Stormi Steele Believes Marsau Scott Ruins Latisha Scott’s Friendships

Stormi Steele LAMH
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Stormi Steele warns about LaTisha and Marsau Scott to new LAMH cast member Latricia.

During a sneak peek for tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Stormi Steele sits down with Latricia, a new cast member. Latricia is a trainer, and LaTisha Scott wants to hire her services. Stormi warns Latricia about LaTisha, focusing on her husband, Marsau Scott. She wants to inform Latricia that Marsau can drive a wedge between her and LaTisha.

“Once could say she has her reasons for feeling how she’s feeling about me. I did call her husband a b**** and I kinda still feel like that. It was Marsau that made us not be able to progress forward. As long as you don’t have no issue with him, you ain’t finna have no mothaf***** problem with ‘Tisha. Just don’t let Marsau come in the mix. 

If Marsau come in the mix, he’ll f*** up the relationships LaTisha establishes. He did it with Mel, he did it with me, and I think that’s consistent enough to be a pattern. But to be honest, even all that, I think she’s cool. And if you’re just training her, y’all will be good!”

Latricia smiles and says she will text LaTisha back to accept her offer. 

Previously, Stormi and Marsau clashed on multiple occasions, mainly during the Blaque Business Expo. They clashed specifically over Stormi paying $100 for her booth at the event. Stormi felt offended because Marsau never brought it up. This led to multiple back-and-forths, which ultimately brought in their spouses, Courtney and LaTisha, respectively. 

LaTisha and Stormi had their battles during the show, too, with things escalating during last season’s reunion. During the reunion, LaTisha accused Stormi of being behind on paying invoices regarding Canvas Beauty. Stormi also considered suing LaTisha over plagiarizing Canvas Beauty’s privacy policy for her haircare website. 

Meanwhile, Latricia and her husband, Ken, will have a controversy later in the season involving Martell Holt. As shown in the trailer, Latricia is friends with Martell. However, it’s speculated that the two may have had more than friendship in college. Stormi talks to both of them about it. However, they both seemingly brush it off in each scene, downplaying the concerns. 

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  1. Marsau is messy yes but it’s weird that Stormi doesn’t take accountability for her role in the mess too. You keep calling that woman’s husband a b. No she’s not going to like you anymore. 🙄

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