Destiny Payton Turns Herself in for Arrest After Accused of Forging Ex Husband’s Name

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Destiny Payton’s exit from LAMH was a result of producers and cast members claiming she wasn’t sharing enough.

Former “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” star Destiny Payton received a lot of criticism before her last season on the show. Kimmi Scott called her out at the reunion. According to Kimmi, Destiny didn’t want to share much about her personal life while they were filming. Kimmi tried to get her to talk about things surrounding her divorce from La’Berrick Williams. However, Kimmi eventually learned the topic wasn’t something Destiny wanted to say too much about.

The most she would divulge was that La’Berrick filed for divorce not too long after she gave birth to their son. In fact, he filed three weeks later.

Destiny said she was being held back from speaking on the situation legally. However, Carlos King and other producers became frustrated by Destiny’s hesitance to share. Soon, Destiny developed a reputation for being too difficult to work with. Kimmi’s choice to be transparent about her cancer battle was the last straw. And Carlos said he wouldn’t keep anyone around who refused to share when Kimmi was so brave. Destiny was removed from the show.

Destiny Payton has been accused of forging La’Berrick Williams’ name and was wanted for arrest.

Prior to her departure from LAMH, Destiny had a big fallout with Melody Shari. The two women were originally very supportive of each other as they went through divorce at the same time. However, Melody started to feel as if Destiny was showing more loyalty to Martell Holt when she should have been neutral. In fact, Melody suspected that Destiny would go back and repeat things she told Destiny in confidence. So Melody pulled back from the friendship. This led to a couple of onscreen blowups between them as well.

Well, it seems as if the drama has not waned for Destiny despite ending her time on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” Hours ago, the Hunstville Crime Stoppers confirmed Destiny was wanted for allegedly forging La’Berrick’s name.

The reporter said, “Destiny Payton-Williams is accused of forging her ex-husband’s name on a utilities contract without his knowledge.”

Destiny has since turned herself in. She posted a clip of her preparing to walk in and confirmed her father was there for support.


  1. La’Berrick is not playing with Destiny. I want to feel bad for her but he shouldn’t be expected to ignore fraud so he can look like a nice guy either.

  2. Destiny, seem so bitter I’m wondering what’s going on wrong in her life but she needs to take a break and get herself together. I recall when Melody either loaned or gifted Destiny with $5,000, then she talked about her like a dog. God don’t like Ugly…. So, if she did forged her ex spouse name on documents she needs to pay the price for a forgery. She has a piss poor ass attitude. When you are going after someone else to hurt them, that will backfire every time and come come back just like a Boomerang. She seems so Evil!!

  3. I understand fraud situation, but also is this some kind of situation to get herself back on the show and have a storyline about her going to jail for fraudulent behavior?!?!…. I’m honestly trying to make sense of it!!! Fame is a hellava drug and people will go to the extreme and do anything for it!!! Lawd…Fix it Jesus!!

  4. Hey Melody you see this s***🤣🤣🤣🤣 even if it’s a stunt to get back on the show she would not let it be seen she can stay off the sure and stay on CRIME WATCH🤣🤣

  5. Are we still clutching pearls? 😳 I’d like to know why Destiny and Le’Berrick divorced soon after their son was born? The lil bit I saw on the show of him he seemed pretty chilled. So when the divorce came everyone was shocked. Destiny was so numb.
    But this forgery thing seems desperate. What was the $5000 for that Melody gifted her? She was treading water then. No spousal support possibly. Dang! Does she still have custody of the baby?

  6. Destiny is the kind of person who will do something foul to somebody/break the law and then play victim after the fact. Do not befriend people like that. They’ll cross you and say you’re wrong for being offended by the betrayal. Smh!

      1. Oh be quiet. Destiny is exactly who I said she is. What she did to her ex husband is criminal! You may be the type of black person to defend criminals, I am not. No one is nastier than Destiny. I feel sorry for her father.

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