LAMH Fans Call out OWN for Tweet About Martell Holt’s Behavior + Melody Shari Responds

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Melody Shari is frustrated with Martell Holt’s lack of respect for boundaries.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans have a lot to say about the recent episode. As we reported, Melody Shari and Martell Holt are having some issues in their co-parenting relationship. Martell sued Melody for full custody of their children. And he said he felt like he had to do this because Melody has “20-something” different babysitters. Melody has denied this. She pointed out that Martell just doesn’t want her gay brother to babysit. So Melody firmly believes Martell is being homophobic. Regardless, Martell didn’t anticipate that Melody would be willing to fight back in court even though he initiated the custody battle.

To no surprise, the custody drama has only worsened Martell and Melody’s co-parenting situation. So Melody is no longer inviting Martell on family vacations these days. And he also was not invited to the birthday party that Melody paid for and planned for their two daughters.

Interestingly enough, Martell was told well in advance that he would not be allowed to attend.  Regardless, Martell decided he was going to show up anyway.

On the recent episode, Martell strolled up into the event demanding entry. However, Melody and others tried to remind him that he was not invited to the birthday party. Melody also said that she is following the court order which stipulated that she and Martell take turns on special days and holidays. And she didn’t cause a scene or disturb Martell when he had the children for Christmas and Thanksgiving last year. So Melody just wanted the same respect.

Twitter users and Melody Shari responded to OWN’s controversial tweet about the situation.

Regardless, Martell was not hearing any of this. He said he was entitled to be there because he is the father. This led to a moment in which he became irate and screamed at Melody’s mother Miss Vanessa.

Melody stood her ground and told Martell she would be calling the police if he refused to go. But Martell told her to call them because he wasn’t going anywhere. Eventually, Martell left. And the scene has a lot of LAMH fans talking on social media. Interestingly enough, many of them seem to think that one of the OWN Twitter accounts crossed the line with a recent tweet.

The OWN employee in charge of the OWN Unscripted Twitter account reposted a gif from the scene and tweeted, “Martell really don’t give a **** 🤣 He said ‘Call the po po.’ #LAMH”

Not only did Twitter users call out the employee in the responses and mentions but Melody responded, too.

She tweeted, “But did he get her later that day or nah? Hmmm.…and not #givinga****” isn’t funny AT ALL. Sorry.”


  1. It’s all fun and games with these producers and networks until someone gets hurt and the lawsuits start coming.

    1. Exactly….and the way Martell has been unhinged and aggressive…. getting up in people face screaming like a mad man is too much!!! Just like when that character Mark Scott was saying all the mess about Miss Vanessa!!! They’re allowing the foolishness for ratings!!

  2. What the f-ck is funny about this? OWN learned nothing from Tim Norman I see. F-cking weirdos.

      1. Exactly . A man is going to have to check his slow mental behind . He thinks he can bogard his way into any function she has anytime he feels like it . He’s disrespectful and to holler in her moms face like that he should have been thrown out . Where are her Uncles or make relatives for him because he needs to be taught a lesson. He wasn’t invited he should have stay his behind home .

        1. Where are the security gaurds? Every set BA’s them. He’s beyond himself. He sees what he’s missing & wants it back so bad. Unfortunately he doesn’t knowhow to start. He’s to busy getting in his own way.

  3. I really don’t care about the tweet. What I do care about is that Mariah was overjoyed seeing her father at the party and that’s what counts the most. Both of them needs to stop being petty, your children see that and you’re teaching them that it alright to be that way to people. Even though Martell wasn’t invited by Mel, I saw the happiness it brought to the child and that’s what counts more. He could have stayed and y’all could’ve stayed away from each other. Mel and Martell have to do better by their kids, or they may be the same way when they’re adults. Get it together and right your kids are your legacy, more than your businesses. They’re watching how you navigate your life and adulthood.

