Porsha Williams Makes Peace with Dennis McKinley Amid Nasty Divorce

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Porsha Williams is currently going through a messy divorce from Simon Guobadia.

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams made headlines when she confirmed her return for the upcoming season. This comes as Kandi Burruss and Marlo Hampton confirmed their departures. Kandi left on her own and Marlo was not asked back. As it stands, Porsha is the only cast member to be confirmed so far for the next season. In the meantime, a lot has transpired since her return was announced. As we reported, Porsha has filed for divorce from Simon Guobadia. This occurred sometime after Simon’s past arrests and struggles to obtain American citizenship became hot topics in the media.

Currently, Porsha and Simon aren’t on the best terms as they go through their divorce proceedings. Page Six recently reported that Simon allegedly slapped production company True Entertainment with a cease and desist letter to prevent filming in his Georgia residence. He said he is the sole owner of the property. Interestingly enough, a source told the publication there was no need for the cease and desist because there were no plans to film there in the first place.

Amid the drama with Simon Guobadia, Porsha Williams has made peace with Dennis McKinley.

Simon and Porsha have also shaded each other on social media. In fact, Simon pinned a comment on a recent Instagram post that called out Porsha for ending the marriage.

The Instagram user wrote, “Porsha really lost a great man here, everyone has a past, she really let her emotions play her and I believe partly her friends contributed to her downfall … Men will always come out stronger and victorious in times like this … y’all Black women better learn.”

Meanwhile, Porsha is getting along with her other ex Dennis McKinley as of late. Longtime fans are aware that Dennis and Porsha’s co-parenting troubles were well documented on her spinoff special. At that time, Porsha was also trying to adjust to her new engagement to Simon. At the height of the conflict, a scuffle ensued as Porsha clashed with Dennis’ mother. When Dennis and others intervened, Porsha swung on Dennis. Fortunately, both are all smiles today as they co-parent their daughter.


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While some of Porsha’s fans are just happy to see them on peaceful terms again, others are hoping they reconcile romantically. One can assume a lot of this will be addressed during Season 16 of RHOA.


  1. Porsha and Dennis don’t need to get back together ever. Simon is treating Porsha the same way he treated Falynn. He’s toxic and only male identified women believe that ridiculous comment he pinned. He was never a prize. It took too long for Porsha to see that though.

    1. “Simon is treating Porsha the same way he treated Falynn.”

      Bingo! We tried to tell Porsha he was a problem!

  2. Question is has Porsha learned her lesson 🤔 She get with these men so fast cuz she see $ and then the mess follows. Huntie you got a bag and there’s nothing wrong with getting with a man that has 1 as well but give yo self time to see the good the bad and the ugly and you might have a decent chance @ a relationship 🤦‍♀️

  3. Porsha wants love with grand flair, flashing and banging bells and whistles. Porsha moves to fast without knowing the person beyond surface level. She needs to slow down and get to know them. Porsha should try dating 3 months with no sex and another 3 before bringing in family. Learn about your partner before hand not after the marriage.

  4. When we say “she should have known” we all should go back to times when a man in our life was so sincere with his love for us.. all the time he’s not what he seems.. some have long term relationships behind our back, some are happy we got pregnant and encouraged us to have the baby, but then turn around and make you a “ struggling” single mother.. of course making us look like we made a bad decision. Some men say they love you so much but talk about you and your whole family to their family as if they hate you. Then we’re left frying to figure out why you Aunties , sister, and cousins don’t like us!
    Look at Simon … now he is trying to embarrass Porsha, after he was so in love with her, and even pubiclaly stated that his current female friend looks better than Porsha! These men no matter the age are just a big headache to women.. and the theory is that women are single because we can’t find a man, but the fact of the matter is that men are so crude, dishonest, have no loyalty , and continue to embarrass the women that they “love “ , most women just do not want to deal with the drama, and the unrest. We want a man we can submit to , but he has to be a man. Period! So we’ll wait.

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