‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Tariq Gets Caught Up + Brayden Evolves

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On the season finale of “Power Book II: Ghost,” Tariq and Maclean try to get things back in order since Saxe’s death and a budding RICO case have caused a lot of problems for them both. They are fortunate that Effie did not snitch. However, they have to persuade Lauren to not testify about what Effie did to her. And this is the only way that everyone can get their lives back. With a little unforeseen help from Cane, Lauren flips on Jenny. 

Interestingly enough, Lauren isn’t the only one who does some switching up. Effie pulls a fast one on Tariq after he makes it clear that they don’t have a future anymore. She, Dianna, and Dru all plot successfully to get Noma’s approval to take out Tariq. 

Luckily, Brayden saves the day. 

Here’s a recap for, “Divided We Stand.”

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