Stormi Steele Responds After LAMH Fan Asks Her to Check Mother for Anti Melody Shari Rant

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Melody Shari shared her thoughts about the recent episode of LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Melody Shari took to Twitter to give her thoughts about the latest episode. In the episode, there were some conversations that took place about Martell Holt‘s romance with Sheree Whitfield. Marsau Scott told LaTisha Scott that he truly believes the relationship is getting under Melody’s skin. And this is because Marsau sees the pairing as a form of “leveling up” for Martell. Marsau also thinks that it can’t be easy for Melody to see Martell move on with a star of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Regardless, Melody and her mother Miss Van think this mentality is nothing more than nonsense.

Melody also shared her thoughts regarding the scene of Destiny Payton playing Melody’s latest interview for Martell. The interviewer asked Melody about her thoughts on Sheree and Martell’s relationship. And Melody said that she didn’t see the big deal since she and Martell have been apart for years now. She also wanted to remind people that this isn’t the first time she’s seen Martell with another woman. He actually had a girlfriend while he was married to Melody. Plus, he later fathered a child with the woman before Melody filed for divorce. She had no idea a baby was on the way at that time. So Melody told the interviewer that she doubts that Martell has changed much.

Stormi Steele won’t be checking her mother.

While discussing the scene on Twitter, Melody questioned who recorded the conversation. Since Melody was also filmed having a conversation with Stormi Steele earlier in the episode, some LAMH fans thought that Melody’s tweet was referring to Stormi. So this resulted in Stormi’s mother Bettie Steele having some words for Melody on social media. She accused Melody of being a snake who didn’t even want Stormi on the show in the first place.

Stormi went on to say that her mother has always warned her about fake friends since she was a child. And oftentimes, her mother has been right in her assessments of her friends. But she was still hopeful that Bettie wasn’t right about Melody.

Melody would later clarify that she actually wasn’t referring to Stormi in a post via Instagram Story. However, it appears as if the damage has already been done. And “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans still have a lot to say about the comments Bettie made about Melody. And they are wondering if Stormi plans on telling her mom she was out of line.

One Instagram user wrote, “Stormi, please get your mom off social media bashing Mel. Mel has not said one negative word regarding either of you.”

In response, Stormi wrote, “She grown.. **** we don’t see eye to eye all the time. I can’t stop her from speaking.”


    1. Exactly. Smh. Well I guess she going to have to start making friends with the rest of the cast if she wants to stay on

  1. This show is giving me Married to Medicine dejavu. Mariah all over again. Mel pitched the idea to getting the show. She pulls them in. Once they’ve made it on camera, the ego outweighs the aforementioned and then they all leverage hateration to get her ousted.

    1. Girl I agree 1,000 percent same …., just another town I don’t watch M 2M much anymore
      since Mariah was taken off, She is the one who got it started. The others got the big head
      Dr. Jackie, Ms Quad, DR. Simone, and Toya in my opinion, turned oh Mariah, that’s just not
      cool to me. However I am glad to see Quad in a better place, and am proud of her accomplishments

  2. But she had so much to say about Teshia’s mother when she was running off at the mouth. response, Stormi wrote, “She grown. **** we don’t see eye to eye all the time. I can’t stop her from speaking. But you felt Teshia could control her mother better. Sound like double stands to me. Stromi I see got many faces like her teammates. Can’t you see who the main players are on this show. The honest people from day one

  3. Y’all do realize it’s a reality show! All of this is about ratings! I wish we could do a positive black show about everyone getting along and being successful!

    I don’t like watching reality shows where we are against each other! We as a people already can’t come together!

    I wish all of them the best! Life is too short to be anything but happy!!


  4. Is this another Ms Wanda? These women should be more like Ms Van and Ms. Marlene.
    They are as hungry as their daughters for some or any kinda fame. LORD LORD TO GOD BE THE GLORY

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