Dr. Jackie and Sweet Tea Hash Things Out + Dr. Kema Reveals Dr. Alicia Lost $150,000

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After Dr. Alicia questions Dr. Kema’s investing, Dr. Kema reveals Alicia lost $150,000.

During Sunday’s “Married to Medicine,” Dr. Alicia and Dr. Kema Egolum reveal intimate details about their financial situation. Specifically, Alicia brings up how he lost thousands in their investments and Kema brings up Alicia’s spending habits in front of the other couples during their couple’s trip.

As the couples are sitting around, they each write grievances they have with their spouses. Alicia writes about Kema and that he needs to work with her more so they can build their empire. Alicia brings up an example of how he lost money in the crypto and stocks because he didn’t listen to her.

“I guess, for example, you know, I’m very, you know, I’m into real estate and whatnot. And I told Kim that we should have several multi-units under our belt already. He wanted to invest otherwise. Stocks, crypto. Kim put a lot of our money into the stock market a lot of it.”

Kema retorts, “And Crypto. What’s your point.”

In their green screen interview, Alicia says they had a large profit and asked Kim to cash out and sell. But Kema didn’t do that and Alicia feels he didn’t because she didn’t have the expertise.

“He didn’t want to listen. If you listened to me, we could have a cash flow and quadruplets instead of you losing your profits in the crypto.”

Despite this, Kema feels he’s “the financial person” in their marriage.

Alicia is a spendthrift, ok? She will spend it as it comes in the door. And she does not have an account for where $150,000 went in months.

Dr. Jackie Walters and Sweet Tea kiss and makeup.

In other news, Sweet Tea once again apologizes to Jackie for what she called Dr. Jackie in the last episode.

While on a boat, Sweet Tea joins Dr. Jackie for an intimate one-on-one conversation.

As she fights back tears, Sweet Tea goes on to say that she felt hurt when she called Jackie the B-word in response. Jackie responds, saying that they shouldn’t have poked at Sweet Tea the way they did regarding her diagnosis.

“You joined this girl group at a very vulnerable time, and you’re right. We made fun of a time we shouldn’t have and it was not fair to you. We were being mean Kindergarten kids.”

Jackie’s also willing to let what Sweet Tea said to her go. In her green screen, Jackie wants to move on.

“This trip is already hard enough. There’s no need for me making it more complicated. So I’m going to accept the apology and move on.”

Meanwhile, in her interview, Sweet Calls Jackie a good person underneath her facade and persona.

“She’s an old church lady in wolf’s clothing. I know deep down, underneath all that fur, she’s a good person.”


  1. Kema and Alicia are definitely interesting. It’s sad they wouldn’t show Alicia actually speaking until they kicked off Quad. And I like Sweet Tea. She’s real and we haven’t seen that in a long time.

  2. I appreciate Jackie apologizing and admitting she was being mean. They need to stop being so condescending to the younger women.

  3. About time Jackie admits that she has been mean to someone. Kudos to Buffie for calling her out 1st about her behavior. Sweet Tea shouldn’t totally trust her. Jackie loves her image., and doesn’t want her real self showing on camera.

  4. I’m glad Lateasha knows she can’t completely trust that Jackie is moving on because she holds grudges more than anyone else.

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