‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Jackie Accepts Sweet’s Apology + Alicia & Kema Put it on the Table

Married to Medicine Season 10 Episode 13 Recap
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

On the latest “Married to Medicine,” the couples’ trip to Hilton Head, South Carolina is in full swing with Jackie and Sweet Tea hashing things out. Greg learns of Sweet Tea’s blowup and encourages her to apologize to Jackie. Jackie’s receptive to the apology this time because she wants everyone to move on. 

Later on, the ladies go golfing and the husbands have an intense cooking contest, after the activities, they head to a yacht where more drama unfolds. Alicia doesn’t like Toya’s questions after Kema seemingly jokes about having Alicia “well trained.” 

Speaking of Kema, he spills tea about Alicia losing $150,000. This is after Kema says he’s responsible for managing their finances, despite losing money on their crypto investment. 

Here’s the recap for, “Golf Cart Girls.”

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  1. Jackie again making back handed apologies. Jackie likes to throw mud but doesn’t like when it is thrown back. All her and Heavenly’s comments about Leateasha, Quad and Greg were out of line. Alicia got mad about Toya’s questions to her face , she didn’t understand that Toya was trying to get an understanding of why Kema says what he does. Alicia that because Heavenly was laughing she was winning, nope she looked stupid.

  2. I’m really starting to see how dire of a state this show is in now. I for certain don’t find it entertaining to watch older black people act like bringing a man a plate is some sort of honor and requirement for black women in 2023/2024. This show could really thrive with younger and more modern couples. Get with the times.

    1. That was done in response to young couple Dr’s. Kema and Alicia. Kema said that it is the wife’s duty to do everything for her husband. He said that the husband must train the wife to do everything for her husband. That is why they were fixing plates and carrying them to their husband. It was the youngest couple doing.

  3. Unpopular opinion but Toya & Eugene have a more healthy marriage than most. It took me years to see it but boy I get it now.

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