LAMH Recap: KeKe is the Talk of the Town + Martell Blames Chris for His Real Estate Woes

LAMH season 16 episode 6 Keke
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Allegations have a lot of people talking about KeKe.

The midseason premiere begins with the news story playing back that featured a woman allegedly committing theft at a Home Depot store with their child. Some cast members think the woman looks like Keke.

As this happens, Melody gets to be the first one on the cast to see Tiffany and Louis’ baby at their home. When Melody stops by, Tiffany expresses her displeasure with Keke getting caught up in this controversy. She says “This is not real,” when she sees the woman in the news story. She felt it was Keke when she saw the image of the woman and the car they drove.

Tiffany feels this isn’t a good look for any of their brands. However, Melody says Keke hasn’t been arrested and she’s innocent until proven guilty.

Despite this, Tiffany isn’t changing her stance.

Courtney confronts Marsau.

Later on, Courtney stops by Blaque for a talk with Marsau about the expo and the $100 situation. Marsau says the booth fee was posted to the website. But this isn’t acceptable to Courtney. He also confronts Marsau about getting in women’s business.

Marsau and Courtney have a tense back and forth with Marsau responding, coming for his haircare business. Marsau thinks it’s hypocritical for Courtney to tell him to stay out of women’s business when he runs a hair care brand for women. This angers Courtney and he walks out, leaving a $100 tip to spite Marsau.

The next day, Kimmi stops by LaTisha’s new apartment. LaTisha and Marsau moved into their new place as their permanent home is under construction.

Kimmi lets LaTisha know all cancer treatment ended. They recap the drama they had with Stormi and Tiffany. LaTisha’s frustrated with the both of them, explaining why Tiffany wasn’t part of the event.

Next, they talk about the Keke rumors. LaTisha says she’s concerned. She’s worried that Keke may be back on drugs. She is likely also not attending Tiffany’s baby reveal.

Martell needs to find a new rental home ASAP.

Meanwhile, Chris Fletcher stops by the home he’s selling to see Martell. Martell’s not happy with Chris selling his current residence. His future is still under construction. On the other hand, Chris is frustrated with the subpoena in the ongoing court case with Martell and Melody. He doesn’t want to pick a side.

They discuss the 30-day notice for moving out. Chris feels Martell is taking advantage of their friendship by staying in the house past the 30-day notice. The owners aren’t going to give him a 90-day extension. At most, Chris can give him a two-week extension.

On a bike trail in Huntsville, Kimmi and Maurice are enjoying a thrilling bike ride. Kimmi enjoys the exercise as it helps her recover from the cancer treatment. During their ride, they stop and talk about what happened at the expo. Maurice mentions they paid the expo fee and Kimmi reveals about half of the vendors got in free. This shocks Maurice.

They then talk about her lack of desire for intimacy. The treatment took a toll. They begin to have a tense discussion when Maurice says that it’s all mental. Kimmi says him saying that isn’t going to help their situation.

Melody supports Keke.

The next day, Courtney and Stormi are at their Canvas Beauty warehouse. As they’re working, Courtney lets Stormi know he confronted Marsau, which surprises Stormi. Stormi thought Courtney wasn’t upset. Courtney says he didn’t want anyone confronting his wife.

Stormi thought it was about supporting the community. But the drama left a sour taste in her mouth. She recaps the argument she had with LaTisha about what happened. Lastly, she reveals Tiffany asked her to help her plan her baby reveal party.

Lastly, Melody stops by Keke’s to check in on her in light of the rumors. Keke reveals she got out of the hospital with a pain in her upper back. Despite this, things were looking up for Keke. After presenting a “Push through” tee, Melody brings up the Crime Stoppers news article. She says people sent her the news report and Tiffany said the allegations were not good for the show. 

The episode ends before Keke can respond but producers reveal no charges were filed against KeKe at the time of filming.

What are your thoughts about the episode?


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  1. Tiff’s son is gorgeous!
    Keke’s elevator is stuck between floors or she’s just coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.
    Martell is just dumb. Month-to-month is borrowed time. He’s literally a squatter that’s paying rent. Chris helped him find this house but the owners want to sell it so Marty gotta go. I couldn’t believe he was trying to use the ‘friend’ card.

    1. Martell is a hot mess. He is a user. He shouldn’t be putting his “ friend in this situation. You’re a grown ass man, find your own place to live. You put yourself and children in this mess. Don’t bring your kids up for sympathy. Martell is totally lost without Mel. That’s why he wants full custody so he can get child support from Mel. Once again, he’s a hot mess. I’m glad Courtney told marsau about himself. Marsau is just an asshole. I have a feeling he isn’t going to say anything else to Courtney’s wife.

  2. I fully agree. Martell is supposed to be in real estate, so now Chris is supposed to let you keep renting when he said last season the house sold? See he was too busy trying to be in Sheree house and face, when he knew he needed to find a home for him and his five kids. Marsau is a jack@##. He is making fun of Courtney for selling women/skin care but he and wifey have been in the game. Peep this, they don’t move every season either. If you are a multi millionaire Marsau, why do you move every season and why rent a 3/2 apartment? Keke is another story by herself.

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