    1. You don’t care about the tweet or anything Martell does because you want Melody to have low self esteem like you do. Black people expect black women to be miserable and accept abuse and mistreatment for the sake of the kids. We ain’t doing that no more. We are human beings and our feelings and happiness matters too! These kids will grow up and learn how to have boundaries and not accept miserable and unhealthy situations because their mom didn’t. Y’all don’t really care about black kids either. If you did you wouldn’t co-sign and ignore Martell’s aggressive behavior. Women like you think black men come before women and children. That is why our community is toxic.

      1. I agree with you 💯. Everything I was thinking you said. I feel Carlos King needs to stop this storyline. Children are off limits. They have gone too far. Watching this is painful. I may have to stop watching the show if Martel and Melody keep this up. Enough damage has been done, leave the children out of it.

          1. EVERYBODY need to STOP WATCHING that’s the only way Carlos King will feel it. Watching and commenting does not affect anything. I stopped watching all shows when they cross the line and don’t miss them one bit.

        1. I totally agree, children should be off limits on this reality show. I think Carlos is using this as a story line to keep viewers….I will no longer watch this mess.

      2. Have you been watching the show at all? I hate how you ride melody coat tail. Do you not see how evil she is to everyone. It seem like you in your feelings now dont it? Yall act like yall know her or something! Morals are everything and she doesnt have any at all.

        1. You’re the typical musty black man who supports abusers and toxic black men because you have unresolved daddy issues. Any black woman who refuses to tolerate your bullsh-t is considered evil by you. Don’t have children.

          1. All of us ain’t b-tches like Martell. Trust me. No real man is defending this sh-t.

        2. The only evil person on LAMH is Martell and his supporters/defenders are evil for enabling him. That includes you Derrick. You’re supporting a Narcissistic and abusive man. You should be ashamed of yourself.

        3. You just watched a black man scream in women’s faces like a b-tch but it’s the woman you think is evil. Be a man. You n-ggas are embarrassing bro.

      3. Thank You Thank You . Why do these women think like this . What makes them think it’s okay to let him slide because his daughter was happy to see him . Was she happy to see him screaming in her grandmas face . He is a ticking time numb and Nel doesn’t have to deal with his pettiness .

      4. I truly think that they really need to watch Martell! He tries to hard to be everywhere Melody is and always up in her face! He is taking her to court because he is nasty and he wants to control her and he can’t and that is killing him! It’s one thing for a man to cheat and she was still trying to keep her family together but now he wants to be out ther making babies like how much is a woman supposed to put up with and now your taking her to court and trying to sue her for custody?? And she is suppose to invite him anywhere for what so he can come there and make a scene like he always do when he gets around her! He did not give a damn about those kids when he was cheating and running behind that girl making more babies! He cannot stand to see Melody moving on and keeping herself and her business together without him! If Melody got a man in her life who knows what that disrespectful crazy fool would do! Show or no show they better watch him cause his head space is not clear when he gets around her!

      5. 💯💯💯💯 Mel wants peace! She has tried vacationing “for the kids”! It doesn’t work! Yes, the child was happy to see him; however, he could have seen her later that day. Showing up was to disrespect Mel for not being invited. (Ego bruised) Boundaries are important. Doormats wouldn’t understand.

    2. You don’t care about a network laughing at a black man being aggressive in women’s faces? Girl you’re the problem. Some of you talk like you were raised in the hood. No common sense, boundaries or self respect. Let that ghetto mentality go!

        1. I don’t care Lucy! If people didn’t spend so much time coddling people, the hood mentality wouldn’t be so rampant now! Martell is an example of someone who came from the ghetto but never changed his mindset. And his defenders are just like him!

        2. Sometimes the truth isn’t kind or comforting. Sometime it’s downright rude. I agree with King Bey’s points though. I came to the same conclusion when I read comments from some black women last night. They have no decorum or understanding and think Martell’s behavior isn’t that bad.

