Sheree Whitfield Responds to Criticism of NeNe Leakes Being MIA During RHOA OG Reunion

Photo Credit: Bravo

Sheree Whitfield and some of the other OGs went down memory lane on the recent episode of RHOA.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” fans have a lot to say about the recent episode on social media. As we reported, Sheree Whitfield reunited with the OGs. However, NeNe Leakes was noticeably the only one who was not in attendance during the scene. Kim Zolciak, DeShawn Snow, and Lisa Wu were happy to reflect on the show’s early days. And they agreed that the bond they have with one another will never really be broken because they paved the way. Of course, the scene did have some shady moments as well. Kim made it clear that she still can’t stand Kenya Moore. She’s still fuming over Kenya calling her out over a “joke tweet” Kim penned about her daughter.

Years ago, Kim tweeted about wanting to go to a John Legend concert badly. And she asked who Brielle Biermann had to “blow” to secure the tickets. So when Kim came for Kenya and the authenticity of her marriage, Kenya accused Kim of trying to pimp Brielle out for concert tickets.

Interestingly enough, Kim also discussed Kandi Burruss. She confirmed that Kandi hugged her when they saw each other at Porsha Williams’ wedding. However, Kim denied that they are in a good space. And she still feels some type of way about Kandi suing her over “Tardy for the Party.”

Some RHOA fans are upset NeNe Leakes was missing in action.

Well, not all RHOA fans enjoyed the scene Sheree had with her fellow OGs. Some complained that the moment was boring. And it wasn’t cool that Sheree did this without NeNe. They also didn’t like the fact that no one brought up NeNe either.

Apparently, Sheree caught wind of the critical tweets and responded. She said that it’s a situation she really has no control over.

Sheree tweeted, “We all know the elephant in the room is bigger than me 🙄 #RHOA.”

The episode and lack of NeNe resulted in her trending on Twitter.


  1. I do believe that NeeNee not appearing had nothing to do with Sheree. That was all about NeeNee and her tactics with Andy Cohen & Bravo.

    She ruined that for herself by thinking that she was the one and only OG.

    Best Wishes, NeeNee!

    1. We all know this has nothing to do with Sheree. This is Andy being a B-tch! Those woman allow him to break up there friendships and make them look stupid. Kandy not in charge she wants to be. If she was smart she would be in Andy’s place, but for her it’s another platform. You woman better wake up, Nene was right about Kim and Andy now Andy just use Kim to slap Nene in the face. Get a grip that’s why Kim Fields left. Messy Andy!!

      1. Exactly ☝🏽what you said. Andy, remember we didn’t know you until you knew NeNe Leaks.🤎👑🎉

        1. I agree ! He wasn’t satisfied with Atlanta being #1 , he had to dumb it down and blow & exploit them ……with the first segment it was about the entire family ….. now everyone is surrounded by a single cheap event ….. or might I say ….. tacky shady event ……NeNe is correct ….. Shame on you Andy !!! Think about it !!! We all know you don’t care …… Now no one cares about the show you ruined …….
          You could have fixed it but your integrity wouldn’t allow you to do so !!!

    2. Amen & hallelujah to that! Nene cut her own ties w/ the show, telling Andy to keep her name “out of his mouth!” He’s only doing what the b!tch requested! She literally tore down every bridge possible to return so she’s “in the weeds” for all time! No one wants to work w/ her! So much for that “very rich b!tch!” 😉

      1. You NeNe haters love gloating but your faves can’t even carry RHOA without her. Enjoy those low ratings though. LOL.

        1. Absolutely need NeNee back, Sheree can barely talk, slow down sometimes, Kenya needs to go, very disrespectful ..
          There not going to be another season 😒

      2. Well let’s go all the way back when the show first came on it was Nee Née and before any of these ladies re introduced themselves it was Née Née now she was the first to go to broadway of the OG’s. First clothing store, and she helped these ladies to come up. If speaking for yourself oh well. Née Nee has been a friend to all of these old messy women and what they did to pay her back gang up and flip on her. Candy was not back with the group, If Porsha wouldn’t of told of the freaky ness it would not be no bedroom candy, she did broadway after Nee Nee so who sit the trend. If anyone should have got a spin off it should have been Nee Nee. What have Kenya done all these years it’s time to move on ladies. Andy is messy and all the coins Nee Nee helped put his pocket It’s no Housewives of Atlanta without Nee Nee Leakes
        He should of made it happen. Show is boring
        We’re watching other shows now. Old ladies go home.

        1. Kandy was rich before NeNe she just capitalized off the show like everyone else did and expanded beyond a boutique. But true NeNe did bring everyone to the show but Kandys pockets were already lined.

