‘Love & Marriage: DC’ Star Winter Williams Stands by Saying Joi Carter Pettie Needs to Clock In

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Ashley Silva and Winter Williams said they are leaving LAMDC.

Love & Marriage: DC” stars Ashley Silva and Winter Williams have expressed frustration about the show amid the latest season. Ashley has been labeled as a mean girl by her critics. In particular, she’s been accused of being mean to LAMDC newbies Clifton Pettie and Joi Carter Pettie. While fans have been very opinionated about the situation on social media, the cast members also had strong opinions. Erana Tyler and Jamie Tyler think Ashley is the problem. They also said DJ Quick Silva doesn’t hold her accountable and he enables Ashley’s behavior instead. As a result, Quick and Ashley are no longer on good terms with Jamie and Erana. During the upcoming episode, Ashley tells Erana that it’s obvious that she is “Team Pettie.”

Ashley has been receiving criticism from fans on social media. Not too long ago, she told her X followers she decided not to do another season of “Love & Marriage: DC.” She said it seemed like fans rewarded cast members who weren’t being authentic when they filmed. Interestingly enough, Winter Williams also said she is done with the show. And she told her X followers that her coworkers weren’t being real. Well, she said more during an interview with the Reality Rundown.

“As difficult as Season 1 was for me, I never refused to film. I never left a scene unless I was put out of it. I showed up and I worked.”

Winter Williams wants Joi Carter Pettie to clock in.

She continued, “I clocked in. So when I make the comment that some people need to clock in, that’s not a dig.”

The interviewer asked, “Who are some people?”

Winter answered, “Well, I said this about Joi. I said this about Joi. And I said that because I feel like…listen, we’re here to shoot a show. We’re here to give what we need to give. And listen, if you feel a way about someone, don’t wait until you can’t see them to say it. Give us that juice right in the scene.”


  1. Joi and Clifton are getting their Karma for how they treated Dakiya! Joi was mean as hell when she was on Ready to love!

  2. Glad that they all are leaving. Ashley is very nasty, and jealous whether she wants to admit it or not. She hates that Erana is still friends with Joi. If her husband had been checking her maybe the attitude wouldn’t have gotten out of hand. And he needs a backbone. Scared to check his wife so he agrees with bad behavior!!

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