‘Black Ink Crew’ Recap: Teddy & Puma Fire Two of the Newbies

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Ink Dreamy is out.

Puma comes to the mansion after the major blowup that took place between Made Rich and Alex. He’s not feeling the vibe of the house. And he thinks the new artists aren’t taking the competition seriously. So he calls everyone downstairs for an emergency meeting. And he fires Ink Dreamy. In a green screen interview, Puma says he did this because he felt like Ink Dreamy was way too confrontational with some of the women in the house. This isn’t what he wants for the new brand. 

While Ink Dreamy packs up his things, Puma tells the others there will be more firings. So everyone needs to tighten up. 

Some of the new artists struggle with the latest competition. 

Teddy and Puma decide to do another competition. He assigns Draya and Alex as team captains. And everyone is responsible for tattooing special clients and doing the roles they are assigned. 

Trilla gets upset when the client complains about him starting the stencil from the top and not the bottom. He explains that an artist he knows told him that artists should never start from the top. So Trilla is told to let his boo Jahnova tattoo the stencil instead. This doesn’t sit well with him so he storms off and says he’ll do a better tattoo himself. He eventually returns to the team but it’s clear he’s upset he was put on the back burner. 

Meanwhile, on Alex’s team, Made Rich notices that Liza told their client it’s fine to tattoo from light to dark. However, both Alex and Made Rich say that this isn’t true and an artist is supposed to tattoo from dark to light. 

The pressure continues to build. 

After both teams complete their tattoos, they learn that their clients are actually established tattoo artists themselves. In fact, one of them owns their own shop, too. Trilla is told that he needs to learn how to improve from his peers but he thinks this is just a personal opinion that doesn’t hold weight. So Alex steps in to let him know that if he was good at customer service, he would have handled the situation better and been able to show off his skills. 

Now that it’s over, Puma and Teddy don’t want to focus on the teams. Instead, they will judge everyone by their individual performance. And someone will be sent home. This makes all the newbies nervous since a few of them made some mistakes, including Santana who needed to do the stencil twice on the client to get it right. 

Another artist packs their bags. 

Teddy and Puma arrive at the mansion to select the artist to let go. They start by asking each person to say who the weakest link was on their team. Santana votes for herself being the weakest and so does Trilla. Interestingly enough, Trilla’s girlfriend Jahnova also votes him as the weakest. And this wasn’t easy for her to do. Meanwhile, Liza is also voted the weakest by her teammates. So Santana, Liza, and Trilla are in the bottom three. 

Although Liza has shown she doesn’t have much experience and Santana didn’t work well under pressure, Trilla’s actions are considered much worse. So Puma and Teddy fire him because they feel customer service is too important to downplay. 

Jahnova breaks down in tears as her boo begins to say his goodbyes to everyone. When they hug, he tells her to keep doing her best because it’s all about proving herself. In a green screen interview, Trilla says he was a bit disappointed that Jahnova voted for him. But he won’t hold it against her and they are still solid. He’s more driven to show everyone that he’s the real deal now. 

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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  1. You know what; just stop FILMING for Black Ink Crew New York. Cease already let it be known since his firing that he didn’t want Ted to continue with the show. The show is boring and I don’t see no end in sight. Just stop please!

    1. I haven’t watched since Cease left….I’ve glanced at it…it seems corny now…. DIFFERENT….I don’t like it

    2. Black ink crew in LA Kp for the shop to be losing that many employees it’s definitely poor management…You definitely need to get rid of Tim.

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