RHOA Recap: Marlo Drags Drew + Sheree Confronts Kandi for ‘She By Sheree’ Shade

Photo Credit: Bravo

On the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Drew’s older sister Allison visits. At first, Ralph isn’t sure what to expect. When he was clashing with Allison, she accused him of being controlling and manipulative. In response, Drew banned her from their house. However, they make major strides in their relationship at Drew’s video shoot. And Drew is grateful. 

Sheree confronts Kandi about some of the comments she made on her YouTube channel. Kandi told her followers that she didn’t believe the She By Sheree website crashed on its launch day. And the fashion designer Sheree worked with alleged they were not paid for their services. 

Here’s a recap for, “Rollerstakes and Blind Dates.”

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  1. When ever the show put on Marlo i always fast forward because she not interesting always wants to start sh-t

  2. Took a quick peek at show last night. Who goes on a nature walk in a rabbit coat ? (I’m being vicious) and red bottoms except a wanna be fabulous fake; Marlo is certifiably crazy, and if everyone sees Marlo instability it’s only a matter of time for her to turn on the Olympic girl on show. She will say the same thing abt her body, her marriage, her money. Funny all of the housewives have been married at one point except her. She’s exhausting to look at and it hurts to see her. Stop trying so hard

    1. AGREE, AGREE, AGREE. And in heels? Answer: someone who is not use to the good life, that she is now living, thanks to RHOA. I have been watching since it started, and she was with
      living, thanks to RHOA. I have been watching since it started, and she was with Bob Whitfield, an ex-NFL player.
      She certainly has evolved, since the beginning. That is wonderful, however she is like a lot of people who 1st look like welfare recipients, then get a few coins in their pockets. get the big head, and “oh I have made it my CACA don’t stink.? Thats a b>>>> that is not use to anything.. What I am really waiting for is when she finds out that Martell is not faithful to her either.. Just have to wait and see how it all unfolds. Memo to She B Sheree MARTELL HOLT WILL NEVER BE A FAITHFUL PARTNER

      1. Never. He still loves Melody and she’s too through with him. Did anyone check out LAM Detroit. Already off the chain 3 marriages going to be getting a divorce if they don’t get off this show.

    2. Whenever Marlo is on I walk out or conveniently change channel. She’s trying to hard to be relevant.

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