‘Belle Collective’ Footage Vindicates Selena Johnson Amid Feud with SoGucci Williams?

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Selena Johnson and SoGucci Williams’ altercation had “Belle Collective” fans heated on social media.

Belle Collective” star Sophia “SoGucci” Williams caused some problems with her blended family when she clashed with Selena Johnson while filming the show. Both ladies were invited to Latrice Rogers‘ event. SoGucci approached Tambra Cherie while she was speaking to Selena. But SoGucci only spoke to Tambra. In response, Selena called out SoGucci for being rude. This led to an argument between the two women. When SoGucci referred to Selena as an “extra” that she didn’t need to speak to, Selena reminded her she was on television first. And SoGucci is used to being second place because she married JJ Williams first as well. The moment ended with an altercation.

SoGucci and JJ blamed the violence on Selena. In fact, SoGucci filed a restraining order against Selena as well. When JJ and Selena’s daughters said this wasn’t cool, JJ said he supported SoGucci. And he said Selena initiated the violence. So he had faith their children would get over their anger about the restraining order.

Some “Belle Collective” fans did not agree with JJ and SoGucci’s version of events. In fact, they said SoGucci appeared to be the aggressor. According to these fans, SoGucci threatened to throw her drink at Selena. Selena then defended herself in response. When SoGucci saw fans express this perspective on social media, she told them they were wrong. She said the show was edited to make her appear as the aggressor in the scene. And she would be vindicated at the reunion.

The footage backed up Selena Johnson’s story.

Well, some fans think Selena will be vindicated instead. During a preview of Part 3 of the reunion, Carlos King aired part of his past interview with Selena. In the clip, she said, “Carlos, I’m listening to her say, ‘I’m gonna throw this drink in this ***** face’…rewind the clip. You will hear it. She was like, ‘I’m gonna throw this drink in this ***** face.’ This was right after I mentioned JJ. So those are fighting words to me.”

SoGucci responds, “No, it’s fighting words when you mention my husband’s name.”

In another clip, Carlos airs the scene in full. SoGucci can be heard threatening to throw her drink at Selena. When Carlos tells SoGucci that the clip happened the way Selena said, SoGucci doesn’t back down.

SoGucci says, “But she didn’t react right then. She still was talking. She still was talking at that point.”


  1. Selena was talking but she still heard SoGucci say she was going to throw her drink in her face. Selena threw her drink 1st. SoGucci still doesn’t want to admit that she started that. If she truly wanted to avoid Selena she would not have went up to Tambra well she talking to Selena. SoGucci
    did admit that Selena has around since the beginning just not on camera. Leteashia could only say SoGucci was wrong to call Selena an extra, she backed up SoGucci against Selena. She was all for SoGucci as a way to blame Latrice.

  2. I like SoGucci but she sauntered over just to see if Selena would say something and she did. Selena shouldn’t’ve said a word. She fell right into SoGucci’s trap.

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