gone. And they are both dead if Monet wants the insurance money back. 

Monet rolls up on Lucas while he’s away from Weston. She introduces herself and tells him he needs to return her money.

Saxe speaks with Diana without Maclean. She sticks to the plan and sends him in Effie’s direction. Blanca then agrees to sic detectives on Effie now that they have enough evidence of her involvement as well as Lauren’s account. 

Cane attempts to call Effie to warn her about being set up by Tariq. However, he is interrupted by Dru’s temper tantrum upstairs. He’s upset because Everett just came out in an interview. And the budding NBA player introduced the world to his boyfriend, too. Dru is devastated. And he tells Cane he needs to go somewhere to drink until he blacks out. 

Dru is on Evelyn’s radar.

Maclean is snappy with Saxe in front of Theo. Saxe calls it a night and Maclean tells Theo that the issue is Saxe has been working with the feds. And he could do something to interfere with Theo’s release. Theo questions why Maclean is letting Saxe get away with snitching. But Maclean says he will handle Saxe. 

Tariq goes behind Brayden’s back to tell RSJ that Weston Holdings is a Ponzi scheme. And he needs RSJ to do something about it since they have both lost their money. 

Dru finds Everett and his boyfriend out and about at a nearby restaurant. Everett’s boo gives him time to talk to Dru alone. Dru breaks down about losing Gordo. And he tells Everett that Gordo was his last chance while Everett hugs him. The moment is captured on camera and the video goes viral. Evelyn and her sons think it’s time to have another talk with Dru. 

Blanca has detectives follow Effie to her drop. She’s arrested on the scene of the stash house but she’s let go because the “product” found was just sugar. Tariq watches on as the police let Effie go and sends a text to Monet to tell her the deed was done. Turns out Tariq planned this to make the feds back off for a bit. 

Effie figures out what went down. So she heads to the Tejada house to tell Monet and Tariq she would have done the same to any of them. As she walks out, she tells Cane to come on. And Tariq asks Monet how long she knew Effie and Cane were a thing. Monet says she doesn’t care who is hooking up with who at this point. She also tells Tariq she needs every penny of her money back from Weston Holdings. 

Effie and Cane learn Lauren is alive.

Jenny tells Saxe that they were played because everything they found came out to only be sugar. So Jenny won’t be able to protect Saxe even though his life is now in danger. Saxe gives Jenny a piece of his mind now that he feels Jenny threw him under a bus. 

He calls Tariq when he gets back in his car. Saxe leaves a voicemail saying that he knows where Yas and Tasha are. So if Tariq wants to see them again, he needs to call off his guard dogs. While Saxe is leaving this voicemail, Theo puts a gun to his head from the backseat, telling him to drive. 

RSJ, Brayden, and Tariq confront Lucas about Weston Holdings actually being a Ponzi scheme. In order for RSJ to stay quiet and not report this to the SEC, Lucas agrees to pay back Tariq, RSJ, and Monet’s money. And if he retaliates in any way, RSJ will file a complaint. 

Effie and Cane hook up in her dorm again. Blanca bangs on the door and Effie is arrested for real this time. While she’s in handcuffs, Blanca walks her over to a car Jenny is leaning against. Lauren then rolls down the window and says Effie is the one who tried to kill her. Effie is being arrested for attempted murder. Cane is shocked when he sees Lauren. 

Saxe meets his demise. 

Maclean and Tariq figure out where Theo has taken Saxe. They try to talk him out of killing Saxe but he doesn’t listen. He’s dying with only a month to live. He shoots Saxe in the heart and kills himself. As both men lay on the ground dead, Maclean sobs as Tariq remains in shock. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. Power ll was SMOKE & FIRE 🔥
    Sax & Effie got what they deserved.. KARMA is a MF lol 😂
    Tariq is a “ Beast along w / Maclean & Monet ! Tariq is “ Smart like his Dad , Ghost , James St. Patrick !

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