‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ Star Destiny Payton Arrested for Identity Theft

Destiny Payton Arrested
Photo Credit: OWN

Destiny Payton was arrested for identity theft in Huntsville, Alabama.

Love and Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton recently landed in more legal hot water. On May 16th, Destiny was arrested in Huntsville, Alabama, for identity theft. According to Madison County, Alabama, arrest records, Destiny was booked at 1:34 p.m. and released at 3:08 p.m. on a $5,000 bond. As of now, no other details have been released.

This is Destiny’s second arrest in the past nine months. In October 2023, her ex-husband, La’Berrick Williams, brought forth forgery charges against her. According to court documents obtained by Urban Belle regarding her previous case, LaBerrick accused Destiny of fraudulently using his signature. The signature was used in July 2023 to obtain a Huntsville utilities bond.

Fortunately for Destiny, the forgery case was ultimately dismissed. The court could not find probable cause to proceed with the case.

Destiny’s 2024 is drama-filled between court cases against her ex-husband and the new LAMH season.

Then, in February, La’Berrick brought Destiny back to court, re-opening their divorce. Here, La’Berrick sought to enforce their divorce decree within Destiny’s bankruptcy filing. He also claims Destiny spoke disparagingly of him in various interviews before the filing.

This has been a very drama-filled year for Destiny. She recently returned to LAMH. During the season, she will ultimately confront her ex-boyfriend Moses and his new wife, Sunni Minx. As previously reported, Sunni was Destiny’s former producer, and Destiny feels Sunni crossed the line by dating Moses.

Sunni defended her marriage to Moses and claimed she contacted Destiny to inform her of the relationship with Moses. She also claimed Destiny was Moses’ side chick during his previous marriage.


  1. Destiny’s storyline right now is confronting a married ex and producer but she neglects to talk about any of her arrests, her failed businesses, failure to pay employees, etc on the show. Throw the whole network away.

    1. Bingo! Destiny’s life is a mess because she’s always worried about the wrong things and she doesn’t take care of business. I don’t care what any of my exes are doing are who they are with!

  2. At this point the majority of the cast has rap sheets and mugshots. Embarrassing. Oprah should be ashamed.

  3. This is why I don’t see Moses and Sunni as villains 🤷🏾‍♀️. Destiny is a piece of work. Those that do their research knew better than to fall for her manipulation though.

  4. Destiny needs all the attention focused on Sunnie and Moses as if that will keep what is really going on on hush. Not happening. Girl, talk about your personal experiences it is more interesting, not Sunnie and Moses .

  5. It looks as if OWN supports all criminals and villainize all victims. KeKe’s Crime Stopper story never revealed what actually happened. Why have Stormi’s products been removed from major pharmacy store chains (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreen’s)? If that could be the focus on a storyline, that would be great.

  6. As black woman, you all should try to support Destany when she’s going through all this problems and issues instead, you all tear her down you all people don’t have any sympathy or loyalty to your own kind

    1. Destiny hasn’t shown any loyalty herself, especially not to other black women. Guilt tripping us will not work here. We remember her actions on and off of the show. If sisterhood was something you honestly valued, you wouldn’t even be a fan of Destiny to begin with.

      1. It. Will. Not. Work! I am so tired of the horrible acting and the undercutting done by this show that started off quite nicely.

  7. Destiny has been a slimy snake from the startshe showed her cards in the very beginning, she cashed her last card and left. She tried to manipulate the others starting with Marseau and Tisha for her store addition knowing she was broke. She used every one she came into contact with for her gain.

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