          1. Man listen LAMH really showed me that a lot of black women are losers. Broke my heart too.

          2. Elizabeth at least you’re aware now. Gatekeep your friendship circle always for your own protection.

        3. I think birthday parties and special dinners both parents should be allowed to attend if they wants that. separating parents doing special occasions I really donot think that is a very good idea.Parents can be mutual during that time

          1. Martell and Melody aren’t married anymore. So why are you expecting they still behave that way?

        4. The acceptance and praise of hood/ghetto culture is exactly why men like Martell still exist and receive so much support.

          1. I just wish Mel would leave this show. Because it seems she is being mistreated. Break your contract. Because they don’t care about you. Carlos is a sad human. 😔

        1. I love you and Queen right back! Been riding for y’all since 2010 on here and that ain’t changing! And I SAID WHAT I SAID! Martell is trash!

      1. I agree with you and I know it may sting some people who are reading it. But truth be told, a lot of these dysfunctional behaviors we see today originated when black people were forced into the ghettos. Then rap music was diluted and our people began to put that mentality on a pedestal. So now women with deadbeat exes think someone like Martell is decent or good. It’s sad.

      2. Excuse Me Ma’am…….
        NOT TRUE About The GHETTO
        There Are Some Of US Who Have Done QUITE WELL Coming From The GHETTO

        1. I’m not talking about you boo! I’m talking about the ones who don’t let the ghetto mindset go! I commend you for making it out and doing well! That is how it’s supposed to be. 🙌🏾👏🏾🥰

    3. Nah, you’re just easily manipulated and that’s a personal problem. The whole point of him hugging the kids at the end was so gullible people like you would walk away thinking Melody’s reaction was overblown. Rational thinking people understand that divorce changes everything and Martell’s actions resulted in him missing some special days he wouldn’t have missed if they were still together. Melody doesn’t cause a scene when she misses out on Martell’s days. She’s not wrong here.

    4. You sound crazy. Melody is teaching her kids to have boundaries and not go where they aren’t invited. That’s good because black children need to learn both. It’s you adults that need to learn from her.

      1. Martell keeps saying he wants what is best for the children. What was best for the children was their parents being together. Martel caused all of this chaos because he wanted certain sexual favors from people outside of his home. You can’t have it both ways… Martel wants everything to be the same but Mel is not trying to do anything to please Martel because he doesn’t deserve it. He wasn’t invited and he should not have come. He needs to find something to do when Mel has the children. Toxic and dysfunction is not what is best for the children.

    5. Martell doesn’t give a f-ck about those kids and neither do you. He’s a narcissist. They love no one but themselves. Y’all just want Melody to bow down and do what he wants her to do. She was his doormat for years and she’s done with that. Move on and hold Martell accountable for once.

      1. Exactly….and the way Martell has been unhinged and aggressive…. getting up in people face screaming like a mad man is too much!!! Just like when that character Mark Scott was saying all the mess about Miss Vanessa!!! They’re allowing the foolishness for ratings!!

    6. So basically you believe Martell has a right to barge into Melody’s events because they have kids together. You’re serious too which is why I don’t mind dragging Martell’s defenders. I doubt most of you can chew gum and walk at the same time. Do us all a solid and get some help.

    7. “I really don’t care about the tweet.”

      And that says a lot about your character and lack thereof. I don’t know why y’all jump on the internet to willingly show off your degenerate thinking. Melody doesn’t look bad but you do. LOL.

    8. You are literally using innocent black children to disregard a black man’s dangerous and aggressive behavior. It’s truly sick how y’all use kids to guilt women into remaining in unhealthy situations. You think having boundaries hurts the children but forget not having any is worse for them. You’re not mature or wise, just misogynistic and problematic. And I definitely am not surprised you’re okay with this ignorant tweet. That’s consistent for male identified women. Any woman who befriends you is at risk.

    9. I want to disagree with you but I cannot because everything you said is correct! Martel needs to throw his own parties and stop crashing Mel’s but he was there and so, Mel should have allowed him to stay for the kid’s sake. I wonder if Martell is just trying to get a reaction from Mel and Mel giving him that reaction “feeds” Martel’s ego. He is a weird dude but as much as I ride for Mel, I have to agree that you are correct.

