Kimmi Scott & Maurice Scott Address Backlash from Interview + LAMH Fans Call out Kimmi

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Maurice Scott offended a lot of LAMH fans with comments he made during a recent interview.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Maurice Scott has been a hot topic on social media. His interview with Carlos King didn’t sit well with some people. Carlos asked Maurice to break down his thoughts on Kimmi Scott‘s choice to prioritize his sexual needs during her battle with breast cancer. During a previous episode, she told a close friend that her desire for intimacy was very low due to chemotherapy. But she still continued to be intimate with Maurice and even fake being pleased. Kimmi’s reasoning was she didn’t want Maurice to look for intimacy from someone else. Regardless, Maurice thought it was “admirable” for Kimmi to do this. And he said it’s not realistic to expect him to accept less action in the bedroom because of Kimmi’s cancer battle.

Well, LAMH fans have really been dragging Maurice in the comment sections of Kimmi’s Instagram posts. They think Maurice is a very selfish husband. Some have even been telling Kimmi that she can do so much better.

In fact, one Instagram user wrote, “Her husband’s interview was so disrespectful. I wonder what their kids think about what he said. I know they’re embarrassed whenever they see that interview. Get out!!! Blink twice if you need help.”

Amid the backlash, Kimmi Scott maintains a sense of humor.

Kimmi noticed the comment and responded. She wrote, “Blink twice 😂 😂 😂 Let me go watch this interview. Y’all are giving @miamireece h*ll! 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♀️ 🏃🏾‍♀️”

Maurice then added, “@kimmi_kls 🔥 🔥 🔥 & brimstone!”

Another Instagram user told the rest of Kimmi’s supporters not to expect Kimmi to address the interview at all.

The person wrote, “To all of the supporters/fans of Kimmi, stop wasting your time pleading or commenting about YOUR disdain on what Lemon Butter Head said. Kimmi is not going to address it. She will not like your comment or acknowledge it in any way. THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING. 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Kimmi thought this comment was funny, “THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING that’s funny 😂 😂 😂.”

Another one of Kimmi’s followers pointed out there’s no need to be offended on Kimmi’s behalf when she’s laughing at the backlash.

“Glad it’s funny. It’s your life, your husband, you’re getting ****** on like a deceased body. Your life so why should anyone else be bothered?!”

And another Instagram user replied, @kimmi_kls Well if that’s how you feel, your hubby going viral for saying ‘F your cancer I need to n*t’ is funny 😂 😂 Gon head and suffer through it chile lol.”


  1. You know, some women will tolerate nearly anything just to stay married because marriage is the only way they feel valuable. Maybe that’s who Kimmi is. Either way, I’m not dragging Maurice if she’s sitting there laughing about it. Kimmi and LaTisha tolerate more than I ever would.

    1. Exactly! Some women put up with anything only for a Title!

      Kimmi is fine with the arrangement and her fans swear she is a victme but Kimmi FINDS it funny. OH WELL

      1. Lol what’s actually funny is that absolute strangers believed that she’d cry on their shoulders or publically co-sign their scathing comments about her husband. Her only mistake was revealing too much information about she and her husband’s sex life on TV–period. Ohhhh but trust and believe there are ah-plenty conversations-those with mutually agreeing perspectives as well as those that speak on disappointment and or hurts OFF CAMERA!!! After all there’s “Reality TV,” and then there is Actual Reality moments in these folks lives. 😉

        1. She actually did co-sign the comments from strangers and said Maurice’s comments were disrespectful after she watched the interview.

    2. My daughter had cancer. It’s not like having a stomach ache. They go through a lot of pain; being tired, exhausted. And for a man to still have s-x with these women. It’s horrible. Just goes to show you. Some men could care Less about you having cancer as long as your last breath is to please them. If anything happens to Kimmi; God forbids the cancer to come back, her husband would probably marry before the year is up. That’s not a man of Love, but a man of Lust.

    3. And being married is not an excuse to tolerate humiliation. But, she did get somebody else’s husband 🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. I’m not buying that she hasn’t seen the interview or at least the clip that went viral. Kimmi really lets Maurice play in her face.

  3. This is really sad 😥. He’s disrespectful and makes her look stupid. Kimmie has always called ou when someone disrespect 🙄 her. Don’t stop now. He’s actually shown he is extremely controlling.

  4. Well Well Well. I must say and this will be my last POST. as I will not be watching that show anymore.

  5. Chile…Kimmi better wake up asap. Maurice is NOT it. From the coparenting mess to the Carlos interview, I have no idea why Kimmi is giving this man a pass.

  6. I love the comments and I must say people thought Maurice was the good one level head with a bit of compassion. Well I saw something in him that didn’t agree with my spirit he seemed very selfish and very controlling in a methodical way he’s very sneaky and messy. I have MS and there are days when i can’t brush my teeth and my partner would do it for me and days and weeks where having sex was an absolute NO and not once did I ever think that if I didn’t that my partner would go find it somewhere else with someone else not for one damn second! For her to think that to some point he probably displayed those type of actions that he would do that to her which to me is disgusting! This woman is fighting for her life and what you’re so worried about is her pleasing you sexually and she does it against her better judgment so that you could feel good it’s just sad. It seems all 3 brothers are douche bags and cut from the same cloth and there is no way on God’s green earth i would tolerate any one them. My partner rocked with me on everything til the day he died 1/3/2020 and when I tell you I couldn’t have asked for a better man for 19 years never complained about nothing and did what he needed to do for effortlessly but God has called him home. Kimmie I pray for you and may God continue to bless you because that man you’re married to is a pigeon s..t !!! Peace and Love to all

    1. And we all thought Marasui was the worst. I see him getting his point across to Tisha, but he appears to Love Tisha. He cares about her feelings. Maurice angered me when he said that he would make an appointment for the ladies to talk???

