Wendy Osefo & Nneka Ihim’s Tension Officially Begins on ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’

Wendy Osefo RHOP Season 8
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Nneka Ihim and Wendy Osefo were doomed to have issues thanks to Ashley Darby.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Wendy Osefo recently opened up about her drama with newbie Nneka Ihim during a recent interview. As we reported, Nneka and Wendy got off to a rough start thanks to Ashley Darby. During a recent episode, Ashley misconstrued some of Nneka’s words while she was attempting to relay information back to Wendy. She said Nneka brought up an article to her that alleged Wendy’s family is Osu. And they are looked at as outcasts. Ashley also told Wendy that Nneka shaded her PhD. In reality, Ashley was the one who brought up the Osu allegations. Nneka only said that it is true that the Osu are treated like outcasts. But she had no idea if Wendy’s family was Osu or not.

When it comes to Wendy’s PhD, Nneka only acquired what Wendy studied. She then repeated that Wendy is a doctor of philosophy after Ashley confirmed Wendy’s educational background.

After Ashley realized she may have caused some drama between Wendy and Nneka, she clarified what was actually said. And she apologized for getting things mixed up. She said she had too many drinks. Interestingly enough, Candiace Dillard Bassett believes Ashley’s actions were intentional. Well, tension will play out between Nneka and Wendy for the first time on the next episode.

During the latest episode, Nneka said she heard that Wendy was accusing her of using her name to get into the group. And it was alleged Wendy’s mother told people she was going to handle Nneka with a shrine.

The tension between Wendy Osefo and Nneka Ihim worsens amid rumors.

When Wendy was asked about this not too long ago, she said she was disappointed because Nneka was displaying xenophobia when she should know better as a fellow Nigerian-American.

In a preview, Karen Huger invites all the ladies and their husbands to a get-together. But when she tries to push everyone to put everything out on the table, Juan Dixon excuses himself.

Nneka then says to Ashley, “A message between us got lost.”

Ashley tells Wendy, “Nneka brought up that a conversation she and I had had. And I delivered the message wrong to you. And I told her that I told you the wrong thing.”

Nneka responds, “And I appreciate that.”

Candiace asks both ladies if they are good now that things have been clarified.

Nneka answers, “I don’t know her to have a problem with her.”

Wendy says, “Like I don’t know her…to have a problem with her.” This seemingly annoys Nneka, “Didn’t I just say that? So you’re repeating what I’m saying. Okay.”

Regardless, Wendy reiterates she doesn’t know Nneka.

“I’m not repeating what you’re saying. I don’t know you, that’s a fact.”

Nneka goes on to say that she heard that Wendy has a problem with her.

“But I did hear you have a problem with me, so…”

Wendy feels this is absurd, “What?! So how do I have a problem with you if I don’t know you?”


  1. Nneka is really pushing for an issue with Wendy. Ashley admitted to fast that she deliverd incorrect informatiom, squashing that attempt. Nneka has been to one spreading rumors by herself that Wendy has an issue with her but it seems she has the issue.
    Juan showed up for a group event and has been filming with Robyn to cancel their relationship drama.

  2. I believe there is some credibility to the rumors of Wendy being from a lower caste, I.e. Osu. She is constantly touting her degrees and has tries way to hard to overcompensate for something. Also, her husbands family distanced themselves from their son when he got married to her. That tends to happen when a family believes their son married wrong/down.

    1. If Wendy and her family were Osu, other Nigerians wouldn’t be coming anywhere near her family or coming to their events. But seeing as they do, Osu they are not. Also, everyone on RHOP brags about something. I mean Nneka just got here and she’s already been bragging about being born into money and owning multiple homes. Why are the others allowed to brag but Wendy can’t brag about her degrees? Let’s keep the same energy for everyone. This is Real Housewives. Bragging is fine.

  3. I don’t always agree with Wendy, but I’m definitely going to side eye the character of someone who is quick to turn their back on their own culture/people for gain. Nneka is certainly not winning me over perpetuating ignorant stereotypes about Nigerians. Then to have this conversation with Ashley out of all people, yeah, I’m not a fan so far. The optics are terrible.

  4. Look Ashley brought her on the show to create mess.
    Ashley claim to fame is sleeping with a bi sexual White man. She is total trash.

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