Sukihana & Deelishis Have a Messy Exchange on Social Media

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Sukihana has been frustrated with people not supporting her attempt at a new image.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” star Sukihana has been working on changing her image. On the current season, she said she was getting tired of only being known for her raunchy and in-your-face songs. She wanted to be classy. And she was showing her new side by incorporating African beats in her latest track, ” Casamigos.” So she didn’t like it when people would bring up the old her in interviews. Interestingly enough, Bobby Lytes rubbed Sukihana the wrong way too when he made it clear he doubts she actually changed. In fact, he said it seems like Sukihana is an insecure person.

Sukihana and Bobby exchanged some words during the LHHMIA scene. However, Bobby wasn’t the only one Sukihana clashed with. On a recent episode, Sukihana also got into it with Momma Dee. Momma Dee was critical of Sukihana during an interview. She said Sukihana is fat, nasty, and doesn’t carry herself the way a Black woman should.

Deelishis and Sukihana had a shady Instagram exchange.

When Sukihana confronted Momma Dee at Shay Johnson’s event, Momma Dee ended up throwing some condoms in Sukihana’s direction. Security was able to prevent any violence. While they were restrained, Sukihana accused Momma Dee of hypocrisy. She doesn’t think Momma Dee’s past as a pimp gives her any room to criticize anyone else’s life choices.

Well, Sukihana called out what she felt was hypocrisy again recently on social media. Apparently, some people had something to say about her red carpet appearance at the VMAs. She got on the ground and twerked with her tongue out at one point.

Reality star and “Flavor of Love” personality Deelishis didn’t think this was a sanitary thing for Sukihana to be doing at an awards show. On Instagram, she wrote, “Too many outdoor shoes been on the carpet buttercup 😮😷.”

After Sukihana caught wind of the comment, she responded, “@iamsodeelishis Girl you was sleeping with Flavor Flav you ain’t scared of nothing.”

Check out the screenshots and video here.


  1. She is trying to go for a classier, better image that was it. That was about as low as she could get in a public forum. Girl, keep trying.

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