  7. I don’t particularly care for Maurice and see him as a manipulator right down to not only interacting with Kimmi but Kiuwah and Monster as well. Kimmi is fighting for her life however; his sexual gratification is priority. I will not attack Kimmi because I get what she’s saying. Whether I agree or not, it’s her choice to make. I’m not walking in her shoes. I wasn’t the one at the altar exchanging vows.

  8. The only people feeling bad for KImmi are her fans. 🙄 I’m not her fan and so I dont feel bad for the choices SHE MAKES.

  9. I’m sorry but Kimmi and LaTisha really need to stop letting their husbands make them look like desperate idiots. Some black women really need therapy so they can get to the root of why they settle for bad relationships and marriages.

  10. Really disappointed with Maurice, thought he was the better of the men on that show, but he’s a fraud. Areal pompous butt hole.

  11. This season I have seen Maurice true intentions when dealing with his personal life. He is selfish and Kimmie is really allowing him to dictate to her how she should respond in the bedroom and what she needs to do with his teenage son. Kimmie you are smart, intelligent and gorgeous dictate to him how you plan on moving forward with those two topics.

  12. Tisha grew up poor. She will tolerate whatever from her husband to keep the money and place in society she has now. Kimmel was a single mother and struggled. She will tolerate her husband to just be able to not have to struggle anymore.

  13. Oooh these comments. Are people nowadays really believing that married life is perfect and people do not make mistakes? I see a lot of comments saying that these women are settling and “tolerating” just to be married or to have a man. Please tell me that none of you are serious right? Please tell me that you do not truly believe that your relationship or another person is what decides whether or not you’re happy in life. Please tell me that you do not believe that the person you marry has to think exactly the same way you do and that you will never have a disagreement or an argument and that “when” you do, the right thing to do is to leave because you cannot “tolerate” any “bad” behavior from anyone right? No way these comments are real lol.

    1. I’ve been married for over a decade. And I still expect a husband to respect his wife completely and prioritize her and not himself while she’s fighting cancer. My husband saw the same clip and immediately said Maurice was out of line. Please stop expecting all black women to settle and have low standards. Some of us were not raised that way and married great men.

      1. She sounds ridiculous. I even saw men on IG and Twitter calling Maurice out and Brenda is still wearing her pick me mentality proudly.

    2. Now you tell them sister ..this the best comment by far…nothing or no one is perfect we will continue to live and learn and if all is unbearable then we will leave..until then people should stop commenting on other people marriages and focus on their own …nobody is living this couples lifs but them

      1. Comments like this are so dumb to me. You are no better than any of us! You’re in Kimmi and Maurice’s business and watching their lives on a reality show like the rest of us! If you were so much more mature and above us, you wouldn’t even be interested in the show or on this post! Stop being passive aggressive and admit you don’t like the fact Maurice is being called out rightfully! He was wrong period! Even Kimmi said so! Y’all always do this when it’s black men disrespecting black women! Stop being pick mes and have some standards!

    3. What are you even talking about lady? I think the absolute minimum a man can do is not think his d-ck comes before his wife while she is dealing with breast cancer and then publicize this opinion in an interview. You sound crazy. Y’all really think black women should accept the most disrespectful treatment. Get some help.

    4. The conversation isn’t about learning how to disagree respectfully though. The conversation is about a man saying his cancer stricken wife needed to sleep with him when she didn’t want to because of chemo treatments. I think any sensible person can understand why a husband should not do this. Kimmi was on TV telling a friend she faked o-g-sms and had s-x when she didn’t want to because she feared Maurice would cheat on her. That’s not a healthy or normal marriage. It’s dishonest to spin this into a “women should compromise more” conversation. This isn’t a gender war, we’re talking about common decency.

      1. And you have something to say about other people having opinions. We’re all entitled to having opinions and making use of the brains God gave us. Maurice and Kimmi agreed to be paid to show their lives on a TV show. They could always leave if they want more privacy and less opinions. But it’s irrational to expect people not to form opinions on what they see being shared. If you don’t have an opinion about the media you’re consuming, you’re not much of a thinker. The entire point of media is consumption and engagement.

    5. What does any of this have to do with a man disrespecting his own wife while she’s battling cancer? You’re really trying to be patronizing to black women who rightfully recognize toxic relationships?! Even Kimmi disagrees with your perspective! She herself just said Maurice’s interview hurt her because he was DISRESPECTFUL and he didn’t protect her! You have low standards Brenda! Work on that! And yes, I’m married and have been married longer than Kimmi and Maurice!

    6. “Oooh these comments. Are people nowadays really believing that married life is perfect and people do not make mistakes?” Umm, no. What IS actually happening is a lot of people are having compassion for a woman who was dealing with breast cancer enough to call out her husband for being completely gross to her in an interview. This shouldn’t be hard for you to follow.

    7. Well what else should we call it, Brenda? How did Latisha not settle boo? Maursau is out here getting naked pictures from other women and going on trips to different continents without her. How is Kimmi not tolerating and settling when Maurice is talking about her like a piece of meat while she has cancer? Kimmi is so afraid to not sleep with Maurice out of fear that he will cheat because he has an addiction to sex. I don’t know who raised you boo but my momma would never cosign marriages like these for me. You gotta stop thinking your low standards need to be universal. Tuh!

  14. I am not surprised by Kimmi’s reactions. She’s holding Maurice’s ex wife more accountable for something so incredibly silly, but Maurice’s blatant disrespect will be ignored like always.

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