LHHMIA Recap: Florence Comes Clean to Claudia + Safaree Tells Eliza to Keep It on the Low

Florence admits to sleeping with Marlon and being behind on rent. 

The episode begins with Flo at home, flustered and frustrated after what went down at her event at Risque during last week’s episode. She’s reeling with people believing she has money problems after Hawt Topic brought her cousin to announce she’s 3 months behind on the lease.

To make things worse, Marlon revealed a photo of her taken while she was in bed, wearing just her underwear. So she changed the locks on Marlon out of anger. When Marlon comes back over, she lets him in and yells at Marlon. During their conversation, it comes out that Florence did sleep with Marlon, and it happened because it was “a low moment” for her.

Florence also revealed in her green screen that she is behind on her lease. At the end of their conversation, Florence kicked her out. 

Meanwhile, Trick Daddy is in the studio with her son Jayden. Trick took his father’s advice and is working with his son on his music. Despite this, he still wants Jayden to graduate from college. Jayden’s with Trick, his grandfather, and Trick’s producer, and Jayden’s open about the advice they give him. 

To give him a bigger chance, Trick tells Jayden about the bio year anniversary event he’s planning and wants Jayden involved. Jayden is eager to do whatever he wants. 

Safaree doesn’t like Eliza being open about their relationship. 

Later that night, Safaree is on the set of his movie and Eliza stops by. Eliza tells Safaree about what she told Bobby and Tip about their relationship. Safaree doesn’t like that and he tells her to keep things on the low. He’s still jaded about what happened between him and Amara and tells Eliza about his feelings. 

Eliza also tells Safaree that she and Amara amended their friendship and feels she feels guilty about this. Safaree tells Eliza that Amara will feel some way if she finds out. 

Trick and Trina are irritated with each other regarding Trick’s 50th Anniversary proposal.

The next day, Trick walks into a meeting for planning the 50th anniversary focusing on Miami’s influence and contribution to rap. Trick proposes they set up an adult prom-like event. However, Joy and Trina showed up late and Trick had to leave for other obligations. Trick not being there frustrates Trina. She also doesn’t like Trick’s idea. Trina specifically wants to see the event be much more organized than what happened the last time they had an honorable event. 

Meanwhile, Amara meets up with Princess and Brooke Valentine. Brooke’s extending her time in Miami. 

Amara tells the girls, and Eliza, when she shows up, that she’s working with an artist who doesn’t have the best reputation. Because of this, she doesn’t tell them specifically who she’s collaborating with. They then recap Florence’s event and how Flo confronted Amara over the infamous IG live. 

The next day, Trick’s at his restaurant still angry Trina didn’t show up to their meeting when he wanted her to show up. He gets angrier when he hears Trina reject his ideas and says it’s his way or the highway. He needs this platform to set up his son. 

A talk goes awry between Shay and Fabo.

Meanwhile, Shay’s recovering from her miscarriage procedure with Fabo by his side. Shay uses this moment to talk about the status of their relationship. During their conversation, Shay brings up Fabo’s beef with her mom. This turns into Shay bringing up his infidelity after Fabo says he wants to take their baby to meet his mom in Milwaukee. 

This ends the conversation and she walks off. 

Later that night, Ray J’s back in Miami, and things are looking up for him. Safaree and Marcus Black pull up on him. He’s in Miami with Brooke. Ray J.’s shocked when he learned Marcus hadn’t had a drink in three years. Marcus explains why he doesn’t drink anymore and how his therapy changed things. Marcus is now a relationship and life coach. 

This news shocks Ray J. 

In the morning, Trick hosts Bigg D in his home as he’s cooking. They are hosting another meeting to discuss the plans for this 50th-anniversary event. Trina’s late once more and Joy shows up looking to stall. Three hours go by and Trina’s fed up. So he leaves all his guests in his house and drives off. 

An hour later, Trina walks in and doubles down about being on her time. They Trick on the phone and he proclaims the next time she’s late they will move on with the celebration planning without her. 

Florence comes comes clean to Claudia.

Later that night, Florence is on the way to meet with Claudia. Florence feels bad for her dishonesty and infidelity. She hopes she can still salvage her relationship with Claudia. But when she stops by Claudia’s house, Claudia reluctantly lets her in. Claudia’s furious with Florence and hates she got involved with her in the first place. 

Claudia then revealed she financially supported Florence and spoke with Hawt Topic about the lease and other details. This revelation angers Florence and almost brings her to tears when she walks out. 

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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  1. Flo only dipped her big toe into the lady pond. I felt bad for Claudia because I knew she had invested her heart. Flo can keep lying to herself about Marlon all she wants to someone who’ll listen. She sending him false hope too.

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