‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Tariq Gets Caught Up + Brayden Evolves

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Monet makes her move. 

Brayden comes to the hospital to visit Tariq as he’s about to leave the hospital. He confirms Tommy kidnapped Tasha because he got her location from Monet who got it from Saxe. He wants to take out Tommy and Monet. However, Brayden reminds him that it’s not a good time to make that move. And they have to hope Effie doesn’t flip on them to save herself. 

In the meantime, Brayden gives Tariq his gun. And both know they are running out of time. They need to figure out their next move. 

Monet’s next move is to visit Noma. She tells Noma that Tariq can’t be trusted and she’s the best person to distribute Noma’s drugs. Even though the Tejada kids currently want nothing to do with her, Monet tells Noma she can still keep them in line. 

Noma likes what she’s hearing. However, she tells Monet they can’t move forward until she finds out what happened to Mecca, her former fiancé. 

Kate tells Tariq what she knows.

Tariq locates Tommy’s mother Kate. She tells him that Tommy doesn’t speak to her or visit her often. But she did contact him so he would come pick up a letter that a woman named Monet delivered recently. But she had no idea that it contained Tasha’s location. Tariq tells her to tell Tommy he’s looking for him. They have unfinished business. 

Monet and Noma finish their conversation in front of Obi. Although Monet refuses to admit to anything regarding Mecca’s death, Noma concludes that Monet had something to do with it. She agrees to let Monet work for her. However, she warns that she doesn’t tolerate any deception. She then slashes Obi’s face with a knife for not telling her that Effie was locked up. Monet provided her this information. 

Lauren is briefed by Blanca and Jenny about the next steps in the RICO case. They want her to testify about Effie’s attempt to take her life. And Jenny also tells Lauren that Tariq is to blame for Saxe’s death. 

Tasha and Tommy move forward. 

Monet drops in on Tariq, Brayden, Cane, and Dru on Noma’s turf. She updates them about her being their new boss. Monet then asks to speak to Tariq outside alone and pulls a gun on him when they get outside. She questions why he told the Tejada kids that she had Lorenzo killed. And Tariq says he didn’t because he didn’t even know. Monet doubts this and concludes that he is clever enough to figure out her moves. 

Tariq then asks Monet why she told Tommy about Tasha’s location. Monet claims she didn’t and tells him he better keep Effie and Lauren from snitching. 

When she walks away, Tariq attempts to pull his gun out to shoot her. However, Obi stops him and says they need to talk about the green cards Tariq promised to get for his family. Obi says he and his family received the approval. And he just wants Tariq to do what’s necessary to get back in Noma’s good graces. 

Tommy locates Tariq and talks him into putting his gun away. And he explains that he and Tasha actually hashed things out after she knocked out Tariq. Producers flashback to the never seen conversation between Tasha and Tommy. Tasha explains that she killed Keisha because she was going to rat on Tommy and Tariq. So she was protecting them and still looks at Tommy as her family. Tommy tells Tasha that he loves her. He doesn’t want to lose anyone else he loves, including her and Tariq. He also tells her that he found his biological brother and nephew. 

Dru and Diana plot. 

Back in the present, Tariq tells Tommy he needs his help to take out Monet. But Tommy warns Tariq not to go to war because it will put Tasha, Yas, and everyone else he loves in danger. And he feels Tariq has to choose a path because he can’t be a gangster and a college student at the same time.  So he has to pick a lane, stay there, and be smart. 

Tate is elated to see that he is in the lead as his campaign has picked up steam. He is really close to securing his Congress seat. So he proposes to Harper and she happily says yes. 

Dru and Diana are heated about Monet’s move to work with Noma and put them to work. Diana doesn’t want to be in the drug game at all and Dru wants freedom from Monet altogether. However, Cane feels they are just fighting their destiny. And he says their family business has always been the drug game. So Dru and Diana need to accept that they are drug dealers. 

After he leaves, Diana and Dru agree that they need to work together to take down Cane and Monet. 

Tariq talks to Effie.

Monet and Cane go to Brayden’s house to send a message. They tell Brayden’s father that Lucas stole their money so they are there to collect. And since money isn’t flowing in at the moment, Monet tells Cane to take one of their paintings. They later talk about Effie. And Monet tells Cane that she will handle her because he has strong feelings for Effie. She doesn’t trust that Effie won’t snitch on them to save herself. This concerns Cane. And Effie later is given a phone in prison and reads a text that alerts her to watch her back because Monet is coming for her.

