Stormi Steele & LaTisha Scott Have a Heated Exchange Due to Marsau Scott’s Expo Actions

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Marsau Scott’s actions rubbed Stormi Steele the wrong way.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Stormi Steele and Marsau Scott clashed in the recent episode. Marsau and LaTisha Scott wanted the Comeback Group members to all speak at their Blaque Business Expo. However, Melody Shari said she didn’t want to speak for free. But Marsau would not budge on setting the event up to compensate the speakers. In fact, Marsau even told Melody that it was selfish to even want to make any money from the event because it was for the community. And those in the community have already done a lot to support their businesses. So Melody declined the invitation to speak.

Maurice Scott didn’t want to move forward if Melody wasn’t going to be a part of the event. So it was proposed Stormi could be an excellent replacement.

Stormi accepted the invite to speak at the Blaque Business Expo. And while she was setting up her Canvas Beauty tables, Marsau asked LaTisha if Stormi had paid the $100 fee. LaTisha said no but she didn’t think it was necessary to ask Stormi to pay. Regardless, Marsau confronted Stormi about it anyway. Stormi wasn’t having it though. She told him he was being low vibrational to wait for the day of the event to tell her about the fee. So she refused to pay it and she told Marsau it was tacky to do things this way.

The episode ended on a cliffhanger. However, a new trailer confirms the situation will lead to a lot more drama sooner than later. In fact, LaTisha and Stormi have a heated moment because of it.

Stormi Stelle clashes with LaTisha Scott.

In the preview, the conversation goes like this:

LaTisha: How you coming at me is not even okay.

Stormi: I didn’t come at you.

LaTisha: I’m talking about now.

Stormi: You cannot come up to nobody on any day talking about money. I’m taking away my time from my business, donated my time for free to speak to add value to what y’all got going on. And then you wanna tell me how to respond.

LaTisha: I didn’t tell you how to respond! I didn’t tell you that! And I talked to him too!

Stormi: Also, Tisha didn’t see how he approached me to speak on it.

LaTisha: But, I know how he approached me. I didn’t like his energy. I talked to him about it because I didn’t like it. And that’s why I’m talking to you as well.

Stormi: Keep talking to your husband.

LaTisha: I can talk to whoever was part of my event.

Stormi: Don’t do that to me.

LaTisha: If you can’t tell your friends how you feel about how they made you feel then…

Stormi: We’re not there yet.

LaTisha: If I spoke to your husband in a way and you didn’t like it…

Stormi: You ain’t crazy enough to do that though. That’s what that is.

LaTisha: See that’s what I’m saying. I don’t know why you’re doing that because you’re because you don’t know me like that either.

Stormi: Are you upset?


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  1. I think everyone is wrong in this situation. Marsau was wrong to be petty over $100. Stormi is wrong here bucking on LaTisha over $100. And LaTisha is wrong for not pushing back on Marsau enough when he told her he was going to get the money from Stormi. None of this should have happened.

    1. I agree with you. Stormy sits on ready. Tisha should check Maursau about confronting the ladies, There is not always a problem; some people over react. There is such a thing as: difference of opinion. Everyone has the right to voice theirs!!!!!!!

    2. Latisha acts like she is scared of Mausau…Stormi does not want to argue with a man, so she spoke to the wife about the situation. How can u ask someone to speak at your event & tell them to pay, that is petty, tacky & embarrassing. Latisha keep doing & listening to Mausau, she will b embarrassed every time, Melody was smart, pay me, she is right!!!

  2. I think Marsau was mostly to blame, neither one of these ladies seemed to know what Marsau had up his sleeve, he is money greedy and vindictive.

    1. AGREE AGREE AGREE Marsau is a piece of work. He think that he is charming and all of that. NEWS FLASH HE IS NOT ALL OF THAT 1st of all he is an unattractive man. There is a lot to be desired there
      and he is sneaky as a FOX. I would not trust him as far as I could throw him. Watching this fiasco, lets
      me know that Marsau and Tisha really do not know how to organize and put on a production.
      They are making my A?? tired

  3. Marsau and Martell are cut from the same petty NARCISSISTIC cloth, along with Tisha too. They start stuff or stuff come up in their up their head and they think everyone and everybody support follow them…H-ll NAW,/NO…it was not going to work with Mel work her products for Free, so Martell could see everything…just Tisha promoting her kids products, while Martell got that court order not to film the M&M, to stop SugaMom products
    You never win when you play Dirty

    1. AMEN, He’s left with no one to make himself look human. He showed the
      children more than Melody. He’s so jealous of his own children it’s really
      disgusting and pathetic. These arrogant, ignorant and narcissistic men
      knows no end. He’s broke but still trying to hurt Melody. He doesn’t think
      he’s hurt her enough, because she keeps raising like an Eagle..These dummies
      don’t listen well, she has God on her side and the truth..

  4. If I was Tisha I would have told my husband we can’t do that instead of saying you do it cause I’m not. It wasn’t discussed at the meeting about a fee so why do that. Now Tisha knew how it would have turned out by doing it that’s why she didn’t. You gotta check ya husband ijs.

  5. Stormi is mad at the wrong person. Stormi needs to tone it down because that’s why people call her ghetto. I’m glad she checked Marsau and should have left it at that. Latisha, maintain your composure like Kimmi. Let her talk over people. When Marsau asked for it, what is $100 to Stormi. I would’ve said, “ It’s inappropriate but if you all need $100, you can get it through my financial manager.” Now he would look shameful.

  6. Marsau was dead wrong but I’m starting to sense Stormi may be a lot like her mother and that isn’t a good thing. There was no reason for her to turn up on Latisha like this.

  7. Storminwas definitely in the wrong from da gate! He wouldn’t have approached her about $100 had she not set up all of her stuff taking up all of that room. They said a table, she had enough stuff for 4 booths! That’s why he approached her about $100 to start! She knew it should’ve known she was doing the most and taking advantage of the situation. She would’ve been even more mad, had they told her to take it down!

    1. They did not give her any instructions or pacific as to what each person was to do. They did not discuss $ with Stormi. They asked her late in the game. They don’t know how to set up or execute a problem.

  8. 1. Bad unorganized event.
    2. Everyone should have known their booth size BEFORE the event
    3. Speakers should have not had to pay.
    Tisha is scared of that man and Stormi. 🤣😂🤣

  9. Stormi is straight businessfied and was dead ass right in this situation. Set em straight Stormi…Tell the Scott’s “Aaahhttt Aaahhttt!!! with they petty asses. #LAMH

  10. Stormi’s response was valid. Marsau was wrong. Latisha should’ve stopped him from confronting Stormi, even if it was a simple , “Let me talk to her, because she wasn’t told that there was a fee.” It’s always something with them Scotts.

  11. Stormi was giving away products not selling. Maybe if they had explained the space limitation to all the participants Stormi would have set up differently,. Marsau and Tisha didnt want to pay anybody but then turn around and charged. Tisha called herself chastising Marsau for bringing up the fee to Stormi but then she turned around and tried to argue with Stormi about how she talked to Marsau. This is why he has such a narcissist attitude and thinks everybody needs to bow. Tisha can’t stay off her knees.

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