‘Belle Collective’ Star Latrice Rogers Calls out Friend & Employee Joshy for Telling Her Business

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Latrice Rogers’ marriage has been receiving criticism from “Belle Collective” fans.

“Belle Collective” fans have a lot to say about the latest episodes. A very controversial scene took place between Latrice Rogers and her husband Clifton Rogers. One of Latrice’s close friends and Goddess Lengths employees Joshy moved in due to a water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi. Now this has led to a lot of tension because Joshy isn’t a fan of Cliff and the feeling is mutual. Joshy feels as if Cliff is very controlling and crosses the line constantly with Latrice thanks to his fixation on maintaining a more traditional marriage via gender roles. As for Cliff, he doesn’t care for Joshy because he thinks it’s disrespectful for Joshy to be so critical of the marriage when he’s Latrice’s employee and Goddess Lengths store manager.

Well, some fans are now agreeing with Joshy’s perspective. And this is because of Cliff’s actions when Latrice attempted to hang out with Joshy and a female friend. They headed to a club and Latrice was shocked to see Cliff pull up to the establishment without even giving her a heads-up. He snatched off Latrice’s microphone when they got outside and he berated her for not telling him where she was going to be.


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Joshy once again felt validated about his perspective about Cliff. He later told Latrice that Cliff’s actions that night were problematic. But he figured he may need to not be vocal about Latrice’s marriage. He knows she’ll side with her spouse.

Latrice Rogers had some words for Joshy.

This will all come up again on the upcoming episode of “Belle Collective.” In fact, Joshy moves out of Latrice and Cliff’s home. And he tells Aikisha Holly-Colon that he just couldn’t deal with the drama anymore.

In a preview, Joshy says, “He was very, very disrespectful. Never have I ever let a man talk to me the way Cliff talked to me then. I didn’t say anything out of respect for Latrice.”

He goes on to tell Aikisha that Latrice didn’t speak up in his defense. And Aikisha tells him that should be his sign to stay out of Cliff and Latrice’s marriage. Joshy says he’s two steps ahead of her and he’s already moved out.

Aikisha later updates Latrice about what Joshy had to say. And this doesn’t sit well with Latrice because she feels Joshy shouldn’t be spreading her business.

Latrice says, “For one, I have to check Josh because at the end of the day, if you’re in my circle if you’re in my camp, it’s no way that you should have known anything as far as what Josh said to my husband or what my husband said or did to him. I don’t appreciate that.”


  1. Josh shouldn’t have told her business but he’s 100 percent correct about Cliff. That man wanted a young wife so he could be in control.

    1. He was venting and I don’t see what the issue is. This is a reality tv show where you’re supposed to be an open book! He was looking out for his friend. Yes he doesn’t need to be involved with their marriage but he was concerned for her(his friend) Period! 🎤🎤

        1. Josh was disrespectful in there house but he was right on how Latrice husband does speaks to her .

    1. Agreed because I cannot imagine how he acts when the camera is not rolling. The fact that he came to the club and stood at the door, cursed her out in the parking lot and then sat in the booth next to her meant he had done this before. I could not be humiliated like that and it seems as if she excuses it. It will only get worse from here. There is no way she should even consider having a child with him. She is outgrowing him and he knows it.

    2. I definitely agree with you. Latrice should stop calling Cliff’s behavior overly protective because it is not; it’s down right abusive. He called her a b-tch and was physical with her. If he acted that way in public, I can only imagine what he does to her in private.

  2. I wonder if she is using the show to get out of the marriage. There was a woman in put a ring on it that used the show to get out of a toxic relationship. Maybe Lattrice got the idea from that.

  3. I have many married lady friends…and I’ve learned to not get involved with their marriages because it will cause a problem with our friendship…. I’ll give my opinion if I’m asked,but I wouldn’t have anything to say to the husband because I’m not the husbands friend. And one thing I won’t do is go speaking on their marriage problems to anyone else!!! Yes.. Cliff seems controlling but what we have to understand is that Latrice married him!!! Just be a listening ear if need be….That just my opinion..

    1. OMG — you are so right. Josh already knew how Cliff acts. He should never have been in their house acting the way that he did. Josh talked back to Cliff and this upset Latrice, not to mention it was disrespectful to Cliff. Cliff wasn’t upset at all and said what he said to Josh. Latrice defends her husband, but she came from an abusive background. Latrice has done extremely well in her business, and is moving out of Cliff’s reach. She is a rising star despie it all and struggles with her mental frame of mind within her marriage. Josh SHOULD NOT be telling her business all over the city if he is her friend. Speak your peace in private to her as a friend.

  4. Josh went about this the wrong way if his true intent is to help Latrice. Dogging her husband is just going to make her dig in to prove Josh wrong. Better to just be a listening ear and GENTLY point out Cliff’s behavior and how abusive he appears to be

  5. She married to an older man who is very set in his ways …. The man is the head of the household (and it looks like he pays the cost to be the boss🤷🏾‍♀️)…. Aside from that I’m sure she KNEW EXACTLY how he felt prior to getting married …. She’s getting some slack from “ppl” and now she’s feeling some type of way …. She has her on money but all women would love a man like Cliff … she wants to be submissive and there’s nothing wrong with it …. They had an agreement is what he said bc she’s on TV she now she wants to go against their agreement… he didn’t change …. AND THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM WANTING A BABY WITH HIS WIFE … I just to buy her being naive all of sudden and not know where Cliff is coming from …. I’m getting off my soapbox now … Love the show and everyone on it except Aikisha she can go

  6. Latrice husband just wants her business. I love that she doesn’t tell him when she is signing contracts. Latrice you STARTED the business, keep it with YOUR NAME ONLY!!!!!

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