LHHMIA Recap: Sukihana & Bobby Make Peace + Shay Calls Out Momma Dee

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On the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Miami,” Shay can barely wrap her mind around the madness that unfolded at her daughter’s birthday party. She is disappointed Fabo spoke aggressively to her mother Sandra and Emjay.  And she realizes they won’t be able to move forward until Fabo apologizes for his actions. 

Shay also has a bone to pick with Momma Dee. She firmly believes Momma Dee is meddling in her relationship because she wants Shay to reconcile with Scrappy. Not trusting of anyone’s intentions, Shay tells Momma Dee she is no longer her daughter’s glam mother. Regardless, Momma Dee and Sandra warn Shay that things with Fabo may blow up in her face sooner rather than later. 

Bobby and Sukihana are able to hash out their issues when they both realize they just want respect as music artists. While the peaceful moment is good for the group, another feud is on the rise. Miami Tip accused Eliza of trapping Future. 

Here’s a recap for, “Mean Girls.”

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  1. Momma Dee being messy as usual. I would be focused on getting my animal instead of causing an issue with my mom. Shay you might regret being so easy on Fabo but we’ll see

    1. Cute? The same man who disrespected that lady’s mother and brother and doesn’t care about her dog? Ain’t nothing attractive about that man. He is not a catch for you to be degrading Shay over. Do better.

    2. I swear some of you will look at a trash can and think it’s dating/father material smh. Shay is the one who settled and can do so much better.

  2. Fabo comes across as arrogant, & rude he needs to bring it down a thousand! Shay: there’s no justification for Fabo being disrespectful to your Mom, stop excusing him! Zoey Brinx needs to recognize who she’s butting heads with before her career gets destroyed before it gets started. And who told her she was BIG enough [LOL] to go up against Trina or Joy, pump your brakes girl you’re an Unknown! You need to apologize Ms. Rudeness!!

  3. I know think he disrespect her mother to the point that he can’t apologize to her. Her mother took the wrong day to ask about the dog 🐕. Her mom and brother were upset because he was late. There’s a time and place for everything. But Momma Dee was out of place to tell Shay man anything.

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