Brittish Williams Pleads Guilty to Fraud Charges + Faces Lengthy Prison Sentence

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Brittish Williams’ legal woes continue.

Basketball Wives” star Brittish Williams opened up about her legal woes during the latest season. In fact, she had to wear a house arrest ankle monitor while she filmed scenes. As we reported, Brittish was charged with fraud. It was alleged that Brittish stole funds and even did scams involving PPP Loans. It was a very stressful time for the reality star. However, she was able to receive support from the majority of her costars. Jennifer Williams even told Brittish that she was very strong and resilient to get through the dark time. And she respected Brittish for that. Well, there have been a few updates since the conclusion of Season 10.

Brittish pleaded guilty on Wednesday. According to KMOV News 4, Brittish pleaded guilty to 15 felonies. The total amount of money stolen was $446,000. The news organization is also reporting that Brittish pleaded guilty to five counts of misuse of a Social Security Number, and three counts of making false statements to the IRS. And she also pleaded guilty to four counts of bank fraud and three counts of wire fraud.

Apparently, Brittish admitted to under-reporting her income on tax returns. Plus, she falsely claimed her niece and nephew as dependents. Brittish avoided paying more than $29,000 from 2017 to 2019 in taxes according to prosecutors.

Prison time is imminent.

The US Attorney’s Office also said that Brittish used other people’s social security numbers to open up accounts with banks and credit card companies. And she then used those accounts to deposit checks that totaled $23,000 from other people’s accounts to later withdraw the funds.

Brittish’s guilty plea includes insurance fraud and three “pandemic frauds.” Apparently, the “Basketball Wives” cast member submitted nine applications for disaster loans that were meant for helping businesses that needed aid during the pandemic. And she also submitted one application for a rent relief program in California as well as four applications for the Paycheck Protection Program. According to her plea, Brittish used $144,000 in government loans to finance her lifestyle.

Her sentencing takes place on August 23. And she is facing up to 30 years in prison for bank fraud, 20 years for wire fraud, and up to five years for social security fraud.


  1. All I can say is should of did it the right way the first time and should of left the People information alone you did the crime and now it is time to pay the Piper my opinion

  2. I thought it was very shameful for the cast to sit up on this show and feel sorry for Brittish like she wasn’t out here stealing from hard working people. Jennifer especially had no sympathy for Malaysia – a single mother struggling – but she felt bad about a criminal rightfully being held accountable for their crimes. It is so ridiculous.

    1. I agree. You should know at some time you will get caught. It is not worth it. Trying to live a life style that you didn’t work for. The only person I feel sorry for is her daughter.

    2. You’re speaking all facts. They might be doing something shady themselves. Smh, making good money but still choose to steal to get more money. GREED

    3. Jennifer said Malaysia didn’t want to share her reality and open up when Brittish did and never tried to hide anything..

  3. She up on a show GOSSIPING and telling Duffy she not a loyal friend and she out here STEALING…..Don’t drop the soap🤣🤣🤣

  4. Wow so fake. Nothing but a their. Well How do u feel now Jennifer? One thing we know. What ever problems Mayleisa has or has ever had. She didn’t steal.

  5. She was always talking sh-t about other ppl because she didn’t want nobody finding about all the sh-t she had done. Get a job and stay off basketball wives!

  6. Greed will get you locked up every time but hol’ up…she played so not guilty on the show
    She’s mos def going to Federal Prison.

  7. This is really sad, trying to uphold an image that obviously wasn’t meant for you….this is beyond Greedy, it’s insane….and hurting other hard working people who now have the task of getting this mess cleared up, because of this grifter. How dreaful.
    This is the epitome of “CHAMPAGNE TASTE ON A BEER BUDGET”, no sympathy for this criminal.

  8. British is a very angry person, with allot of insecurities. She has been nothing but messy and, at times, violent. I am not surprised her logic allowed her to commit fraud, and not actually build on her platforms. Folks so desperate for a bag that they can’t see the forest through the trees. Her child should have been her situation. Malaysia out grinding legally. Legacy takes sacrifices, imo. Her hatred is even more clear, sad.

  9. I am glad Brandi is gone I wish they get rid of Jennifer and Brittish desire what she get 30years and some more, that’s why people who need help can’t get it because of people like her.

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