Maurice Scott & OWN Countersued for Millions by ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ YouTuber

Maurice Scott Lawsuit
Photo Credit: OWN

Maurice Scott is currently tied up in a controversial lawsuit against LAMH fans.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Maurice Scott is a hot topic on social media due to a controversial lawsuit that has him facing off against fans of the show. Things kicked off after YouTuber Black Titanic claimed Maurice had a drug dealing past. After she posted the video, the allegations were picked up by others. In response, Maurice made an Instagram video. Maurice said he has never been arrested. The Maurice Scott that had been reported on was another person. He demanded the videos be taken down, or he would file a lawsuit. Maurice also said he wanted public apologies from all who ran with the allegations.

Maurice eventually sued Black Titanic, Here 4 Hot Tea, and Anonymous for libel, slander, and defamation. In the court documents, Maurice also claimed that the defendants accused him of being a convicted criminal and an incompetent attorney who could not represent clients in court.

The LAMH cast member is suing for expenses, costs, damages, and attorney’s fees. Interestingly enough, Black Titanic has countersued Maurice and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

LAMH fan countersued for millions.

In the court documents, Black Titanic’s attorney accused Maurice of failing to properly serve the YouTuber. Allegedly, Maurice thought she resided in Alabama. However, she lives in Georgia. The attorney alleged that this made it impossible for Black Titanic to respond. Maurice allegedly served subpoenas to companies that issued payments to Black Titanic before properly serving her.

The attorney also claimed Maurice failed to prove malice or that he issued a written demand to Black Titanic to retract her statements. Maurice’s attempt at justice is being viewed as intimidation tactics by Black Titanic’s attorney. They also believe Maurice allegedly may have been coached to file the suit to control the narrative. So Black Titanic is countersuing Maurice and OWN for invasion of privacy, emotional distress, fraud, and negligent supervision/hiring. She wants no less than $5 million.

Check out the video below, Marurice’s filing here, and the counterclaim here.


  1. I’m just waiting for OWN and Carlos to be sued for toxic workplace at this point. They are playing a very dangerous game over there and it’s not going to end well. The clips I saw from the recent episode were despicable. Oprah has lost her mind.

  2. I think a lot of the fans and bloggers are extremely fed up with the show. Most of the cast fakes their storylines every season and won’t address what is really going on in their lives. So now ppl are digging up their info and looking into their pasts. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Both suits will likely be dismissed though. Hopefully Maurice and others will accept they can’t intimidate and silence fans.

  3. I want to sue Carlos and OWN for emotional distress. Downplaying Martell’s actions is very triggering for many of us who have been in Melody’s shoes. TV networks have a responsibility to viewers and sponsors to not enable abusers.

    1. Right here!!! The coddling of an abuser and stalker does something to my soul as the behavior is a slap in the face to victims, very triggering!!! If you want to sue, I most certainly will join!!! The mental abuse and the constant disregard for others is a ptsd nightmare for me

  4. I think Maurice thought this would be a slam dunk. I’m impressed they raised money to find these bloggers legal representation. The men on this show and pick me’s hate black women who refuse to be punked.

    1. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️🗣️for the nitwits in the back of the room.

  5. I’m not sure he can say there was malice if they legitimately thought it was Maurice. They took the videos down so that should have been enough. Suing because they wouldn’t kiss the ring may not hold up in court. This war they are trying to fight with fans and bloggers will be the final nail in the coffin.

  6. So much for a show that were supposed to showcase “black excellence.” I’m so over these reality shows and their cast members and their fake storylines. Maurice Scott thought he could bully several YouTube content creators for exposing the truth about himself that he didn’t want known about him. Him supposedly being an Attorney should know that anything concerning him and anyone else that has ever had legal issues are public record. I lost interest in the show after Carlos King’s lack of empathy with protecting Melody Shari Rogers from her obsessed ex Martell Holt and turning a deaf ear on what she was dealing with. Yet he decided to not care about her safety and brought him back on the show after being incarcerated. Apparently whomever is owner of OWN has a problem when it comes to women being protected from stalkers and in thus case an ex that threatened his ex with exposing revenge porn. I can only hope and pray that this particular YouTube content creator win her case against Maurice and OWN Nerwork. Hopefully, Carlos King receives his karma for lack of protection for Melody.

  7. All the Men on this show excluding Courtney and Chris are abusive and disrespectful to women on this show.Carlis is the ring leader showing sexual favor to Martell. Carlos has failed to protect Mel from her husband Martell who has stalked shouted defamed etc his wife .Martell has pushed women and got in the face of a make up artist that works for Mel .Mel pays for her own security because of the unhinged actions of ex husband .Martell has been arrested for attempting to put out a tape of their own sexual activities when they were married ,he even showed it to others included his mistress whom he wanted her to put it out and say it was his wife with another man. They have been divorced for 4 yrs and he still stalking her.

    1. I have totally lost interest and respect for the show. All the arguing back and forth and the nasty comments and behaviors towards each other is so disrespectful and disappointing to observe. I know I don’t have to continue to watch it, I just try to figure out, “Where does it come from?” It’s sad to me. I’ve heard some folks say and believe that having money makes or can make you a better person. I never believed that and watching this show, certainly proves it. SMH… Do Better….

  8. The audacity of Maurice trying to sue anybody for defamation when the Scotts defame other people like it’s nothing. Especially Wanda and Latisha! Hypocrites!

  9. These bloggers need to do their research. This was just blatant negligence. You’d think Cardi B would’ve taught them something

  10. I think that Maurice Scott should be embarrassed to have treated one of his elders in this manner. He could have handled it differently. He could have met with her and asked her if she would take the videos down. She seems like a very reasonable woman that would’ve been the respectful way of handling it how
    ever he has shown us on the show that he does not respect women Of any age.

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