Maurice Scott Says It’s Admirable Kimmi Scott Put Him First During Cancer Battle + Fans Go Off

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Maurice Scott and Kimmi Scott have been having disagreements over co-parenting.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Maurice Scott is currently receiving a lot of backlash on social media. During the recent episode, he had a very controversial conversation with Kimmi Scott. He, Kimmi, and Kiuwha Scott-Bonds had a sitdown to discuss Monster. He’s been struggling. In fact, he’s not really interested in his schoolwork or doing any of the house chores he’s been told to do. Maurice wants Kimmi to feel more comfortable when it comes to disciplining Monster. However, Kimmi thinks that the real issue is Maurice may not be spending enough time with Monster. So she has encouraged him to be more hands-on while she’s supportive as a step-parent.

Interestingly enough, Maurice said he felt like another issue is Kiuwha may have spoiled Monster while he lived with her and her husband. So Monster doesn’t really know how to do chores and be responsible.

Kiuwha eventually had a solo conversation with Monster to get to the bottom of things. He admitted that he doesn’t feel comfortable sharing his feelings with Maurice or Kimmi. So he prefers to talk to himself when he’s going through stressful situations. His face lit up after Kiuwha told him that she will start coming to Huntsville a lot more to spend time with him.

Some LAMH fans feel like Maurice has been a bit demanding and selfish while Kimmi has been fighting cancer. At the end of the recent episode, Kimmi and Maurice had a tense conversation. And he didn’t like it when Kimmi suggested that he and Kiuwha have their own therapy session with Monster. Kimmi’s reasoning was Monster may feel more comfortable opening up if he’s in therapy with only his biological parents.

So Maurice responded by suggesting that Kimmi has a one-on-one conversation with Kiuwha to hash out their issues. In response, Kimmi said they don’t have an issue and the tension they had is in the past.

Maurice then accused Kimmi of not really being over it and Kimmi demanded that Maurice specifically tells her what he thinks that issue was before the episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Maurice Scott thinks it is admirable that Kimmi Scott put his needs first during her cancer battle.

LAMH viewers accused Maurice of being passive-aggressive and gaslighting Kimmi during that scene. They were also critical of Maurice after Kimmi told a friend she faked “the Big O” on multiple occasions because she didn’t want Maurice looking for pleasure elsewhere while she was battling cancer.

Well, Carlos King asked Maurice about this during a recent interview. He said, “Are you that much of a sexual person to where despite what she’s going through right now, you still feel like there’s a happy medium in terms of her pleasuring you?”

Maurice answered, “There’s a difference between wants and needs. And I’m a person who actually needs sex not a person who wants sex. Now at times, I want it but I actually need it. Life throws us curveballs like what we’re going through right now. What Kimmi is doing is admirable as a spouse. To roll over and suffer through it, fakes it all for me because at that moment is something she completely didn’t desire. I look at it as her standing by me while I’m standing by her.”

He continued, “As difficult as it may seem, we should all feel that we would be better people and say, ‘Oh no, I don’t want or need sex for however long it takes for you to recover,’ but we then live in reality where that’s not true.”

Carlos later asked Maurice just how badly he needs sex, and Maurice responded with some fun shade.

“I need *** like Carlos needs mess.”

Many LAMH fans are not feeling Maurice’s comments. And they have accused him of being very insensitive.


    1. OMG!!!! I said the saaaaaammmmmmeeeeee thing …I thought he was a good guy…. he’s exactly like Marsau….I know they’re brothers but…. wow

  1. Maurice is selfish and I feel sorry for Monster and Kimmi because men like him just don’t listen and they are never wrong.

