Vanessa Rider is Still Denying Evelyn Lozada Has Co-Parenting Relationship with Friend

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Evelyn Lozada and Vanessa Rider have been clashing on BBWLA.

Basketball Wives” fans have a lot to say about the new season already due to the feud between Evelyn Lozada and newbie Vanessa Rider. Before Vanessa met Evelyn, she had some messy things to say about her to Jackie Christie and Jennifer Williams. She told them she is friends with Carl Crawford’s first baby momma, Amy Freeman. So she can’t be cool with Evelyn because Amy and Evelyn were dealing with Carl at the same time. Vanessa believes that Evelyn knew about Amy but made her move anyway. However, Evelyn said this isn’t what happened. She alleged that Carl lied to her and Amy. So Evelyn and Amy were dating him at the same time before they found out about one another.

Regardless, the situation happened ten years ago. Since then, Evelyn and Amy have formed a great relationship. In fact, oftentimes Amy and Evelyn will watch each other’s kids. So Evelyn doesn’t understand why Vanessa came on the show with an issue. On the recent episode, she accused Vanessa of instigating an argument between Carl and Amy because of her actions. Regardless, Vanessa was not receptive to any of this. She proceeded to call Evelyn a “homewrecker.” Then she told Evelyn to stop calling Amy. In response, Evelyn snapped. She told Vanessa that her son was spending ten days with Amy. So she’ll call when she pleases. After Evelyn stormed off, Brooke Bailey proceeded to check Vanessa. She said she believes Vanessa is miserable and projecting her marriage issues onto Evelyn.

Vanessa Rider still doesn’t think Evelyn Lozada has a “co-parenting” relationship with Amy Freeman despite them watching each other’s kids often.

As we reported, Vanessa’s husband, Isaiah Rider, cheated on her during the height of the pandemic. In response, she has installed security cameras everywhere and bugged his car. She told her sister she had to do this to make sure he doesn’t cheat again.

Well, Vanessa still had more to say on X. She posted, “Girl stop! Co-parenting is between the ‘Mom and Dad,’ which makes you a #homewrecker #ownit #basketballwives #5leagueevelyn.”

She continued, “Stop calling my friend Amy, y’all ain’t co-parents 😂. The truth is I can have my own opinion and stick up for my family! #basketballwives #accountability”


  1. I’m at the point where I understand a lot of people want to be dumb and misunderstand on purpose because they’re too immature to admit they were wrong. I wonder what Vanessa’s husband really thinks of her. It’s odd he isn’t telling her how ridiculous she looks on this show. That is not how a man usually operates when he loves a woman. Interesting.

    1. She better be careful with that Mouth.. wherever she came from she needs to Ease On Down The Road 🙄

  2. Why are we doing the same thing with Evelyn after all these years. Nothing has changed with her behavior such as cussing and acting a fool. We should all grow up over time but Evelyn is back with the same thing she was doing almost 10+ years ago. SMH

    1. Why is Evelyn an issue when she was literally chill before they came to her about Vanessa’s comments. If you don’t like Evelyn, say that, but to act as if she came out of left field and started ranting and raving at Vanessa is wrong. Vanessa was talking about a situation of which she obviously was not a part. I honestlty don’t understand how she holds Amy so close to the chest but knew nothing about her current relationship with Evelyn. Screams fake storyline.

  3. Amy and Carl were never married. This man has multiple kids with multiple women if I’m not mistaken. It’s a blended family situation that only works if all the adults are involved and lean on each other. That is coparenting. If Amy and Evelyn are telling her they’re good, she should mind her business. She’s not acting like a real friend. Real friends don’t cause problems in their friend’s life when there aren’t any.

    1. You are mistaken. He has 3 children by 2 women.

      He has Justin and Ari by Amy Freeman
      Carl Jr by Evelyn

      Ari was 8 months old when her brother Carl was born

      That is why Evelyn has been referred to as a home wrecker where the Carl relationship stood

      1. Nah, you’re mistaken. Carl does have multiple kids with multiple women and arrest records. He was even arrested for trying to choke Amy. Not to mention he cheated on her with multiple people. He clearly has major character issues since he had no problem being violent to Amy. He’s currently bullying and harassing Meg Thee Stallion right now as we speak. Why is it hard to believe a man like that lied and screwed Evelyn and Amy at the same time without them knowing? Why do y’all always have more smoke for women who were possibly lied to but none for these a-shole men who cheat and abuse women? Carl is the home wrecker. You and Vanessa need to grow up Suga.

  4. Vanessa is obviously a fan of the show because all she does is repeat the same corny talking points I’ve seen on Twitter. She’s a mess and someone else should have been hired instead. Evelyn needs witty girls to go back and forth with. This ain’t it.

  5. Another miserable woman who will always have more smoke for women and not the lying a-s men causing the mess. I can’t stand pick me’s. They have rocks for brains.


  7. Please get rid of Vanessa, she’s not understanding anything and standing on old news. She should have an conversation with her friend who should tell her to stop causing trouble.

  8. Vanessa is a non factor. She is going after Evelyn for attention. Brooke is right. Work on your cheating husband. Vanessa is a non mother f-cking factor.

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