      1. So you acknowledge Martell was wrong but you feel Melody should have accepted him antagonizing her. No, you’re not a Mel supporter. Not even close.

        1. Chile they will list everything foul Martell did and then end it by saying Melody should just keep taking it. It’s like the twilight zone.

      2. When are you and people like Mary going to wake up and recognize that Martell has always been the problem and Melody cannot win with him? She tried to invite him on her vacation and he turns around and invites Marsau and Latisha without her consent and then files for full custody. He gets the kids for the major holidays last year, Melody is hurt but doesn’t intrude and respects his time. But the moment she plans this party and tells him he’s not allowed but can have his time later that day, he acts a fool and it’s Mel’s fault? Explain the logic because it’s looking dusty Aurelia. How many times are y’all going to tell Melody to tolerate Martell’s toxicity for the sake of the kids? You know that’s actually more dysfunctional right?

      3. You got it all the way wrong. If Melody continues to allow Martell to control her life, all it does is teach their kids to have low standards in their own relationships when they become adults. It will also teach their son to treat women the same way and their daughters that men don’t have to respect their boundaries. Stop this “for the kids” bullsh-t. Melody allowing Martell to force his way into her life every opportunity doesn’t help those kids in any way. It harms them.

    10. You are correct as for the children and co parenting. but if Martell would have stayed away due to he wasn’t invited. None of this would have transpired. He thinks he can disrespect Melody at any time just because he’s the father. Obviously she didn’t invite him for whatever reason. So he doesn’t get to do what he wants when he wants. Or he will continue. So Melody was correct I to make I’m leave.

    11. Mariah was also devastated when she saw Martell with his side chick and new baby. Kids will have roller coaster emotions as they adjust to their parents divorce. That doesn’t mean that Melody isn’t allowed to have boundaries. Martell either respects them or he’s not allowed around her. Back in the day black women tolerated a lot because we had no choice because we depended on a man financially. Melody doesn’t need Martell sweetie. So she doesn’t have to accept him ignoring her boundaries. This is what happens when you’re strong and self made.

    12. Agreed. If both parents are available, there’s no reason why they can’t both be in attendance to celebrate their children. Keep it cordial and moving. You don’t have to be up in the previous mate’s face. Acknowledge their presence and get in your little corner and engage your child/children.

    13. Some black people have no understanding of what boundaries are especially when it’s regarding black women. Melody owes Martell nothing. He left that house and put his whole family in danger during quarantine while Melody was pregnant to cheat. He doesn’t care about her or those kids. He fakes it because people like you bash Mel and make him feel good. Congrats on rubbing a narccistic abuser’s ego. You are the problem.

    14. You’re a punk, Mary. And you’ll allow a man to push you and your children around. Melody isn’t you thank goodness. She handled this correctly.

    15. I would agree with you because the children should be the top priority. Remember, Mel did that before and invited Martel and his mother on a vacation that she paid for , for the sake of her children. Remember this is their lives and it doesn’t stop when the camera stops rolling. Martell doesn’t have boundaries, respect and think he can do whatever he wants to do. She tried to be the bigger person. We don’t know what happened for her not to want him there. She’s now holding him accountable for his bs. Remember, he’s the reason that his children is in this situation. Mel took him back and forgave him how many times. What example is a phony , ignorant and disrespectful man teaching his kids. It’s for show. Like she said, did he come and get the kids after the party / the cameras went off. I’m glad he’s being taught that there’s consequences for his actions. It’s said that his kids have to be in the middle.

    16. No!!! You are wrong! Martell was absolutely wrong for showing up after warnings in advanc he was not invited. A child loves both parents n is always happy to see them. A court order is in place. He disobeyed it. And was NOT invited. Yelling at Mel’s mom. No!

    17. The child may have been happy BUT, Mel has to have that respect start showing up from Martel. If she keeps allowing him to bombard her event, her life then it becomes acceptable behavior. I want women to stop letting your children see you accept bad behavior and saying but it was good on one hand.

