Ralph Pittman Checks Marlo Hampton After He is Mentioned During Argument with Drew Sidora

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Marlo Hampton and Drew Sidora have been struggling to move forward.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars Marlo Hampton and Drew Sidora aren’t on the best of terms currently. As we reported, Drew asked Kandi Burruss about her cousin being shot at her restaurant. However, Marlo didn’t like that Drew referred to the situation as an “incident” and not a shooting. When they had a one-on-one about this, Marlo became irritated by Drew’s explanation for her actions. In fact, Marlo strongly believes Kandi is given a lot of passes. And she doesn’t think Kandi likes sharing the downs of her personal life. Interestingly enough, Marlo and Drew haven’t been able to move on from this as of yet.

On the upcoming episode, Ralph Pittman ends up checking Marlo in a text message after he comes up during a recent argument Drew and Marlo had while they were in Portugal.

During the conversation, Drew asked Marlo if she pays taxes. In response, Marlo said that taxes are public information and that Drew should know this since Ralph works in the technology industry. And during another moment, Drew asked Marlo how she makes her money. Marlo answered she makes her money via technology, just like Ralph.

Ralph Pittman had some words for Marlo Hampton.

Apparently, Drew went back to Ralph to tell him about the heated moment. He then sent Marlo a text message telling her to keep his name out of her mouth.

He wrote, “Marlo, I understand you’re saying disrespectful things about me on this trip. I’m disappointed because I thought we were cool and I’ve been nothing but nice to you. I forgave you for the disrespectful things you said about me last year and now it’s getting old. Please keep my name out your mouth.”

When Marlo confronts Drew about the text, she says, “I should not probably have brought his name up. But I don’t feel that I said anything awful. You said where do I get my money from, I said the same place your husband do – technology.”

Kenya Moore then says, “That was being facetious.”

Marlo goes on to apologize, “I don’t really want to argue, I really don’t. I apologize to your husband. I’m not gonna text him because he’s a man. I’m gonna talk to his wife who delivered the message to him.”

And Drew isn’t quite ready to forgive, “Why is his name in your mouth?”

She continues, “I don’t think it’s fair to say negative things about my husband. And that’s a period.”


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  1. Marlo u need to stop apologizing to these people 🙄. Stand on what u say especially if u mean it. Drew, Kenya and Ralph are full of sh-t. Ralph is a sensitive BIRCH

    1. Thank you…everytime Drew open her mouth in terms of Marlo, a lie is coming out. Kenya…no hope and Monyetta (spelling) IS THE SNAKE!!! She is working hard for the Peach

  2. Marlo needs to be gone. It doesn’t matter whose man it is; she is going to be nasty and messy. Misery loves company. She went from a wh_te millionaire/billionaire to a young starter upper. He seems to be a nice guy but I would bet my life that he can’t handle Marlo. The first argument they have she’s going to call him all out of his name. She’s mentally ill, can’t speak understandable English and is jealous and miserable. Those girls gave her a go and she has slashed all of them except for the two who’s names I can’t remember. She just stepped on Sanya toes. So, now she got a taste of her nastiness. It’s only a matter of time. It could be God and her emotions will let go on him/her.

    Bye Felecia, Marlooow! I’m not fond of Ralph but I’ll take him over Marlo any day.

    Good Riddance!

  3. There was not a single reason for bringing him into this situation or any other situation that the ladies have, any of the men. They need to learn how to focus on the person their issues are with not everyone else.

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