Maclean agrees with Tommy and tells Tariq not to pursue Monet. He instead pushes Tariq to take out Lauren and Effie so they don’t end up in prison. Tariq says killing only leads to more problems. So they need to scare Lauren by going after her family so she won’t testify. And Maclean says that Tariq needs to make Effie do something she doesn’t want to do because it will save all of them. As for Tate’s play on Weston Holdings, Maclean’s job is to handle that. 

Tariq visits Effie in jail. He tells her that they have months to indict her if she posts bail. But if she stays in jail, they have to impanel a grand jury to indict her in five days. Less time helps her because once they get the charges dropped, they’ll have less time to find anything else on her. Then she can walk. But he needs the painting of Noma’s daughter. Effie tells him that she won’t give him a thing until she is out of jail. 

Blanca and Jenny lose big time.

Brayden, Cane, and Tariq meet with Lauren. Turns out Cane did what he wanted and took Dru to Lauren’s house to snatch up her parents. He shows her a photo of her mom and dad tied up as he and Dru pointed their guns at them. Cane warns Lauren that her parents will be killed if she testifies. 

Lauren says she won’t testify if Effie can guarantee that she won’t pursue her again. As for Lauren and Tariq, they are done. And Lauren concludes Tariq is everything Jenny and Blanca said he was. 

Maclean shows up just in time to see Tate give his victory speech. He is officially heading to Congress. Maclean pulls him aside to talk about Diana’s case. And he tells Tate to have it dropped or Monet and Tariq will be a problem. He agrees to as long as money is sent his way to finance his political career. Harper overhears this and storms out of the political event.

Brayden runs into Keke as she’s packing up her things from Weston Holdings. She’s going back home to Columbus to figure out how to start her life over. She thinks Brayden killed Lucas. And warns him to get away before he goes down a very dark path. But he tells Keke it’s too late for that. Keke kisses him on the cheek and leaves. 

Lauren is able to convince Jenny to let her talk to Effie. They have a tense conversation but both agree they can all get their lives back if Lauren doesn’t testify. She flips when she’s called to the stand. And she tells the court that Jenny made her say Effie tried to kill her. She was on a medication that day that made it unsafe for her to drive. Blanca and Jenny are devastated that their whole case just fell apart. 

Dru and Diana’s plan was put into action. 

Tariq attempts to pick up Effie once she’s released from jail. She gives him the picture and the identity of Noma’s daughter. She’s an NYU student who likely has no idea what Noma actually does. 

Effie asks Tariq what happens to them with everything that transpired. Tariq tells her he can’t trust her because she went to Cane when she should have gone to him. So Effie refuses the ride home. 

Tariq goes to Brayden about the information on Noma’s daughter. But he tells Tariq he can’t help him because he wants out. 

Diana talks Tariq into taking out Monet and the plan is for her to draw Monet out by getting her into the car. Monet surprises Diana by apologizing for everything that has transpired. And telling Diana that she loves her. Before Tariq can even get in position, Tasha drives by and shoots up the car. Monet shields Diana and suffers gunshot wounds. She has to get surgery to survive. 

Cane is told by Diana that the shooter was Tariq. He takes off to get revenge. And Dru and Diana both realize their plan has resulted in chaos. It is then revealed that it was Diana posing as Monet who took Saxe’s letter to Kate. So it was them who turned Tariq and Monet on each other. And Cane will finish the job unknowingly by killing Tariq. 

Brayden comes through for Tariq. 

Tariq and Tasha talk about what she did to Monet. She has no regrets and just wanted Tariq’s hands to be clean. After Tariq tells her that his trust fund is gone because of Weston Holdings, she understands why he’s so motivated to still make money. So she suggests that he take everything from Noma. But he has to be careful. 

It is revealed that the young nephew working with Blanca and Jenny is Paz’s son and Angela’s nephew. He discovers a flash drive Saxe left for him. 

After Monet’s injuries send her to a hospital, Tariq tries to convince Noma to let him replace Monet. Cane, Dru, and Diana walk in and accuse Tariq of shooting Monet. And Tariq threatens to have Noma’s daughter harmed if she allows this. At this moment, Effie says she alerted Noma to Tariq’s plan. So her daughter has been moved to a safe location. And she’ll keep working with Noma since they have a future together. Noma gives Cane permission to kill Tariq. 

Before Cane can pull the trigger, the lights shut off and Brayden shows up shooting. He slides a gun over to Tariq so they can both escape. When they speed away in Brayden’s car, Tariq explains that Obi called him to warn that Tariq would be killed that day. And Brayden needed to save him. Obi felt he owed Tariq for helping him secure green cards for his family. 

Tariq is grateful but is concerned now because he realizes they just started a war. 

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