    18. F that…Mel have every RIGHT to not allow that punk b-tch into her personal space. Martell need to be STOPPED. His broke ass is not contributing to their children lives period. He F’d up so live with the consequences. It’s coming and we ALL are waiting patiently! OWN please be sure film and post his rock bottom. Ratchet loving production!

    19. You have obviously never dealt with someone like Martell. They are divorced, and to no fault of Melody breaking up the family, so why do people always expect her to always be the bigger person. Melody has tried to make co-parenting as peaceful as possible, but Martell is unhinged. Every time Melody offers an olive branch, dum dum takes it as hope that they will get back together or that they’re working it out…and that’s never been the case. So Melody and the courts have set boundaries, and Martell needs to respect that! And yet again, he shows up empty handed! He’s as narcissistic as they come. Martell is dangerous. That’s why he was banned from his mistress’s home a few months ago…he puts his hands on women. So I commend Melody on setting boundaries and sticking to them because she has tried.

    20. I understand where you are coming from however; Martel has to learn that just because they have kids together he can’t just invite himself into Melody’s space. This divorce is still very fresh. Melody is entitled to her sanity. Martel doesn’t want to accept the fact that he has really traumatized Mel. And him forcing himself into her space and not respecting her boundaries is a form of intimidation and abuse. As Mel said…if he wants to do something for the children…he has the opportunity to do so on his time. Maybe one day they can do things together when healing takes place but this is not the time…at all! Respect that lady decision and the court order!

  4. Kandi already told us how Carlos operates. He likely told Martell to crash the party and cause a scene. That is why he didn’t even have a gift. It’s obvious that Carlos/production and OWN favor Martell over Melody. Oprah should be embarrassed to be associated with aiding a man with abusing and antagonizing his ex wife. I won’t be sad when this trash is canceled.

    1. Yes that rotten hyena Carlos. His day is coming too. We ALL are waiting patiently. That entire cast will reap what they sowed. Ms. Karma is swirling!

  5. Between all these ignorant takes from other black women and OWN’s support of Martell’s actions, I have no idea why I’m still watching this show.

  6. It’s okay because karma never misses and eventually all who enabled Martell will get what they deserve. I can’t wait for Melody to quit so I can be done with this show and the entire network.

  7. I was in a toxic marriage had 7 kids. I left with nothing and came up. We did occassions separately after yhe divorce it was best for the kids. Yall haters of Melody actions is bias cuz thanksgiving and christmas martel had the kids and Melody did the kids holidays in january nobody comment on martel actions then. We must not be watching the same show. 🤔🤔 plus OWN producers allows maryel aggressive to continue. This is a toxic working environment that want stop.

  8. I love that most of these comments were written by people who have common sense. Divorced couples do not typically do birthday parties together. And if they do, they are in a good space which Mel and Martell aren’t because of Martell. Stop being toxic, black people. You would not tell your own daughters to accept what you expect Melody to accept. And if so you’re horrible parents.

      1. And I applaud you for the wonderful comment you wrote on here. You’re spot on with your assessment of this situation!

    1. Well said. One thing most of the regulars can agree on is we will drag any man or woman who cosigns another woman’s abuse and mistreatment by a man. For way too long our community accepted that. But it’s a new era now.

  9. I’m a child of divorce parents and my parents were both there for certain celebrations that included me & my sister despite them being divorced and moving on with others. It can be done in a cordial, respectful and peaceful manner. It depends on the emotional maturity of the parents. In my opinion, these people will always have to have some contact at some point in their lives bc they share children. Learn to be cordial, respectful and a peacemaker. Learn to compromise. It’s not always about you but, consider how your child/children might feel. If one of my parents wouldn’t have been at a special event or celebration I’d question it as a child not understanding the dynamics of the parents but, wanting to celebrate with both parents. It’s not always Martel that’s petty, belligerent, uncooperative and disrespectful. Melody is equally to blame for not always coparenting in a way that’s beneficial for the children and the relationship she and Martell need to have peace. Many people constantly want to crucify Martell for him cheating and, I agree it was completely horrible and he should take accountability and responsibility for that.. which he has done on many occasions. However, I do see him trying on the show and it’s not always received well. He’s human and at some point we all need to be forgiven and move past the mistakes we’ve made. Even, Jehovah God does that so, how is another man going to hold back? Isn’t that why Jesus died for us? I’m sure there will be many people who disagree with me. Please don’t address me.. I’m not interested. I didn’t address any specific person on this chat so I don’t expect to be addressed either. Thanks ✌🏽

