LAMH Star Destiny Payton Confronts Ex’s Wife + His Wife Wants All the Smoke

Destiy Payton LAMH First Look
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Martell Holt’s arrest comes into focus, with Marsau Scott wanting to host an intervention.

A first look for the all-new “Love and Marriage: Huntsville” season dropped today. Inside the first look were lots of bombshells for the cast, both old and new.

Firstly, Martell Holt’s arrest comes into focus with every discussion. Both Courtney Beasley and Stormi Steele, and Kimmi Scott and Maurice Scott discuss Martell’s charges of Domestic Violence in the Third Degree: Harassing Communications. LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott also discuss Martell’s legal trouble, and Marsau feels Martell needs an intervention.

Meanwhile, Martell talks about the charges with his mom, Marlene, telling her he was arrested over a text message sent to Melody 14 months prior. Melody Shari tells her brother Marcus that Martell sent her a video they created together, threatening to release it. Kimmi feels Martell needs to be held accountable for his actions. Later, Maurice and Marsau confront Martell about the arrest and an interview with a blogger discussing the text message and allegations. He tells the brother that Melody went low, and he went lower.

During this discussion, Marsau reveals that he has almost divorced LaTisha.

Martell Holt calls Nell Fletcher a “side chick,” infuriating Chris Fletcher.

Next, details of how Chris Fletcher and Nell Fletcher got together emerge. Martell speaks with Chris about these relationship details, saying he was married when getting with Nell. Chris immediately refutes, saying it was bulls***. However, Nell says he was married and she didn’t know about it. This leads to another conversation between Martell and Chris, where Martell calls Nell a side chick, causing Chris to cuss at him.

Meanwhile, LaTisha gets offended when Nell calls LaTisha her mentee on social media. LaTisha takes offense to this and confronts Nell when they are out. The two have tense words about the post.

Later, Melody and Marsau have a tense conversation after Melody learns Marsau posted “#FreeMartell LOL” as a comment on a social media post. Melody feels Marsau should not make jokes about domestic violence charges. Marsau retorts that she’s the one who had multiple kids with him.

Stormi Steele is confused by Martell Holt’s friendship with a new cast member.

Finally, we meet two new couples joining the cast. The first couple we see is Ken and Latricia. Stormi introcuces Latricia as her friend. Stormi’s shocked to learn that Latricia also knows Martell and the two may have a past together. Of course, Ken’s seen wondering if his wife “messed around” with Martell in the past. In another scene, Martell tells Stormi she’s been to the house several times after Stormi says they were more than friends. Latricia tells Stormi that is indeed the case and that they were two consenting adults if anything happened between her and Martell.

Destiny Payton confronts her ex and calls out his new wife.

Next, we see Destiny Payton return to the show. She’s dating other people, but Melody isn’t putting it past Destiny that she may have slept with Martell herself. To make things even more awkward for Destiny, her ex Moses and wife Sunni join the cast. As reported, Sunni was Destiny’s field producer from earlier seasons. Moses and Destiny broke up between then and now, and Moses began dating Sunni, resulting in their marriage. Destiny feels betrayed by both of them, telling LaTisha “they were too close for this” to happen.

“How do you want to have a career in this industry and make moves like this?”

In another scene, Kimmi and LaTisha have a conversation with Sunni, and Sunni says that Destiny never spoke to her about Moses. Sunni also feels she didn’t need to ask for Destiny’s permission and blessing to date Moses. During another scene, Destiny confronts Moses, saying he “stabbed her in the back.” She then mentions that Moses and Sunni used the name for their child, which she wanted to use for a kid she wanted to bear with Moses.

Lastly, Destiny and Sunni are seen having a tense conversation about Sunni’s marriage to Moses. Destiny calls Sunni a side chick, and Sunni replies, asking, “Were you with him?”

“I was never the side chick, baby. I am the wife!”

During Carlos’ live podcast recording in Huntsville with Melody, Sunni says she kept things 100 percent professional with Destiny and reiterates they never spoke about Moses.

Check out the first look below.


  1. Nell is always gathering Tisha and Destiny looks foolish still worrying about a man who is no longer hers. And of course everyone is going to downplay what Martell did. Carlos keeps saying this show is refreshed when it’s been stale since season 2.

  2. Messy is an understatement. Of all the couples out here making business moves, Carlos casts the former producer and new husband who happens to be the ex-boyfriend of another castmate. This is why I don’t watch anymore. The only people “making money moves” are Stormi and Mel.

    Carlos is chasing the bag and no longer cares about content.

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