Gizelle Bryant & Ashley Darby Have a Heated Exchange Over Ashley’s Divorce

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People have questions about Ashley Darby and Michael Darby’s divorce.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Ashley Darby had been in the headlines plenty thanks to her controversial marriage to Michael Darby. They clashed when they were running a restaurant together. In fact, they had a heated moment in the parking lot as they disagreed over how to run things. However, their biggest obstacles came from accusations and Michael’s decision to not always be faithful. After the latest cheating situation confirmed by Ashley, Ashley told her RHOP costars that she would leave the marriage if Michael stepped out on her ever again. While Ashley has not revealed what made her decide to end the marriage, she’s getting tired of some of the questions she’s being asked.

On the previous episode, Ashley’s mother and uncle had concerns about how the former couple is moving forward. Ashley confirmed to them that she and Michael are buying another house. And the house will be put under an LLC. Her uncle warned Ashley not to let Michael have all the control in the divorce. So it is imperative that she hires a divorce attorney immediately.

Interestingly enough, Ashley will clash with Gizelle Bryant on the upcoming episode. And Gizelle doesn’t hold back her thoughts on how the divorce is going. This doesn’t sit well with Ashley.

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    1. Divorce or even the thought of divorce is hard and Im not letting any other miserable woman tell me how to do it and how to do it “right”. She keeps saying she doesnt play with divorce like it has anything to do with her.

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