Bambi Says Scrappy Didn’t Impregnate Shay Johnson + Momma Dee & Shay Respond

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Momma Dee has been slamming Bambi on social media.

Momma Dee isn’t on good terms with Bambi and Scrappy. In fact, the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star has accused Bambi of ruining her relationship with Scrappy. And Momma Dee alleged that Bambi is jealous of her relationship with Shay Johnson. Momma Dee was very involved in Shay’s pregnancy. She even claimed she is the child’s glam mother. So some LHHATL fans began to call out Momma Dee for her posts. They told her she was being messy and disrespectful to her son’s marriage. However, Momma Dee strongly disagreed. She told her critics she has a right to continue her friendship with Shay.

At this point, Momma Dee doesn’t care who is offended by the friendship.

Well, people had a lot to say about the recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Miami.” On the episode, Shay revealed her pregnancy at an event for friends and family. But she wouldn’t yet reveal the identity of the child’s father. Momma Dee then said that Scrappy could be the child’s father. And she claimed that Shay and Scrappy recently spent some time together several months prior.

Bambi addressed the comments made on the latest episode. And not too long after, Shay and Momma Dee seemingly responded.

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  1. The gaslighting is annoying. Shay and Momma Dee are being very thirsty and messy but they want it to look like Bambi is the problem.

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