        2. Actually those who know Atlanta also knows that Sheree was the original entrepreneur in fashion with her own clothing store providing high in items. So no it wasnt Nene nor Kandi. Now with the addition to Kandi and Kenya it did change the notoriety of the girls because both where already famous at the time. To be honest i think Porsha antics actually made the show better.

        3. I agree 100%! I thought it was just me but the show is boring as h-ll. Just ongoing arguments. Never any love. I miss NeNe! She’s the reason that I began watching. Now I have completely lossed interest. Good luck ladies!

        4. Remember Andy Cohen was her boss. Respectfully she asked him to keep her name out of his mouth. She closed the door. It’ll be up to her to talk to him to reopen the door. Just fact💐

      3. Yes NeNe is a Very Rich Bytch 14 million rich..Do You Thang NeNe the Queen of Housewives ♥️

    3. Didn’t miss her. She brings another kind of mess to the table. The ladies seemed to be quite comfortable without her presence.
      Nice to see that the elephant had left the room 👌

      1. The show is so boring stopped watching as soon as NeNe left. All are benign pimped by Bravo, every housewife/ non wife the whole lot!

    4. I whole-heartedly agree. She was not in there because she is suing Bravo and Andy Cohen. Nene for some reason thinks she’s bigger than the show itself but life has a way of humbling you. I’m sure she’s regretting it.

      1. All this Andy Cohen drama you spoke of is not true. Nini brought all this on herself by thinking. She’s the only star and demanding 1 to 2 million dollars per episode. So she pushed herself out the door Andy didn’t do it.

    5. Yes. Nene sued Bravo: she doesn’t want them to mention her name or show any her image of her. She settled for 2 million dollars(which will be gone soon given her lifestyle). It’s unfortunate because she did it to herself. She tried to pull a “Mo’Nique”….Mo’Nique didn’t “win” though she thinks she did. Nene is basically over. She’s not talented, just loud!

    6. Nene was right about a lot of things but when I bought it the wrong way they will soon find out when the tables turn

    1. And it shouldn’t be. Kim wanted out & thumbed her nose at te show. Now she is broke and addicted to gambling and she need money for upkeep of all of that plastic!

  2. Chile whatever. She shouldn’t have done if NeNe couldn’t participate because let’s be real, NeNe is who most want to see. Not Kim, not Lisa, not DeShawn.


    2. I agree with this I didn’t care to see any of these ladies… I didn’t even want to see Sheree 🤣🤣

      1. Doesn’t matter because the ratings prove that My 2 Cents is correct. The majority of fans turned away because NeNe left. Disliking NeNe is actually an unpopular opinion which is why when she told her fans to boycott, the ratings tanked and still haven’t recovered. LOL.

      2. I totally agree, she was the common denominator in all of those broken relationships with those ladies and Nini not NB Cohen is the reason she’s not on the show. I mean, come on, you wanna Sue Bravo. And then you talk about Andy like a dog. And you think they’re gonna invite you back? I don’t think so, and her diva antics also get her kicked out. She wanted one million to 2 million dollars per episode. Come on, now you aint that hot. And she wanted to be the only star of that show.

    3. Yeah… for me, I didn’t wanna see any of them really but especially not NeNe. Her head in the air attitude became way too much for me…ijs. It wasn’t HER show. Even if she was right about Andy, it’s still HIS show so she should keep it moving and stop trying to come back

    4. Not necessarily. Nene was loud,ignorant, ghetto(though she called Kandi ghetto). She’s not that bright and was very jealous of Kandi, who is quite successful. I’d like to see this show to have more professional blacks, those doing more than yelling , arguing, wearing fake hair, nails eyelashes and never really anything of substance. A huge display of conspicuous consumption, brand names, expensive cars and the only one who can afford that lifestyle is Kandi. It is a sad representation of our people.

  3. That’s why I didn’t watch RHOA last night, no NeNe no watch. Plus Kim Is beyond stale & boring, why did you bring her back!

  4. Nene f’d her own changes of coming back to RHOA you can’t personally attack people and expect them to work with you… that ship has sail with NeNe being back .. only way she ever be back on that show will be if Andy leaves and all the other produces and that not going to happen.

    1. I agree. Nene stuck her foot in her mouth and burned her bridges. A lot of things she did and said we’re uncalled for.

      1. Agree totally with you!! Now she tryna come back by having her people ask the fans if they want to see her back… way too much. She needs to have several seats!!

    2. And that’s why those rating have sailed as well. No NeNe, Porsha, Phradrea just not the same.

      1. You are right. Those 3 made the show interesting
        I hate Kenya. She need to go somewhere and sit down. She never admits to her wrong doings. She is so disgusting. Kandi thinks she is better than the rest of the ladies. Kenya and Drew follow around her like little puppies. Kandi always want to drag some body and don’t do nothing but cry. I stopped watching those boring ladies.

    3. Yep. Nene made accusations of racism and I thought. She was waaasy off base. Andy bent over backwards for her. There is no way they will let her on that show. I think they should cancel it now.

