Stormi Steele Checks Marsau Scott At LaTisha Scott’s Expense

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Marsau Scott and Stormi Steele have been bumping heads on LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Stormi Steele and Marsau Scott have been clashing a lot this season. They initially bumped heads because Marsau and LaTisha Scott asked Stormi to participate in their Blaque Business Expo. Melody Shari had just confirmed she would not be on the panel. So Marsau and LaTisha figured that Stormi would be a good replacement. However, the couple forgot to tell Stormi she needed to pay a booth rental fee. Although LaTisha told Marsau to let it go, he asked Stormi for the money the day of the event. Stormi didn’t like this at all. She refused to pay out of principle.

As their tension lingered, Stormi called Marsau a *****. She accused him of acting catty towards women. To no surprise, Marsau and LaTisha saw this as disrespectful. Marsau attempted to get even when Courtney Beasley came around. He called Courtney “Courtney Steele.”

Marsau told LaTisha that he doesn’t want to be around Stormi moving forward. He doesn’t think it’s cool that she said he acts like a *****. Interestingly enough, both couples will meet up on the upcoming episode. During a preview, Stormi attempts to explain why she called Marsau a *****.

She says, “Granted the word ***** is disrespectful, right? However, you feel like in order to retaliate or get your lick back against me and going toward Courtney, technically that ain’t no **** a man would do. That’s some **** a ***** would do.”

Stormi continues, “So that’s why I called you a *****. A man would have been like Courtney get your ************* wife.”

Stormi Steele goes there.

Marsau is over it, “Again, even after our conversation about the *****, you still choose to use that term.”

LaTisha interjects, “Why can’t we give up on this word?”

Stormi responds, “I’m just trying to get to the bottom of it. I’m not calling you a *****. Not right now.”

Marsau then says he’s just going to ignore Stormi, “Well I feel like you did. I’m gonna learn to ignore what you say.”

She quips, “No, you ain’t gotta ignore me. That’s disrespectful. That’s why she got a drink thrown in her face.”


  1. If you call my man a bitch, I will drag you ! BUT then again, my man is not a Bitch. Marsau behaves like a bitch but that doesn’t make Stormi right.

    On the flip side, LaTisha is not holding her accountable so why should we care?

  2. Of course Stormi is out of line, Tisha should have been checked her & I think it’s petty of her husband not to correct her. She’s foul with no class.

  3. In Stormi’s defense, it was bad business to ask her for a fee at the Expo along with anyone else. It was already bad that they weren’t paying the speakers.
    Back to Marsau being/acting like a *****…he mos def has been by confronting the ladies on the show. He’s manipulative with his wife. He knows how to word things with her so she’ll back down so he’s attempting to do the same thing with Stormi and she has shut him down with/out Courtney. She told him of course she should. Courtney had the verbage too but Marsau tried to jab back about selling hair products…that’s all he had.
    Courtney wasn’t going to volley with Marsau he didn’t have to because it was stupid.
    Marsau needs to focus on some legal stuff he’s involved in and building houses.

  4. All the times Marsau has attacked women and no one has checked him, and when a woman finally stands up to him, she gets put down for it, I am not a big fan of Stormi, but I am going to go along with her on this.

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