    1. So glad other people see what I saw about Maurice., a long time ago. God is with you Kimmie. You will be blessed and HEALED thru this ordeal. Maurice is showing his real self-more and more. He should be glad that Kimmie agreed to allowing that Monster to live with them, because he shows by his facial expressions that he does not give a RATS_A88 about Kimmie.. Kimmie may need to think about her wellbeing more and make some moves, as Maurice is show he does not give a S***. This is too much stress to put Kimmie thru, She needs time away from Maurice, Marsau, LaTisha and that family to fully heal, and recover. Boy oh boy those Scott men are really a piece of work. Not handsome at all, but think they are the end all be all. BS Maurice listen boy Kimmie does not need you. You are not a CATCH a
      BOTTOM FEEDER in my opinion. I have been so freaking mad since I saw the show Saturday.

    2. I feel like his NEED is too please his wife’s needs.Rub her feet, massage her scalp, wash her back….pull the bed back for her. STOP thinking about himself! Him & Marseau are sooo selfish * controlling. OMG

  2. I called it first! People chewed my head off! Unfortunately Maurice is one of those guys who cannot go without S*X.
    Unfortunately Kimmi is Male identified and this is the dynamic of their relationship.😪

    1. Male identification has to be the only reason she married Maurice. She really settled and I hate that for her.

  3. These Scott men and Martel is a mess. What type of man would choose sex over his wife who is fighting cancer, then brags about her being admirable because of it. I can only imagine what kind pain she went thru on top of trying to keep her sex addict husband happy. These men on this show ain’t nothing but narcissist. They don’t really have any real respect for their wives at all. I’m glad Melody knows her worth, I just hope Kimmie and Latisha finally realized that they are worth more too.

    1. Kimmi wants to keep a Man and so her own health comes Secondary. Kimmi is old enough to know what she wants…

  4. When you’re so deep into your misogynoir that even cancer doesn’t make you more considerate of your wife, you need help.

  5. All I can say is, Maurice needs to be ASHAMED of himself! Who do he think would even be in the mood to even think about sex? More less having it!!! I’m sure she be nauseous from the meds and especially having to look up and seeing him on top of her!!!! Tell him NO!!!!!!!

    1. I agree. I have never liked the nickname. It may have been cute when he was a toddler, but MONSTER won’t be so cute if he’s ever pulled over by a cop or accused of something illegal. The first thing they’ll say is that everyone who knows him calls him a “Monster” and that’s because blah, blah, blah. I can’t believe black people don’t know any better. The boy is 16. Time to start calling him by his government name.

  6. I agree with ALL of the above comments. I would never have thought Maurice would show his behind like he did on Sunday. His understanding is less and less every week. And yes, why are they calling that chid “Monster?” He probably does miss his Mother since she coddled him while he was living with her. Let him go home and worry about it later. Maurice is not helping with his attitude and it’s really not on Kimmi–she has reared her own son. Plus it makes her recovery stressful. I used to like Marsau, but he is showing that he’s narcissistic in every way. LaTisha is trying to stand up for herself — good luck. She’s still a whiney mess — making him understand her worth and getting nowhere. He looks down at her “literally and figuratively” like she’s only in his life to please him and do what he says. She needs to take a page out of Melody’s book. Martel needs to buy bigger suits. He looks like a poor southern child trying to be a grownup in his father’s suits–lost in the sauce. Toughen up Stormi — we’re tired of you crying about every little thing. Your Mother and Aunt will work out their problems on their own.

  7. Maurice is the epitome of a selfish, inconsiderate a$$hole!! He’s actually worse than Marsau in my opinion. You have to be pretty cold hearted SOB to actually think someone should continue to cater to your “needs” when they are going through the fight of their life! The fact that you refer to it as “admirable” which actually sounds pretty dismissive, instead of reassuring her that this should just be a time to focus on her health is pretty cold hearted. What would be “admirable” would be if you actually became a supportive and sacrificial husband/partner instead of pretending to be one. True colors finally came out! You should be ashamed of yourself Maurice and your beautiful wife deserves better! I pray she finds it!

  8. It still sounds as stupid as it did when I heard it the first time. How can somebody who says they love me and have my best interest at heart then come to me with that BS that you need to have sex!! Then take your needs to the bathroom and have sex with your own self. Since you need to go to it!!!

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