Mia Thornton Calls Out Ashley Darby for Not Divorcing Michael & Labels Ashley a Gold Digger

Ashley Darby Divorce RHOP Season 8
Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Mia Thornton calls Ashley Darby a gold digger.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Ashley Darby hasn’t been fully upfront with the cast this season regarding her divorce from Michael Darby. And on the upcoming episode of RHOP, Ashley’s divorce is a topic during the girls’ trip to the Dominican Republic.

In the clip, The girls are at dinner when they speak about Ashley’s divorce. And some of them feel Ashley is not going through with the divorce because Michael controlling her money.

Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Wendy Osefo tell the group she talked about Ashley’s divorce from Michael with Mia Thornton. Wendy brings up Mia’s opinion on the divorce, mentioning that Ashley’s a gold digger in Mia’s eyes.

As Ashley glares at Mia, Mia smiles and admits she did call Ashley as such. Mia explains why she called Ashley a gold digger:

“Last year, you were TikToking all around. And you were like, yeah, getting a divorce! I think you’re not getting it right now because you married Michael for his money.”

Ashley then retorts, asking Mia if she married Gordon Thornton for his money. 

“I might have,” says Mia as she sips her drink.

“OK, well, I didn’t,” Ashley retorts.

Keiarna Stewart then jumps in, mentioning that Mia said recently that Gordon is broke. Mia says that’s not true and that she’s not divorcing Gordon.

It comes up that Mia did contemplate divorcing Gordon.

“Yeah, I am completely 100 percent honest with you guys. But, I just think that you should be more honest with yourself.”

In her green screen interview, Ashley believes Mia is jealous of her. “I just think she’s jealous because Mia thought she was gold digging, but really, she got fool’s gold. My **** was real and authentic and she got some pyrite.”

Later, Ashley brings up that she and Michael split the costs for the kids, including childcare and schooling. And for now, Michael “contributes” to paying for Ashley’s car. However, Ashley avoids directly answering if she can access shared bank accounts between her and Michael.

“I do have a credit card. He says I can use it in emergencies, but I don’t feel comfortable using it. And we do have a joint account I use for the children.”


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