Evelyn Lozada is Reportedly Returning to ‘Basketball Wives’ Amid Recent Departures

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Friendships cracked during the latest season of BBWLA.

The recent season of “Basketball Wives” ended in a very controversial way. While fans expected another showdown between Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams, they didn’t expect the real blowup to occur between Jackie and Brooke Bailey. Jackie and Brooke spent the season on friendly terms. However, Brooke called Jackie out because she didn’t think Jackie supported her when she learned that Brooke’s daughter passed away. And she expected a lot more from Jackie because they had been working on a friendship despite getting into an altercation years ago on the show. After the episode aired, Jackie and Brooke took to social media to explain their sides. Jackie posted texts of her reaching out to Brooke about her loss. Brooke said Jackie didn’t do enough.

Interestingly enough, some more news caught the attention of fans. DJ Duffey announced that she would not be returning for the upcoming season. She had some tension with Brandi Maxiell during the recent season. Duffey was called out by Brittish Williams for reposting one of Malaysia Pargo‘s Instagram posts. While frustrated, Duffey said she didn’t owe Brandi any loyalty. Duffey was upset with Brandi over comments she made about her and her fiancé Iman Shokuohizade going to counseling.

Evelyn Lozada is back?

Malaysia quit the show while filming for the recent season. She also fell out with Brandi. However, the last straw was when Jennifer accused her of losing her home via foreclosure. Malaysia told Jackie and Duffey that it was best that she walk away for the sake of her mental health. And she didn’t have any desire to be anywhere near the other women. So she didn’t attend the reunion.

Well, it seems as if producers are making some moves now to put the cast together for the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives.” According to the Jasmine Brand, Evelyn Lozada is set to return.

Evelyn had previously exited the show after a controversial feud with OG. It resulted in OG accusing Evelyn of racism and Evelyn suing OG for defamation.

When Evelyn did an interview to announce her departure from the show, she said that it became too toxic for her. And she thought it was time to end the chapter officially and focus on other things.

Evelyn will be returning to the platform with some life changes. As we reported, she is currently engaged. And she met her fiancé while she filmed “Queens Court.”


  1. OMG! Is it over, yet?

    None of this is good! Something has to change. These women are earnings paychecks while selling their souls to the devil. I won’t be watching but I guess somebody is because they get to come back.

    I hope that the young girls that are out their watching believe that these women are their role models.

    No, they are not!

  2. Yeaaaaa, sound thee alarm! 🙄😂 Chile, she always come back. 🤷🏽‍♀️😄 I wonder why? 🤔😏

  3. Sigh. Is this new dude not rich enough? It’s funny how it only became toxic when she met her match fell into the bushes LOL

    1. Girl, Evilyn was afraid of OG. They all lied on OG, they were bullying OG but she got labeled the BULLY. Shaunie, Evilyn, Malaysia, I forgot the other girls name. They bullied
      the hell out of OG but OG didn’t allow them to hurt her feelings. They all tried ncluding
      Nostrils (Shaunie) the head cheerleader, Evilyn couldn’t believe Chad liked OG but he did
      and they were good friends only. OG wasn’t a whorer at all and Chad, her boyfriend and her could ALL go out to eat and maintain a friendship. Evilyn thought her light skin was
      the chit but Chad told OG he loved her Natural body and those women couldn’t stand that at all. Evilyn was so angry she called OG dirty, now that happens when you’re white
      trying to insult a black woman. Wrong Road Evilyn, she knew she had stepped in chit
      but it was too late.. Then she picks up some bamboo leaves and run behind CC to hit her and OG just nicely throw her arse first in the bushes.
      I WAS ASHAME FOR EVILYN, BUT FINALLY EVILYN MET HER MATCH AND SHE WAS AFRAID TO SAY CHIT..They treated OG like dirt for n reason, the lady is highly intelligent and super in sports..

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