‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Puma & Spyder Clash + The New Artists Step Up

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Spyder confirms his hesitance about Puma.

Puma and Teddy are interested in seeing what the outcome will be for their new artist program. They have never picked new artists by having them live together and compete in the same house. But they feel really good about the 8 artists they hand-picked for this experiment. Luckily, Cookies agreed to be the location for their first event. And a few of them are asked to go there and tattoo for the Black Ink brand. Made Rich is very disappointed when he’s not selected. 

Spyder and Alex catch up with Teddy. They discuss the potential new artists and the process they are hoping will bring the right new talent to the group. And Spyder admits he’s not fond of Puma’s business approach thus far. But he will support Teddy because he respects what Teddy has done for Black Ink. 

Puma calls out Spyder.

The tattooing event at Cookies goes off without a hitch. Teddy and Puma are impressed by how well the new artists have been able to work with each other. In fact, the bad energy only comes into play after Spyder and Alex show up. 

Puma hasn’t moved on from Spyder turning down the offer to work at the new shop. So he lets Spyder know that he isn’t actually needed. And Puma believes the new artists they found are better anyway. 

Spyder takes Puma’s rejection as disrespect. He accuses Puma of being a fake boss who was always wanting to be on top the whole time. Spyder starts yelling insults at Puma. But Puma says he is unmoved and Spyder wasn’t supportive of their plan when it mattered. 

What are your thoughts on the episode? 

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  1. I don’t know about this one. I’m not knocking it I just don’t know about it. Ink Master is where they got the concept from but that’s not the issue I have…Teddy nor Puma tatt. Do they really have the eyes for tattooing? Just because the tatt looks nice doesn’t mean anything…there’s more to it.
    I bet Ceaser is somewhere trippin.

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