Shay Johnson’s Boo Fabo Disrespects Her Mother, Again

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Shay Johnson’s boo Fabo hasn’t been getting along with her mother.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” star Shay Johnson wasn’t in any rush to confirm the identity of her daughter’s father. In fact, Momma Dee had a lot of people speculating that the father could actually be Scrappy. However, Bambi and Shay denied this. On the current season, Shay has been more open about her personal life. She confirmed she’s been in an on-and-off relationship with Fabo, her child’s father. Their relationship has its issues. However, their biggest issue right now is that Fabo isn’t on the best terms with her mother Sandra. In fact, Sandra agreed to keep Shay’s dog during her pregnancy. She attempted to return the dog. However, Fabo has been firmly against taking the pet back.

Sandra tried to talk to Fabo about all of this at the party Shay threw for their daughter. However, it didn’t take long for the conversation to go left. Fabo wasn’t exactly polite and even used profanity. At one point, he told Sandra, “**** that dog.” He went on to say that the dog never needs to come back and Sandra can put it in a shelter.

Shay’s brother Emjay was not feeling the tone Fabo had with Sandra. So this resulted in them also having a heated moment. And Shay knew immediately that she had to push Fabo to make things right with Sandra. So she told him to have a one-on-one with Sandra to apologize. Fabo said he was fine with this.

The drama continues on the next episode of LHHMIA.

Well, it seems as if things may not improve on the upcoming episode of “Love And Hip Hop Miami.”

In a trailer, Sandra attempts to speak her piece to Fabo but he keeps correcting her on how to pronounce his name.

When she becomes frustrated by this, she says, “Do you wanna talk to me or do you just wanna sit right here and disrespect me?”

Fabo eventually says, “Am I stuttering or you can’t hear?”

Another tense moment in the video takes place between Amara La Negra and Safaree Samuels. Safaree has a conversation with Ray J that makes him insecure about her trip to The Dominican Republic. Ray J seemingly suggests Amara could be going there to hook up with the twins’ father Allan Mueses. So when Amara and Safaree argue in a later scene, the gloves are off. And Safaree claims he made Amara more relevant before she throws her drink at him.


  1. Shay is being disrespected and abused and she’s just not telling it. Anytime a so called Man is comfortable disrespecting a Mother He’s not worth the air he breathes

    1. I agree with you 💯. Why should your family have to come to your rescue for a man that you should have been left alone. Some couples just doesn’t belong together. I am talking about Amara and Safaree.

  2. If shay doesn’t see that this dude is totally DISRESPECTFUL and naraccistic something is DEFINITELY wrong with her, there’s no way I’d continuesly disrespect my MOTHER HE’S only relevant because she’s brought him into the mix, shay baby run and fast, he clearly has no respect for you nor your MOTHER, nor anything/ anyone around you nor him, and he’s definitely going to get worse, you and him just need to co-parent and that’s totally it, he’s definitely going to DESTROY your career and everything your working on and for, your definitely sleeping with the ENEMY AND DON’T EVEN KNOW IT, IR MAYBE YOU DO, BUT SHAY, RUN

  3. I will never understand why black women have children with men like this. This man has red flags everywhere. And the way he disregarded that dog’s life was disgusting.

  4. Unfortunately Shay and Amara have to heal. It takes time to become UNATTRACTED to familiar spirits. Ladies, let’s start standing on our morals and standards. Stop proving your worth and start loving you! Makes a big difference. ( of course this is scripted tv, lol).

  5. Women in general seem to have extremely low self esteem! As a Woman I notice this!
    Don’t matter the race Women just have zero self esteem. 🫢

    1. True but statistically, black women are settling for trash men more than other races. Just look at the stats. That is why we are the least married. And on average become single mothers more than most. We are also victims of domestic violence at higher rates. There are a lot of issues with black men but too many black women feel the need to fault the women and put on capes. Most black women are pick me’s so that doesn’t help the issue.

        1. Stats overwhelmingly show that black women are single mothers more so than any other race. Black men make up the majority of the prison population and marry less than any other group of men. I’m not sure why you’re trying to argue against this.

  6. Shay should have learned her lesson from Scrappy. She’s so desperate to have a man that she settled for one who doesn’t respect anyone, not her and definitely not her mother and family members. One of the best things a woman can do is learn how to enjoy being alone. That way you resist the urge to settle for losers like this man here.

  7. Both Shay and Amara needs counseling. They are attracted to drama. Safari nor whatever his name is are right for either of them. They are totally disrespectful, toxic and don’t have a clue on a loving relationship. Both of them are looking for love in the wrong people. I’m going to pray they get some help.

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