    1. I’ll address you because I can and you can’t do a thing about it. No one cares about your life story or what your divorced parents did. Your parents situation is not the same as Melody and Martell’s. Does you father have a history of assaulting women at the work place? Was your father suing your mother for full custody? Did your father show up while your mother was on a date with another man post divorce and act violent and irate at a restaurant? I’m pretty sure your dad isn’t a violent and abusive piece of sh-t like Martell. So use your media literacy and stop expecting Melody to do what your mother did. Different situations will have different outcomes. Melody tried to co-parent the way you all wanted her to. She’s not going to keep getting burned and disrespected to appease internet strangers who are male identified. You’re a woman but can’t respect another woman wanting boundaries. Girl gone.

        1. I named myself hater because I hate stupid people. Your name should be coward though since you think black women should be wimps and allow black men to bully them because they have kids together. You’re the worst kind of woman and have the audacity to try to shame me for my screen name. Like I said, girl gone.

          1. Girl.. have several seats 💺.. you don’t know me AT All.. and your ignorance to make blatant statement regarding my character is out of order. Calm down and have some decorum. Everyone has a right to their personal perspective and just cause it’s not in line with yours doesn’t make them a coward or any other nonsensical thing you’ve spewed. You come across angry and hateful.. attacking me bc I shared how I felt just like you did. I guess you’re the only person who can say what they want?! 🥱🙄

          2. Make me have several seats pick me. You think I’m scared of a coward like you? You’re so ignorant that you keep getting your grown tail on this blog to defend Martell – the same man who assaulted a female OWN employee. Then you sat up here and typed up nonsense about Melody needing to be okay with this man constantly stalking her and harassing her after he tried to take her kids from her. I really can’t stand you. You aren’t a good person when you defend abuse. Be mad all you want but you exposed how awful of a human being you are. So it’s UP. Y’all pull the same janky reasoning anytime a black man does some toxic stuff to women and children. You’re a huge problem and need to stay far away from other women.

    2. It’s really gross how you people try to use God and children to guilt trip black women into accepting abuse and mistreatment. Doing so doesn’t make you a good person. It’s really simple. Melody and Martell have a court order in place regarding special days with the kids. Melody never invades on his days. Melody deserves the same respect from Martell. Even though he wasn’t invited to this party, Melody still went above and beyond by telling Martell he could have the kids after. But he didn’t do that because his intent was to come to the party and cause mess for TV time. Melody does not have to be okay with Martell popping up whenever he wants to. You may not have boundaries for the people in your life but the rest of us are allowed to have boundaries. This isn’t about the kids for y’all. Y’all just don’t like it when a black woman stands up for herself.

    3. Martell hasn’t tried at all. Your standards are just in h-ll. Just a little advice, stop allowing jealousy and your sexual attraction to Martell to make you completely ignore his level of comfort with violating black women. You look crazy.

    4. Guest, it is clear that you do NOT watch the show when you accused Melody of the Same behaviors that Martell exhibited. That is a lie. You don’t want to be addressed. Well, don’t say things like you did and expect people to say nothing.

  10. Well this the end of road for me. I’ve been through a toxic divorce and I know what a toll it takes on your children. My ex husband walked away, remarried in 5 months and cut my minor children out of his life. I asked and sometimes pleaded with him to continue his relationship with our children. They were 12, 14 and 20 then and that was 14 yrs ago and it changed their lives completely.
    No matter how you feel about your ex, you have to maintain and be committed to co-parent for your children.
    I don’t agree with Melody Shari regarding this decision. I was in a marriage with infidelity and my ex is bitter because I didn’t stay with him, so he did this madness to our children. They are responsible as adults now. And have success in their lives, they have degrees and my daughter is active duty military. The Emotional toll and pain that still exist in their hearts regarding their Dad not having anything to do with them is an Atrocity!
    It breaks my heart to see my children go through this Trauma. I know exactly how this is gonna turn out for the Martell and Melody’s children.
    So far as LAMH goes I’m Done!
    It’s Shameful Behavior!

