Stormi Steele Tells Marsau Scott He Acts Like a B-Word + He Agrees

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Marsau Scott will continue to frustrate Stormi Steele during the next episode of LAMH.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Marsau Scott is having an eventful season. Marsau and LaTisha Scott originally wanted Melody Shari and the rest of the Comeback Group to speak on the panel for their black business expo. However, Melody ultimately decided not to do so when Marsau said no one would be paid to speak. LaTisha and Marsau then replaced Melody with Stormi Steele. On the day of the event, Marsau found out Stormi did not pay the $100 booth fee. Although LaTisha advised him to let it go because no one told Stormi about it, Marsau confronted her anyway. Stormi hasn’t been a fan of Marsau since.

On the recent episode, Melody clashed with Marsau as well. She didn’t appreciate the shade Marsau threw at her business acumen. He told the Fletchers that Melody didn’t need to be paid to speak. In his opinion, all she really does is sell t-shirts. So Melody didn’t mind returning a jab when Marsau threw her one first. Melody and Stormi are on the same page when it comes to being annoyed by Marsau. And Melody surely didn’t disagree when Stormi told Latisha her husband has been acting “like a woman.” This is something Stormi says in front of Marsau in the upcoming episode.

Marsau Scott agrees with Stormi Steele’s label for him.

In the trailer, the cast seemingly has that town hall meeting Kimmi Scott suggested. She figured this would be the best way for people to air their complaints about the expo.

Marsau tells the group, “I don’t care what y’all put out there. I’ma use the feedback as a tool for growth.”

Courtney Beasley says, “We don’t be in things that’s not organized.”

And Marsau responds, “We know who not to invite next time.”

This stirs Stormi. She goes on to say, “**** Mister Let Me Get The Last Word…just like a *****.”

Marsau agrees, “I am a ***** by the way.”


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  1. Oh boy! I’m reaching for my ‘Charlie Brown boots’ because ish is getting deep.
    Peoples is turnin against each other and that ain’t cool.
    Chris is not going to continue taking a lot lip from Martell neither. He needs to get Martell outta that house Nartell is renting and be done with him.

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