‘Basketball Wives’ Newbie Vanessa Rider Denies Using Evelyn Lozada for a Storyline

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BBWLA newbie Vanessa Rider has rubbed Evelyn Lozada the wrong way.

Evelyn Lozada has returned to “Basketball Wives” for the current season. Since her previous departure was due to her controversial feud with OG, Evelyn made it clear that she was hoping to avoid having any issues with her costars. She figured her biggest challenge would be with Jennifer Williams. Jennifer and Evelyn’s last major fallout was in response to alleged comments that Jennifer made about Shaniece Hairston. Jennifer denied making the comments while she and Evelyn’s friendship was on the outs. However, Evelyn doesn’t trust that Jennifer is telling the truth. So their relationship took a break while Evelyn was not on the show.

Jennifer and Evelyn will eventually sort out their issues in upcoming episodes. On the season premiere, they admitted they didn’t see the need to hold on to a grudge when it comes to each other. And they wanted to move forward and at least be able to be cordial. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t seem as if Evelyn will be cordial with newbie Vanessa Rider anytime soon.

Vanessa told Jackie Christie and Jennifer she had some things to sort out with Evelyn. Apparently, she is friends with Carl Crawford’s first baby momma Amy Freeman. So she accused Evelyn of knowingly getting with Carl while Amy was pregnant.

Vanessa Rider had something to say amid criticism from BBWLA fans.

When Evelyn confronted Vanessa about all of this, Vanessa said she didn’t care for “homewreckers.” So she wasn’t going to be able to be around Evelyn until the situation was addressed. Evelyn said Vanessa was being ridiculous since she and Amy have been on great terms for years. And they have an amazing co-parenting relationship.

Evelyn also denied homewrecking Carl and Amy’s situation. She went on to allege that the issue was Carl wasn’t honest with her back then. But it’s all water under the bridge now because everyone gets along well in the present. The situation happened a decade ago. So in Evelyn’s opinion, Vanessa is trying too hard and she embarrassed herself on television.

Interestingly enough, some fans are already being critical of Vanessa’s actions on social media. They believe she is using Evelyn for a storyline. And she possibly came on the show to go after Evelyn.

Vanessa responded to the speculation and assumptions on X.

She wrote, “I was contacted in February and relocated to LA in May and started filming in May. My storyline is about expanding my Gym to LA. No one told me that Evelyn was even coming back, it was revealed to me during filming. I never mentioned Evelyn to any casting or producers.”


  1. Vanessa gives me pick me vibes. That story she told about her husband cheating on her during the pandemic was very embarrassing.

    1. I know right she was all over the place,and the checking the ball’s thing was ridiculous I wouldn’t have told nobody that.

  2. Vanessa’s problem with Evelyn is stupid and not her business. The people involved have already solved it and and are getting along. She’s looking like she doesn’t have a story line and looking for one using Evelyn. If she has a storyline stick with it and leave Evelyn alone, please. You don’t want to be on her bad side.

  3. Why is Evelyn even back. She is a bully and used racial slurs against two past houseguests. She called OG a monkey and CeCe ling something. There is no excuse for bringing someone like that back. But she is Shaunie’s friend and neither cared about OG or CeCe. In fact they bullied CeCe, helped to break up the family relationship between CeCe’s husband and daughter in law who was stupid to follow Shaunie’s lead. They isolated OG because she stood up to them and would not allow them to bully or assault CeCe (which OG helped to prevent. Remember Evelyn running to attack CeCe and ended up falling into the bushes. And they called OG violent when Evelyn was the one who was violent. It’s just wrong to bring her back. Evelyn seems to be good going after other’s men. Don’t forget Tami’s having to put Evelyn in check after learning that she has messed with her ex. I am glad someone is there to stand up to Evelyn who should not even be back. OG was the one who should be on the show.

    1. OG back on the show? The devil is a lie! I can’t see that even with coke bottle glasses. You need to really move on from your Evelyn bashing. It’s tired and old. I’ve said and done plenty things in the past that I’m still coming to grips with. How about you? And my life is real! Why don’t you just watch this hot-mess show and take it for what it truly is: mediocre entertainment.

    2. Tami didn’t check anyone. Secondly it isn’t Vanessa business she needs to go after the woman her man cheated with. If Amy and Evelyn are good go ahead on. OG threaten to break feby neck but I guess that’s okay. She stayed threatening people but then played the victim. She was already unhappy with herself because she wanted that man to commit to her and because what she went through in the past

  4. Vanessa is DESPERATE for camera time first Evelyn then Jennifer boyfriend…..gurrrl u just got here your doing the most….giving DESPERATE HOUSEWIFE VIBES…oh and of all people you pick Evelyn to come for you done F***** UP sis😅😅😅

    1. That’s true! I laughed because she really call Evelyn, out (Basketball, Football, Baseball) she ran out wasn’t able to get in on Soccer, Hockey etc…….let’s be real All Of These Ladies Are On These Reality Shows because of the Men’s they been with, married to or have a child with.

  5. I hope she don’t stay long evelyn and Shaunie you didn’t want OG back but you that trick back,OG should be there

  6. STOP HATING ON EVELYN..This Vanessa has Tooo Much Mouth that’s the problem these women need to Stay In Their Lanes.. Evelyn said their all together with the situation and there’s no problem and if Vanessa is family to this girl she knows that..she came in to Start Mess..she needs to leave the NEEDLES ALONE she looks 100 years old 🙄

  7. Evelyn is a Trashy, mean spirited Racist. And she should’ve beeeern fired bit to reward her by allowing her to return to the show, is beyond WEIRD. Shaunie you need a “reality” check. Evelyn you need to be fired. Period.

  8. This Vanessa woman is thirsty as h-ll and looking for a story line. Get her a-s off the show quick fast and in a hurry! She’s just as bad as OG’s dumb a-s trying to pitch colorism. Your reaching sis and grabbing nothing but thin air move on Desperate Housewife!!

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