    1. You seem a bit slow as well. Of course your comment lacks any accountability for Martell. Your situation is not Martell and Melody’s. Martell is an abusive and violent piece of sh-t. If your divorce didn’t teach you to stop judging other women’s situations and trust that they will do what’s best for them and their children, you still have a lot to learn. Martell literally sat up in the confessional on this same episode and said that Melody never intrudes on his days with the kids and it’s made her miss major holidays BUT he’ll be damned if he does the same. Does that sound like a cooperative co-parent to you? Either you’re male identified or slow but black women don’t have to tolerate constant disrespect just because they have kids with a piece of sh-t. They’ll be able to co-parent better once Martell gets help for his narcissism and respects Mel’s boundaries. Melody will not be a doormat for you lady. Get some help.

    2. Vanessa, I think you need some intense therapy. Per your own words, your ex abandoned you and your children and you’re expecting Melody to be grateful for Martell barraging himself into her life because yours had no interest in you or the kids. Martell isn’t your ex husband. He’s still in his kids life. Melody hasn’t stopped that. All Melody wants Martell to do is respect her court ordered time with the kids like she does when it’s his time. Stop projecting your pain onto Melody. This is weird.

    3. I think Hater and Staying Anonymous said everything I was going to. I do wonder what you taught your kids. I hope they have a healthier understanding of boundaries and personal relationships than you do.

  11. I’ve come to the conclusion that most of Mel’s supporters are younger, educated and perceptive with high emotional intelligence. Those who side with Martell are older, less educated, and grew up with very outdated perspectives on gender roles. I’m older so I know a lot of older women tolerate a lot “for the sake of the kids.” So they are triggered to see Melody move like this. Melody is the strong woman many of our friends, great grandmothers and grandmothers weren’t. I am so proud of her. And it warms my heart to see that younger black women and men refuse to accept what my generation and previous generations said was normal.

    1. A good bit of Martell’s stans are envious of Melody. You can read their comments on past posts to see what I’m saying. Old and young haters wish Melody would submit while Martell gives her his butt to kiss because they want to see Melody humbled. A lot of black women have an envious spirit – old and young.

    2. I’m happy it’s older women who see how awful Martell is too. Any woman who sides with Martell is not someone I want to know personally.

  12. Melody’s haters: Melody isn’t putting the kids first because she wouldn’t let Martell crash and ruin the birthday party she planned for their daughters!

    Reality: Melody is putting the kids first by not allowing Martell to keep disrespecting her and doing whatever he wants to. Doing so is teaching these kids that they can say no and they don’t have to be in bad situations just to make someone else feel good. I’d say that is amazing parenting. Y’all need to tell Martell to put the kids first because he never has and that is why he lost his family. He’s an awful dad but unfortunately some black people have such low standards they think he’s dad of the year.

  13. I don’t always agree with the people who regularly leave comments on here but I really love that most of y’all will ride for any black woman who is being abused and mistreated by a trash a-s man. It’s a real sisterhood for most of us. That’s dope.

  14. People need to be real, this man came to his daughter’s birthday party with no gift for the girls. How does this make him such a good father? Melody said half of the time he does not even get his kids. Some of these women will take anything from a man just to say they have one. Please women show more respect for yourselves and your kids.

  15. You put a white woman in this same exact scenario and the show would have been shut down asap. Security would have stepped in and everything. Producers would have fired Martell. H-ll, he’d lose opportunities. She’d get way more support as well. I’m not surprised it’s a so-called black network doing this. Black women shouldn’t have to explain common sense things like boundaries and adhering to court orders. Shout out to the intelligent black people on here. I appreciate you. I don’t want to watch anymore honestly. I can support Melody’s other projects.

