‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: The Group Calls out Quad + Phaedra Denies Ever Dating Dr. Greg

Married to Medicine Season 10 Episode 15 Recap
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Phaedra defends her decision to dump Quad. 

Andy talks about Phaedra’s rookie season in the group. She once again denies that she ever dated Gregory. And she also denies his accusation that things ended because Phaedra allegedly asked him for $4000 a month. She says her purse cost $10,000 anyway, so none of this makes sense. 

When Quad says it seems like Phaedra dumped her when she found out the other women were mad at her, Phaedra doesn’t exactly deny it. She didn’t want to attach herself to the “Titanic” when she was just getting to know all the ladies. Toya laughs at his. 

Gregory is once again brought up. Quad and Sweet Tea maintain that Gregory said he dated Phaedra in the past. Phaedra denies this again and says they never had anything romantic or intimate. She doesn’t recall ever kissing him but she may have held his hand once. 

Andy questions if there’s any chance Quad and Phaedra can mend their friendship, the ladies hope they can. But Phaedra was told by Heavenly that Quad was talking badly about her behind her back. So the trust isn’t there just yet. Quad says she doesn’t recall ever dragging Phaedra behind her back. But Heavenly says Quad went all the way in. 

The group confronts Quad for not defending Jackie.

Next up is Toya’s venture into the wine business and the Med Gala drama. 

Toya admits she cares about material possessions so much because she grew up in a very modest household. And she thought it was wrong for Heavenly to blast her for not donating $1000 because she donated cases of wine. That should have been enough. 

Jackie’s controversy is the next topic. Andy reads aloud the comment Jackie made when she appeared on Heavenly’s YouTube channel a couple of years ago. When answering why black women die from childbirth in such large numbers, Jackie says black women often “cry wolf” to the doctors and medical staff. 

She breaks down in tears and says her past comments nearly ruined her entire career. The cast reached out to her except for Quad. Andy grills Quad for not publicly supporting Jackie. Quad’s defense is she sent a group text in private but didn’t say anything publicly because she was going through her own thing. 

Quad is called a bad friend.

Simone asks Quad why she didn’t just call Jackie to check on her versus asking Heavenly, Quad says Heavenly told her not to call Jackie because it wasn’t a good time. At the time, the other women suspected Quad had something to do with the video resurfacing on social media. So Quad didn’t call.

It’s at this point that Simone screams that she supported Quad during some dark times but Quad wasn’t there for her. When Andy asks for an example of one of these times, Simone says she reached out when Quad’s niece recently died in her swimming pool. Quad breaks down in tears and Phaedra consoles her. 

The cast breaks for a moment and Quad takes this time to talk to Jackie. She tells her she would never do anything to hurt Jackie and she’s devastated that Jackie had suspicions. Jackie tells Quad she was really in a dark place then and suspected the worst. But that’s on Quad for ruining her connection with the other ladies. And she’d “rather lose a friend than lose herself.” 

What are your thoughts on Part 1 of the reunion? 

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  1. This was so disturbing. They really treated Jackie like a victim and blamed Quad for everything. I don’t even like Quad but this ain’t it. What a horrible season. Simone, Jackie, and Heavenly have destroyed this show. Phaedra has audacity to talk down on Quad & Tea for marrying Gregory when she married and procreated with a felon/fraud/scam artist. I can’t stand her.

  2. Quad thought she could come in and throw out a few apologies and everything would be okay. Quad got her face broken when Heavenly said she was the reason that clip of Jackie resurfaced. Simone was tired of Quad being playing the victim. ” If she lies I am talking “, Simone was tired of her. Quad put herself in this position and now she is the wronged party. She said she was only there for the check and not the friend group. That is grounds for dismissal. Bye Quad.
    She said before they were not her friends just coworkers. She showed them that., they have accepted it.

    1. How is Jackie the victim?? She should’ve kept her mouth shut. I personally know two black women that lost their lives during their pregnancy/childbirth. Not sure if Quad released it or not but how you a black doctor making such despicable comments about black women

  3. I knew they weren’t going to hold Jackie accountable for that anti-black nonsense she said but making her a whole victim…yeah, these women deserve all the karma that is coming their way.

  4. Simone is gross. 1000%. How dare you force such a devastating topic that was NOT on the show but affects a whole grieving family just to prove a point! That was disgusting. And anyone who thinks that was appropriate behavior for a grown woman is disgusting.

    1. Simone was proving a point. They are supposed to be friends who are there for each other even when the camera is not rolling. Quad has not been there unless it is for the camera. Not that hard. Mmn

  5. Simone was wrong to bring up a personal matter for Quad and her family. As for Quad, Let’s all understand, these women aren’t friends. They only tape together – when the time calls for it. You don’t treat your friends like these women treat one another.

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