LAMH Recap: KeKe is the Talk of the Town + Martell Blames Chris for His Real Estate Woes

LAMH season 6 episode 16
Photo Credit: OWN

The midseason premiere of “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” is here, and the premiere immediately touches on Keke’s controversy.

Everyone is shown the news report of a woman they think looks like Keke allegedly shoplifting with her son. Keke denies it’s her and reveals she’s been in the hospital. However, her cousin LaTisha isn’t so sure.

Meanwhile, Tiffany is disappointed. In fact, she feels the allegations are bad for the brands of the LAMH cast. Despite this, Melody’s in KeKe’s corner and feels “she’s innocent until proven guilty.”

Martell’s also in a bit of a bind on his own. Chris Fletcher and Martell’s landlord sold the house he’s renting, and Martell needs to be out of the house ASAP. It’s just that Martell’s frustrated with Chris for not pushing for an extension to keep him in the house for a few more months.

Lastly, Courtney confronts Marsau, and Kimmi and Maurice speak about her deceased desire in the bedroom. Maurice frustrates Kimmi when he tells her that it’s all mental.

Here’s the recap for, “Innocent Until Proven Keke.”

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  1. Tiff’s son is gorgeous!
    Keke’s elevator is stuck between floors or she’s just coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.
    Martell is just dumb. Month-to-month is borrowed time. He’s literally a squatter that’s paying rent. Chris helped him find this house but the owners want to sell it so Marty gotta go. I couldn’t believe he was trying to use the ‘friend’ card.

    1. Martell is a hot mess. He is a user. He shouldn’t be putting his “ friend in this situation. You’re a grown ass man, find your own place to live. You put yourself and children in this mess. Don’t bring your kids up for sympathy. Martell is totally lost without Mel. That’s why he wants full custody so he can get child support from Mel. Once again, he’s a hot mess. I’m glad Courtney told marsau about himself. Marsau is just an asshole. I have a feeling he isn’t going to say anything else to Courtney’s wife.

  2. I fully agree. Martell is supposed to be in real estate, so now Chris is supposed to let you keep renting when he said last season the house sold? See he was too busy trying to be in Sheree house and face, when he knew he needed to find a home for him and his five kids. Marsau is a jack@##. He is making fun of Courtney for selling women/skin care but he and wifey have been in the game. Peep this, they don’t move every season either. If you are a multi millionaire Marsau, why do you move every season and why rent a 3/2 apartment? Keke is another story by herself.

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