  16. Martell cheats on Melody and these producers and ignorant fans tell her to work it out and stay for the kids. Martell has multiple violent and scary outbursts, producers and OWN cut out the scenes and tell Melody they did this for the kids. Melody follows the court order when it’s Martell’s time with the kids but Martell interrupts her time and producers and ignorant fans tell her to just accept that for the kids. It’s a pattern at this point. Black people will pretend they care about black kids conveniently when a black woman is dealing with a horrible black man. It’s just a way to control us and when that doesn’t work, they pull out the Christianity/Jesus card. I’m so glad women are waking up to the bs now.

  17. One of the worst things a woman can be in this cruel world is gullible/stupid. The world isn’t kind to us when we don’t make the best choices. We pay for it. Melody is no longer the fool Martell and the audience were introduced to and it angers him a lot. I suggest Melody takes the Ciara route and has the court assign them a neutral party they can communicate through. Some men will never agree to be respectful coparents. And you just have to let the court handle them. Martell will never change sadly. He’s been this way his whole life and his parents failed him. Melody was very smart here. I would have done the same because I refuse to be bullied by anyone.

  18. Melody did the right thing. Anyone who doesn’t like it can kick rocks in flip flops. Lord forbid Martell ever puts his hands on her bc these toxic people would blame Melody for that too. Black women have to do what is right for us no matter who doesn’t approve bc our community doesn’t value us as much as they value black men. That’s insane because the stats show a lot of black men are dysfunctional and harm our community.

  19. It is very sad that people aren’t able to express their opinions or perspective on this site without being disrespectful, rude, belligerent and fierce to how someone else feels. It’s clear many have not been trained how to express themselves in a proper way. That’s why I stay off of social media.. people are simply ignorant and unable to have a civil discussion. Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️.. By the way people.. this is a tv show.. it’s edited to make each person a character. It’s “reality” to an extent but, we don’t know everything that transpires outside of the cameras. It’s entertainment.. remember?! 😑🫣🤭 You don’t know these people personally nor do they know you.. 🙄

    1. You and every other person that co-signs the mistreatment, abuse, and harassment of another black woman deserves to be dragged. This isn’t entertainment or just a tv show pick me. A lot of you really go out into the real world with these sick outlooks and you harm other black women with your trash advice. I respected you from past comments but now I don’t.

      1. No one co-signed anyone and you clearly need to get some anger management counseling and learn how to read with comprehension. Enjoy your day hater!! 🙄

        1. You have low self esteem and no common sense so start there pick me. You said Melody should have just let him stay at the party and lied about him “trying” to be better is you cosigning his behavior. I’ll happily take out my so called anger issues on ignorant people who defend abusers and expect black women to just shut up and take it. If we weren’t so busy trying to coddle and be polite to trash people so much, our community wouldn’t be in shambles now.

    2. This isn’t entertaining and it’s not just a show. This is Melody and Martell’s real lives. But it was already clear as day that you don’t take this seriously at all with your first comment. Then you came back on here to argue and still have not said Martell’s behavior in this video was concerning and wrong. I think you deserved the smoke you got honestly. This isn’t a joke and it’s a serious topic. Do better.

  20. No!!! You are wrong! Martell was absolutely wrong for showing up after warnings in advanc he was not invited. A child loves both parents n is always happy to see them. A court order is in place. He disobeyed it. And was NOT invited. Yelling at Mel’s mom. No!

  21. Martell has a sense of entitlement that a lot of black men have. Melody has to follow the rules but he doesn’t have to. I didn’t think it was wise for her to invite him on that trip. He’s a narcissist and you can’t give them an inch. The kids do not come before Melody’s safety and well being. Especially when Martell has never put those kids first ever. Welcome to the real world. You do wrong and you deal with the consequences. Stop coddling black men. Most that are in prison system now are there because they were surrounded by enablers so they never learned accountability.

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