Shay Johnson Calls out Amara La Negra + Amara Angers LHHMIA Producers with Recent Live

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Amara La Negra has some fans thinking her romance with Safaree Samuels was staged for television.

Love And Hip Hop Miami” star Amara La Negra has been receiving some backlash. On the current season, she confirmed she is dating Safaree Samuels. Safaree’s reputation took a hit due to his past relationships. But as of recently, his co-parenting relationship with Erica Mena has been very controversial. She had plenty to say after Safaree gifted Amara’s twin daughters with Rolex watches for their birthday. Erica accused Safaree of doing more for Amara’s kids than his own. In fact, she alleged that Safaree skipped out on buying birthday gifts. So it triggered her to see him spoil someone else’s children.

Interestingly enough, Erica said a lot more on a recent episode of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.” She admitted to hooking up with Safaree as recently as a couple of months ago. So he is likely messing with her and Amara at the same time.

After the episode aired, some fans were even more critical of Amara on social media. They said she looked a bit silly kicking it with Safaree when he’s still being intimate with Erica. Eventually, Amara addressed it all on Instagram Live. And some feel she alluded to her relationship with Safaree just being for television.

She said, “Let me put it this way, I’m a pretty smart girl. I believe that I am. I’ve come this far because I think I’m pretty smart. And I get hired to do my job and I do what I have to do. I do it well. We have good ratings. And with that being said, I have accomplished my mission. Now if after that you want to believe whatever it is that you want to believe, that’s on you? You understand?”

Shay Johnson alluded to Amara La Negra rubbing producers the wrong way with her comments?

Amara is focused on doing her job and maintaining good ratings, “Like I said, I’ve been single since the father of my kids. And I haven’t had *** since the father of my kids and I continue to do my job. As long as you give us those ratings, I’ma give you what you want. So if that’s what you want then that’s what you see. Yeah, period.”

Check out the video here.

Well, Shay Johnson wasn’t feeling the comments Amara made on Instagram Live. She did a session of her own to call out Amara.

Shay said, “I don’t like when people take it upon themselves to make PSA announcements in regards to whatever they have going on, ie. Amara. But it affects other cast members on the show. She made this weird statement slash announcement that was all cap because she was trying to run from the embarrassment of what’s reality behind what’s happening on the show. And I understand her not wanting to be embarrassed by situations on the show. I get that.”

She continued, “And it’s hard to take accountability and own up to something that you were blindsided by. Amara had mentioned some things about her and Safaree, it’s a fake storyline and blah blah. That’s cap. I’m sorry. **** naw, I wasn’t in the bedroom watching Safaree bang Amara’s back in. But I put money on it it was happening.”

Shay said Amara’s comments resulted in other cast members being accused of having fake storylines. And she’s not okay with this.

“Now you messing with other people’s money and other people’s lives. This is a real situation. My daughter is real, my baby daddy is my baby daddy with his crazy ***. ”

She added, “Now you got people on your ***, your employers, on your *** now. And you better hope you keep your job while you over here lying, making it seem like we just throwing ******** out there. Stop playing, *****. Please.”


  1. I’m not sure if Amara is just trying to save face or not. But associating with Safaree/dating him isn’t something I would do for free or for pay. It’s like Amara will do anything for a storyline. And that’s sad.

  2. I agree with Queen and Babygurl. I really used to admire Amara when she first started the show. She was a black Queen with class and morales and stood up for something. No Amat’s you aren’t smart. You start looking like a whole donkey when you decided that you wanted to be with a guy in a different country that was gaslighting you and clearly didn’t want you. You had two beautiful children by him, but you been knew that he wasn’t feeling you. He could never hop on a two hr flight to support you during your pregnancy. He was cold to you every time we saw him with you on tv. You should never have to beg a guy yo be with you or for him to make you a priority. Trust and believe, he was making someone and something else the prior and it surely wasn’t you. Hopefully your children won’t grow up with daddy issues. Now, if it was only the “D” you wanted from Safaree, that’s all you had to see. Everyone is curious and you’re an adult. But to listen to his immature womanizing ass and believe he can be sincere about a relationship, he needs to grow up. It’s one thing for someone to tell you something, but their actions had to match up. You’ve seen him on other episodes of many love and hip hop shows, that’s enough red flag warnings and not it’s not enough editing in the world to make him look bad. Safaree does a great job of doing that all by himself. It clearly shows that he brought your babies those watches just for a wow moment. He could’ve put that money in a trust, saved for college or anything else, even had an elaborate playground built for them at your home. The babies can’t even count let alone tell time. What an idiot.

  3. Smart? Nah, smart women make better choices in men. Before Safaree she made horrible decisions, including that baby daddy of hers. This is how it goes when you’ll do anything for fame/money and you’re male identified.

  4. Amara is not the first person to speak up about this. First of all Shay need to mind the business that pays her. If you don’t say anything if wouldn’t be a big deal. I was always told a hit dog will holla. We as fans know everything is not reality on the show. If you overlook what others say no one will put you in the box, now im side eyeing you like something not right.

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