Martell Holt Goes off & Causes a Scene at the Birthday Party Melody Shari Planned for Daughter

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Martell Holt and Melody Shari’s co-parenting drama resulted in a courtroom battle.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Shari and Martell Holt‘s co-parenting relationship continues to be contentious. As we reported, Martell originally said that the issue is Melody has too many people watching their children while she’s working. In fact, Martell accused Melody of having “20-something” people babysit them. He also said that he didn’t want Melody’s brother Marcus Minnifield to watch them. And Melody suspected that Martell only feels this way because Marcus is a gay man. Regardless, Martell doesn’t seem to care that his stance has caused some to accuse him of homophobia. He believes he has every right to have a say in who watches their children while Melody works.

Melody has denied that she has “20-something” babysitters. She also said that only a few family members help her out. And she always has her relatives come to her house to watch their kids. So in Melody’s opinion, Martell is just using their children to maintain some kind of control over her life.

Eventually, Martell threatened to file for full custody if Melody doesn’t give him the final say about who babysits their children. Melody took the threat seriously and hired an attorney. So Martell and Melody took their fight to court. And a judge decided that the former couple would just stick to joint custody. However, it doesn’t seem as if Martell and Melody will be able to move past their co-parenting issues anytime soon.

Martell Holt caused a scene at the birthday party Melody Shari planned for their daughter.

In fact, on the upcoming episode, Martell has a blowup outside of the birthday party Melody planned for their daughter. Apparently, Martell was not invited. So he popped up anyway and demanded entry into the event.

In a trailer, Melody says, “I didn’t tell you you could come to this.” She continues, “This is a party I’m throwing for my daughter. You throw one for yours, okay? Or have you thrown a party for any of your children since I left you? It’s a private event that I am doing. I am asking you to remove yourself.”

Martell asks, “Why would you do that?” And Melody responds, “I just would rather…you can get her later today.”

At this point, Martell refuses to leave. And he tells her to go ahead and get the police involved.

“No, I mean okay, well you can have the police come and have me removed then because I’m not going to leave my daughter’s birthday.”


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In another preview of the next episode, Martell becomes so heated that he ends up getting into a screaming match with someone else. And Melody reminds Martell that he was invited to the birthday party she planned last year. But he was a no-show.


  1. Martell is a demon. And he intends to do everything possible to make sure Melody will never have a peaceful life.

    1. I just don’t understand why OWN as well as Carlos King keep allowing him to act in this manner!!! They are basically co-signing his foolishness!!!! It’s like they’re treating him like a big baby and pacifying him!!! It’s sad and dangerous at this point!!!

      1. I agree baby. It’s so disturbing. And now Martell will be on two different shows. He’s rewarded and shouldn’t be. He’s dangerous.

  2. Martell has way too much audacity for me. Melody doesn’t owe him sh-t anymore. They aren’t married anymore.

  3. Martell needs to be a man about everything. I’m tired of all of the crying and throwing tantrums when he can’t have his way. His Mother doesn’t see all of this but I bet if she did she wouldn’t be co-signing on a whooole lot of stuff.
    Sheree needs to see this ugliness too before she invests too much with no return.

  4. This man is erratic and scary. I’m not sure why the network and producers keep ignoring the obvious.

  5. He wants his family back which that’s never going to happen it took a lot for his ex wife to get her life back on track she’s good the kids are good but he’s the same person that cheated on her made a baby with some other woman he wants melody to cry and run him down and she’s better then that time to grow up mister

  6. Martell is a “ Narcissist A55 Lol 😂
    Melody did the right things for her life & her children divorcing his “ Ignorant A55
    Why is he still on Reality TV , apparently for a Check for being a Unfit Parent .,Definitely, not a good look ., Shameful!

  7. I guess I’ll play devil’s advocate here. In this scene at the birthday party, Melody brought the drama. She came out towards the door bringing attention that was not needed. Melody is a drama, Queen she’s maturing, faster than her ex, however, she is the one that their children will be looking up to.

    1. You’re not playing devil’s advocate, you’re playing stupid and male identified. Martell brought the drama by popping up to an event he was not invited to because the COURT ORDER and JUDGE determined that Mel and Martell can’t do events together due to Martell’s history of aggression and violence. Of course you saw nothing wrong with him yelling in women’s faces and refusing to leave. If you want to be a doormat and let an abusive ex run your life, that’s fine pick me. But the rest of us have higher self esteem. Mel didn’t have the kids on Christmas or Thanksgiving last year due to the court order. Yet, she didn’t pop up on Martell and demand entry. Martell is the problem and you pick me’s are pathetic.

      1. You got it Miss Morgan! Anyone who agrees with Martell’s actions is mentally disturbed. There’s a court order for a reason because OBVIOUSLY Martell doesn’t know boundaries.

    2. There really needs to be a study on why so many black women think black men must be coddled and accept anything and everything a black man does. Melody told Martell he wasn’t invited weeks prior to the party and calmly asked him to leave and he caused the scene by refusing. But you’re placing all the blame on Melody. I really am puzzled by the black community. Y’all are so dysfunctional and don’t even see it.

    3. I used to think women like you only write things like this because you don’t like Melody but I now know it’s a lot deeper than that. Y’all really do think that women should be okay with abusive behavior. I saw an older woman tweet Melody that she should be happy Martell wants to be around his kids. Come to find out her husband cheated on her for about 35 years and she stayed because she thought it was honorable. It’s like y’all are jealous that Melody has boundaries y’all don’t have.

    4. Good point…I don’t see the problem in letting him stay for the kids sake…what harm would it gave done…..but you know Mel can do no wrong

      1. A lot of harm actually. He’s already assaulted an OWN employee and was filmed being aggressive to women. You blind? You can be a doormat for men. Don’t expect all women to do the same.

      2. F-ck Martell. If he really wanted to spend time with his daughters that day he could have picked them up that evening and did his own celebration after the party was over. But he didn’t. He left and went to ATL to film RHOA. Black women will continue to be the most disrespected because other black women want it to be that way. Imagine telling a black woman to bend over backwards for someone who is suing her for full custody. What is wrong with y’all?

        1. Totally agree with you. Martell always plays the victim and he goes running to his mom whining about Melody not allowing him to see his kids. They have a court order and Melody gives him time to be with his kids. If she’s such a bad parent, why are the kids with her the majority of the time? The kids will tell it all one day. As the saying goes: “He made his bed now he has to lay in it”.

    5. Martell was literally suing Melody for full custody and there was a court order put in place at that time to follow. Why the f-ck do y’all want Melody to allow Martell to control her life? If you’re a doormat in your own life just say that sh-t.

  8. Did the police put Martell out of the birthday party or not? I can’t find thos on the internet anywhere. Thanks.

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