Ashley Darby’s Family Fears She’ll Get Played in Divorce from Michael Darby

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Ashley Darby and Michael Darby called it quits.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Ashley Darby grabbed headlines after her split from Michael Darby was confirmed. The former couple has had problems that played out on and off of the show for years. But after the latest cheating incident, Ashley said she was reaching her breaking point. And if Michael stepped out again, she’d pull the plug on the marriage. It’s unclear if Michael may have been caught cheating again. Neither Ashley nor Michael have revealed the cause behind ending their marriage. However, it’s likely Ashley will open up more about it during the upcoming season.  In the meantime, a lot of RHOP fans have wondered just how much money Ashley will walk away with once the divorce is final.

Well, Ashley will discuss all of this on the season 7 premiere. In a preview for the new episode, she talks to her mother Sheila, and Uncle Lump about moving forward with the divorce. It’s still something she hasn’t fully processed. And she hasn’t had to pay for anything since she’s been with Michael.

Although Ashley confirms that she is supposed to get half of Michael’s assets, her uncle tells her she needs to hire a lawyer when he finds out how the house will be dealt with.

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  1. I think Ashley is afraid to do anything she feels will anger Michael. She doesn’t want to have to fight for half. So she’s going to go along with whatever Michael proposes.

  2. Ashley had a plan all along. She knows what she’s doing. Her family doesn’t have to worry. This is definitely an act. She’ll handle her business quietly. Watch and see.

  3. How the f-ck does she not have a divorce attorney? That’s like the first thing you’re supposed to do.

  4. Ashley has appeared to slow over the years when it comes to Michael. Michael has always seemed to have a game plan. Question is who is really fooling who?

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