  5. People need to stop fantasizing about NeNe, she’s done and ain’t never coming back and folks know this and still keep posting crazy stuff. Nene was her own downfall thinking she bigger and better than she was and Bravo let her know she wasn’t

    1. Yes. Her head got a little too big! She was toxic and not a friend to anyone….everything was about her.

      1. Girl Nene is old news and haven’t been on the show in years. I was glad to see her go…always playing the victim even while her husband was dying she made it all about her. TOXIC!!!

  6. Kim has no filter and shows no class, she is gonna act crazy and say and whatever she wants because she let the other ladies get to her big time. Lisa Wu acts like a drunk with no filter, I guess I wasn’t watching when Snow was on the show.

    1. Kim has no filter,yes. She ‘s raunchy ! Anytime you joke about pimping your daughter out for John Legend tickets you’re trashy. She doesn’t acknowledge her parents , kicked them out of her wedding, left her daughter in the car for hours while she gambled (desperate to secure her lifestyle) . Kim show no class because she doesn’t know what class means. I sure hope she’s not coming back to the show. I WILL NOT WATCH IT

    1. She DOES, which is why she has her people polling the internet to see if the viewers want her back. Not sure how many times Andy and Bravo have to say it’s over for her and I’m glad!!!

  7. Leave NeNe alone, nobody is saying anything about the comments Kim made when she said that she was crazy for being on stage with a bunch of Black Women I guess that was ok lot of Bullsh-t

    1. Yes! I really think Kim is racist and talks bs about blacks behind closed doors. She is a user and only want to return to get herself out of debt. I believe Kenya was correct when she said the divorce was a ploy to get her out of losing her home and paying irs. She again wants to piggyback off the black women because she thinks she is better but she is an undercover alcoholic with gambling issues. No one wants to see her return. She is a hot MESS!

      1. That’s exactly what Nene, was talking about. Allowing Kim,to make racist derogatory to her as a black woman. A lot of those women called theirselves teaming up on Neenee. So yea,she had a right to be defensive. Marlo, even turned on her hanging with loud mouth Kenya.

    1. Nah anytime a black woman know their worth it’s always some trash trying to knock them down forget bravo and Andy cohen she was the sh-t and is and was right not to bow down to him and Sheree is a pitiful mess crazy how we fall for anything for a check

  8. Mrs Tucker told Leakes early on to “Bring it on Down” and it did blow up on her A-s. Leakes got what she deserved. Now stop flossing i hear they hiring at Dollar Tree

  9. Sheree being back again didn’t excite me. The “Bone 🦴 Collector” does what it takes to stay in the Spot Light 🚨. I wish they’d invite the Southern Bell 🔔 to make a guess appearances ‼️

    1. When NeNe left the show left..the ratings went down..ST♥️P HATING ON NENE BABY GIRL ain’t complaining with that $14 million she has..STOP HATING🙄

  10. Ya’ll talking like Nene care !! She still a boss she don’t need Andy Cohen to be a boss b#tch. She looking good and living good so go sit down Felicia’s

  11. So true all the housewives better wake up and stop selling their souls for money and when the devil gets tired he throws you away..

  12. Right. NeeNee is the show. And she was set up. Her last year she was blamed for getting upset when innocent playing Kandi and Portia went in her dressing area/closet and NeeNee kept telling them to stay out of it. NeeNee had every right to be angry at them. Andy and others backed Kandi when she was totally wrong. That’s why I don’t watch it like I used to. Andy and Kandi seem to be pimping out the other women in sexual exploits with Andy loving what he sees too.

  13. Linnethia “NeNe” Leakes is the RHOA. She paved the way for everyone that is & has been a part of that show! Give that woman her flowers while she’s living. IDC what the issue is ALL Parties (NeNe, Andy, Bravo) need to swallow their pride & make it right periodt! The show is cool today but it’s definitely not the same since NeNe & Porsha left (two of my favs).

  14. I have no idea why the Nene haters are on here being cocky about Nene being off the show. Love her or hate her, she is a huge reason RHOA became what it was and the ratings have been complete garbage since she left. Y’all are going to ki-ki right into RHOA’s cancellation. Nene told her stans to boycott and they listened. Ratings haven’t recovered since. So if anyone needs to get rid of their egos, it’s Andy and Bravo. They are willing to let this black ensemble show tank just to “humble” Nene and y’all are fine with that like braindead zombies. Wake up.

  15. I wasn’t a fan but when this show first came out.the theme seem to be celebrating black successful women doing great.things for themselves/for their communities/setting positive.examples for young women to pattern their for success.but the b-tching/the drama/tackiness/fights/who shot john.destroyed this show how can you be friends in one episode.and in the next episode you’re trying to rip each other’s head off just tacky.

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